Get Organized

Here are some of my favorite ways to get organized and stay organized.

(Can you say entrepreneur dream come true?)


I use this free app on my phone and on my laptop as a “dumping” station for all of the creative ideas, websites to revisit, resources and inspiration sources. It is easy to use, easy to search and syncs across all my devices. There is a premium version, but the free version is fantastic.


I used to keep all my files on a hard drive, and then have that hard drive backed up, just to be safe. I was chained to this hard drive if I wanted to access my files. Enter Dropbox. All you files in one place, backed up in the cloud, and are easily shared with anyone. The best thing is that you can access the files online via or (and here is the great part) you can download the application to your computer, and it seamless integrates as another folder on your computer. It is one of the biggest changes in my business in the last couple years, and really freed me up to honestly be able to work from anywhere. Free version and premium for more space.

Wave Accounting

You have to use accounting software, why not use one that is not only intuitive and easy to use, but also in the cloud, FREE, and allows you to get paid directly through your invoices. You can also simply set up reoccurring billing, which can be a HUGE time saver. I seriously set up Wave Accounting in about 10 minutes.

More great resources to come.