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More leads? More Sales? Here is how.


Do you get shy when it comes to positioning yourself online as an industry leader?

Do you feel that you’re too new or that you’re not qualified to be a leader in your industry?

Don’t feel that someone is going to do a background check on your experience. What people want is someone that can join in the conversation and lead from the front. 

When you are positioning yourself in your industry you must come out bold. This will not only increase the size of your list and leads, but also your sales. 

One way to start is to know your target audience, your dream client.

Once you identify them, figure out where they are, both online and offline and hang out with them. Social media, blogs, forums and in the comments of websites are great places to get to know and interact with your soon to be customers.

Be giving online of your knowledge, help out and lead conversations. Not only will you be known as someone that is willing to help, you will also be know as an expert in your field.

As you answer questions, find solutions to problems and help them anyway you can you will be know as someone that can be trusted to find solutions. People will want to work with you. 

This process can take some time, and it’ll take effort, but it is a way to push yourself out beyond others in your field and dominate astoriemathis copy an industry leader.

Industry leaders make themselves known and have a passion for what they do. It’s not enough for them to just be profitable, they love what they do.

Are you an industry leader?

Can you lead from the front and be known as an industry leader?

There are ways that you can make yourself the go-to person in your field.

Give more.
Figure out what your competition is doing and do more. Out deliver them, give more value and provide it quicker than anyone else.

Deliver quality.
Be unique, yet accurate with everything you give. Give a twist to your answers, do things a little different than everyone else and watch your customers respond to your innovation.

Learn the process.
Document your success, find out the processes that lead to success and lead others to do the same. You can coach or mentor others through the success process and add more to your offerings.

Mix and match.
Rather than offering only stand alone products mix and match your products into packages that will make your customers flock to your offerings. Create an entry level product as well, to allow people to get their toes wet if they are not ready to commit to a package just yet.

Deliver different.
Don’t just connect with your customers in email, but vary the way your connect. Try videos, audio, podcast, interviews and other media. Find out how your audience responds to each and continue what works with them, and keep trying new ways to connect.

Being an industry leader takes time and work, but if you stay at it and always come from a place of service first, you will stand out among your completion and be the one that customers can’t wait to work with.

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