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Choosing the Best Social Media Platform for Your Business

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Learning about all of the various social media platforms can be quite overwhelming.

You probably wonder how you will ever find the time to figure out them all. But, the thing is, you shouldn’t figure out all of them, at least not until you can afford to delegate or outsource most of your social media efforts. Instead, for now, focus only on the platforms that your customers prefer.

The best way to figure that out is to ask yourself a few questions.

What are my objectives?

Do you want to spread your brand awareness, share your engaging content, engage with your audience through live video, or to do something else? Knowing your goals can get you closer to understanding which social media platform you should use.

Who is your target audience?

This is the first thing you determined before you even created your first product or any bit of content, so you should already know the answer to this.

What social media platform is your target audience using?

When you know about your target audience, you can figure out which social platforms they’re using, for what, and whether your content will work for them there.

Who are your competitors?

It might seem strange, but it’s crucial that you know exactly who your competition is. You should know the top two to three competitors of yours so that you can find out how they’re doing things and fill in the gaps.

What social media platform are your competitors using?

Sign up for your competition’s newsletters, follow them on every platform they’re on. Which platform gets the most engagement? That’s the one you want to choose.

What type of content are you creating?

This is also an essential thing to consider. If you’re creating visual content it can go on almost any social channel today, but if you are creating mostly text-based content such as blog posts, white papers, e-Books, and so on, then there’s a chance that the more visual social media platforms won’t work as well for you, unless you expand what you are already creating.

How much time do you have to devote to your social media marketing?

This is the last question, and it’s one of the most important ones. If you only have an hour or two each week, you’re going to want to limit your social media platform usage to just one channel. You can go ahead and make your profiles of the others so that you can grab your name and branding but for now focus on only the main one in terms of promoting and sharing.

Once you answer these questions and do some research on the social media platforms you can to choose which one(s) that you want to focus on for now. When you decide, ensure that you arere putting your all into it.

Create a fantastic profile, share, engage, and be social.

Take the time to build relationships on whichever channels you choose, and your efforts will pay off big time by sending more targeted traffic to your website and offers than you probably thought possible.

Social media marketing generates loads of traffic, but only if you keep in mind, you must be consistent in your engagement efforts, have fun and choose the best social media platform for your business.

Here’s to creating the life you LOVE!


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