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Ep. 85 From Injury to Entrepreneur

by | Smart AF Show

Injury to Entrepreneur

From Injury to Entrepreneur

Sometimes the worst experience imaginable turns into the best thing after all. Life’s funny that way. In a freak accident, I broke my hip, and coupled with 9/11 my Army career was kaput.

Sean severely injured his back and suffered through 2 grueling back surgeries ending his Air Force and law enforcement career. Life didn’t go as planned.

In this episode, we recount the severe injuries that lead to our entrepreneurial journeys and to a life we couldn’t have imagined. Sometimes it’s good it didn’t go as planned.

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SAF 85
Sean: [00:00:00] So it, it wound up ending my national guard, air force, national guard career, and my law enforcement career all at the same time.

Torie: [00:00:08] And again like that stuff that we’d like, that was the plan.
Hey guys, welcome to the show. I’m your host, Torie Mathis. And I am here with the one and only Sean Mathis. Founder of Miles Through Time Automotive Museum.

Sean: [00:00:31] Hey, that’s me.

Torie: [00:00:32] So Sean started Miles Through Time back in 2017.

Sean: [00:00:37] That’s right.

Torie: [00:00:38] So Sean became an entrepreneur then before that Sean worked corporate and came and worked for me.
I’ve been an entrepreneur a little bit longer since 2007 officially. And I was thinking about this and I don’t even know why I didn’t think about it before, but Sean and I, both our entrepreneurial journey actually came from injury, both of us got seriously hurt, totally changed our our life path, our career path threw a wrench into plans at different times.
Like totally different times in our life, but it’s

Sean: [00:01:14] We’re ended our military careers as well.

Torie: [00:01:16] I don’t know why I didn’t even think about it. Maybe it’s just like one of those things that you overlook, but. Something like super serious is what got us onto this whole entire entrepreneurial journey.
And I guess you never really know when that kind of stuff’s going to happen. Like, when I got hurt, I was in the army. I broke my hip and after September 11th, they didn’t want me in anymore. And so I actually got med boarded out, but part of me getting out of the army is I was allowed to do this vocational rehabilitation program.
And in order for them to do that, I had to give them my GI bill, which meant I didn’t get money for college, but in turn, as long as I took all these tests and I did something that they said that they could guarantee ish, that I was going to be good at, they would pay for all of my schooling so that I would be completely retrained.
Because I wasn’t going to be in the army anymore. And I said, absolutely because, I was only in the army for a couple of years before I got hurt. And I really enjoyed it. I thought I was going to be in a really long time. I liked it. I liked that I got to live in Europe.
I thought it was awesome. And that was the plan. Like I ended up liking it a lot more than I thought I was going to. It was good for me. But. Shit didn’t happen. Like I expected it to. And having my hip broken and I’m having to go through all of that kind of sent me on that journey. I ended up taking all these tests.
I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to be an adult teacher. I want to be some type of trainer for like corporate. They said, no, we, you need to be a commercial designer. It’s that is crazy. Like always been a little arty but never thought I could actually do that for a real career. And so I went to advertising school, got a degree in advertising.
I had to do I think they required three months of an internship for. Allowed to allow me to graduate. And I was able to actually get a job at a real estate publishing house while I was still in school. And so that I actually had a paid job and they actually had that count as my internship.

Sean: [00:03:16] I forgot about that part.

Torie: [00:03:18] And I ended up working for this lady that was like amazing. She was like full entrepreneur, had done all these cool things and set up a little bit of What we did at first because her husband worked corporate and had like a steady job, good job that like always paid the bills. And so that allowed her to be an entrepreneur and try a lot of different things.
She was very creative and she really gave me the reins of things and really showed me how to like job costs things and do all these different things. That I would have never really known, I had done like some office assistant type things. Before I did that, like while I was going to college and things like that, but I had never actually got the real part of what it was to run a business.
And thank goodness she did that because in 2008, when the real estate market came crashing down, I guess it was actually 2007 when it like, started like all of our clients, lots of them didn’t make it and didn’t end up being realtors after that. And so we did real estate magazines for people. That’s all the magazines that we did.
And so the publishing company went from okay, like 53 clients that we did monthly magazines for. And I think we didn’t down to four. And you can’t run a business with four it’s not that kind. And so that kind of like violently thrust me into entrepreneurship, but like that hip injury is really what started it like that.
If I wouldn’t have had that I would have stayed in the army. Like who really knows, who knows where I would have been, but I don’t think that entrepreneurship would have necessarily been my path. Which that would have sucked like that injury might’ve been the best thing that ever happened to me because man, I love what I do now.
I love the freedom of what I do. I love that. I get to try all these new things,

Sean: [00:05:02] Exact opposite of the army.

Torie: [00:05:06] You know what though? The army so prepared me for where I’m at now, too. So happy that I had that opportunity not only to go through things and to be able to be forced to do like crappy stuff, like who wants to walk 10 miles in the rain you gotta go through stupid dumb stuff sometimes to get what you want.
Like that embrace the suck type of thing. Like stuff is going to suck sometimes. And I’m really glad that I was able to go through that and Yeah, I think it definitely helped with where I’m at now being a business owner. And I didn’t even, I always think about you like your injury ma and that probably is why because I had already owned my own business and I had been doing it since 2007.
I always want to Sean to be able to like, come work with me, come work with me. It was always nice that we had that thing that you had the more steady job and everything. But I really didn’t know how that was going to happen. And I think in the last couple of years we’ve really talked about it, but there were just some things that like, it’s hard to make that adjustment, what hurting your back and having to have back surgery probably that’ll thrush you.
Pretty good.

Sean: [00:06:08] It takes two times, but the first one I S I was still too nervous. And in 2011, I wound up having a emergency back surgery. Cause I couldn’t do actually without just excruciating pain, so fast. And that once that happens, then the amount of pain that I had. When away from the nerve part of it that I had but the overall back issue, it didn’t go away.
And so it wound up ending my national guard, air force, national guard career, and my law enforcement career all at the same.

Torie: [00:06:46] And again like that stuff that we had, like that was the plan that was like, I was going to be in the army, originally. Sean is going to be in law enforcement. Sean’s dad is in law enforcement and, went until he retired and Sean was a good fit for it too.
And I just, I really thought that was what we were like. That was the plan.

Sean: [00:07:02] That was, in the area that we were at Domino’s. I got paid good too. And it was it was a process to even get to that point because before that I was working for Pepsi and doing all that, and then we had a major life change.
We had our first son, we moved to a whole new state. We no longer had our house in California. There was a lot of stuff there. And I had to change guard bases, and then, I got hurt and did that. And after that, we then made the decision to then completely move to the other side of the country.
And I wound up still not being confident enough to, full on go the entrepreneurial route.

Torie: [00:07:38] That, I think during that time though, that was like a really big time for my business. I took a couple of training courses that were really good. Or while you were still in law enforcement and it just my whole mindset changed.
And that was when I first started actually making money. Like I made a little bit of money, but that was the first time that I’m like, Holy shit. And so when we moved there was like when you going between jobs and things like that, I think even. But when right before law enforcement in that time, like you had a month that you didn’t work, but we were okay.
I was like, wow, like my little business, my little design business, actually kept us afloat. And I think that for me at that time, once we moved and then you switched jobs a couple times, once we got to the East coast, I was getting there. My confidence was getting a little bit better.

Sean: [00:08:25] Say that. Yeah. We went to the East coast. I, the original job that took us over there sucked. Then I got another job and it sucked. And I want to going back to Pepsi,

Torie: [00:08:39] But that’s the whole purpose. Stuff doesn’t work out and you can’t plan for everything. Like Sean ended up finding like a great job that allowed us to move across the country.

Sean went a month ahead of the kids and I, and the kids and the dogs. And I drove across the country to meet Sean a month later, I got there and shows like this. Don’t fucking say, who would’ve known, but that’s, pivot

Sean: [00:09:04] Went to something else,

Torie: [00:09:08] but that was okay. But again, we were still in that whole I have the entrepreneur thing, we need health insurance. That was a thing like so stupid to health insurance is what kept us from like really trying to branch out health insurance. And before it was really hard. Like it was hard to get health insurance.
All affordable. If you weren’t with the company and things have changed in the last, I dunno, a few years that have made it, that we finally just, we had to do it. But Sean hurt his back again. First one, didn’t do it.

Sean: [00:09:41] I wound up going back into repairing Pepsi equipment, which wound up putting me into some.
Peculiar situations that was not ideal for my back injury and it wound up doing it again to the point to where I had to have another surgery. But I was actually, I was down from Pepsi as far as not being able to work for them, which enabled me to embrace Torie’s business a little bit more while I was injured, because all I have to do is, be behind a computer screen to, to do stuff.
And so I really was able to like, take it to a whole nother level, more so than I had ever done before, even though I’ve always been vice-president and way up there in the executive level, all kinds of power, but it didn’t do anything. And so when I actually got to do that, then it was like okay, do I go back, after this injury and potentially it happens again, or do I find another job and start this whole process over? Or did we just jump and just see what we can do? And that’s been. Seven years. Wow.

Torie: [00:10:48] It has been awhile and the man, it freed us up so much. Like I love law enforcement. I love the military, but you know what, sean’s national guard career kept us in one spot. Like we couldn’t go anywhere because every month, once a weekend, like once one weekend he had to go there.
We couldn’t really go anywhere. And then Sean having a regular job, we couldn’t really go. You were like, we were stuck. And so now the only thing that makes us stuck, it’s like we have to go around the kids the school schedule, but at like once Sean went out and we were able to put all that time into the same thing and be able to move forward, man, it gave us so much freedom.
We were like we can go anywhere now. Where do you want to go? We lived on a Lake, but we lived on like the, a little bit of a Lake. Like we’re like, let’s live on a Lake. What I don’t know, you know what Sean did, Sean pulled out meal, Google maps, and just started looking at lakes and we took trips and we went and visited some lakes to see where we wanted to go.
And we went and found a Lake and you know what we did

Sean: [00:11:54] that lake took us to Lake Hartwell. So we that’s how we then made our way to Georgia.

Torie: [00:11:59] I shouldn’t say that. Okay. We did the Lake was beautiful. I really enjoyed living on the Lake. It was the most beautiful house I’ve ever lived in, but it was in the sticks.
Like it was way out like everybody on our road, they were like either retired or it was like a vacation house. And so us having Bella in kindergarten and Riley in second grade or third grade, like it was just. That was not the right place for us at that time. Luckily, the kids were really little, so being in a little school, like it worked it was okay.
And we got, we spent two years there. Beautiful, but it got us to Georgia and we found that we liked Georgia. And that’s what we’re going to, and you’ll stay for the kids to hopefully go to school. And we like it here. Like it, I think we found her place, but moving to that Lake, even though that wasn’t for us, like that’s okay.
Because then. We were near Toccoa, which ended up having Sean, being able to have an absolutely awesome opportunity to become an entrepreneur on his own. All stemming from like disaster after disaster that, things that were, we didn’t know that was going to happen. Like you can’t plan for that kind of stuff.
And you could think that back injury ruined everything, when you could just be bitter about it and pissed off that it ruined my military career ruined Sean’s law enforcement. That was the plan. And we were supposed to have pension, right? Like you could Sean it, still be bitter about the shit right now, but you know what, like it’s what got us here.
And, it took a while it took two bucked up jobs and like places we shouldn’t have lived and like all these different things like to get to this point

Sean: [00:13:34] It was hard because the first time, I was in a position where I was going to be making 70 grand a year. With four days off every week and I had finished my degree, so I was going to become an officer in the military, which would have paid pretty handsomely as well.

Torie: [00:13:54] And that is one thing too, is that we got student loans for Sean, so that, because the degree that he was getting was a box check. That he needed for being an officer and then for law enforcement, for him to, be able to move further along. And so now nobody cares or Sean has a degree

Sean: [00:14:17] And it definitely, initially it was a step backwards.
Big time. It was depressing really, but we kept on going. We just kept trying to go forward and realizing instead of wallowing in that this sucks. It’s Hey, this sucks. Let’s do something.

Torie: [00:14:35] And it’s one of those sometimes like to jump, you got to get down in order to get up.
So we always it’s it’s okay if we go back. Because that’s what you need to propel forward. And then you got to go back and then Andrew propel forward. Like we never go back too far, but it’s definitely back enough that we’re like, Ooh, this isn’t cool. We don’t want to be right here, but that’s what you need to get that momentum.
Like sometimes you gotta be uncomfortable. You gotta be like, I don’t want to live here anymore, but I went home. My mom ended up being really sick and I had to go home back to California. We had been living on the Lake for almost two years, a year and a half, and it was beautiful. But it was like if you want to go to the grocery store, it was like a 30 minute drive.
If you want it one way. If we wanted to go to like bigger stores, like you want to go to target or you want to go to TJ max, or, you want to do anything like that. 45 minutes an hour.

Sean: [00:15:25] Like not to mention the Internet’s awful inexpensive and all these other, just things that you’re used to when you don’t live in a rural area.

Torie: [00:15:34] And so like the Lake was nice. So I ended up having to fly home and it was very inconvenient for everybody else to go. And it was just because my mom was sick. And so I flew home by myself and I stayed with my dad and my mama there and went and visited my real mama. But while I was in Sacramento and while I was visiting my dad like I went out to restaurants and I would, I’m like, there’s people out everywhere.
They’re doing all kinds of stuff. Like we’re stuck in this Lake and it’s just us in this beautiful house, but there’s like nothing going on around us. And I came back and I’m like, we gotta move. Like we have to like. I wish Sean would have been there with me because I know you would have felt the exact same way that I’m like this isn’t us.
I love nature and I love being on the Lake and I love all this stuff, but we’re like on this little Island and our kids are on this Island, like we need to be out doing things. And I think we’re supposed to live in the city, at least like in the suburbs, it’s supposed to be like this isn’t right.

Sean: [00:16:29] And if we were older and retired, like it would be fantastic, but in a mental state that like, it’s still, we need to get clients, make money and do things with our kids easily, without it taking two hours round trip to get to a destination it. Although it was nice.
It wasn’t for us at this time. In fact that two years was the first time I w I take that back right at the end, right before we moved within that two years, we had finally gotten. A client

Torie: [00:16:59] because everywhere we’ve ever moved, like we always we get all these clients and it’s always from people we know or where we go.

Sean: [00:17:04] I got people that I worked with. I became clients of stories.

Torie: [00:17:08] The kids went to school with.

Sean: [00:17:09] Yeah. It just everywhere. We went, everywhere. We picked up clients as we went and this place, we just, it didn’t happen we even donated a website. To the local chamber there. Cause it was so bad. We just you guys need this, let us help you.
And we did. And it said lake shark media did it and all that kind of stuff. So it was incognito, but obviously we did it. And, but nothing nobody wants to do anything until right at the end, somebody was like, Hey, I need new websites, very simple one. And he wound up doing it and he’s still a client to this day.
But that was it. And then, so we move and it was within months, our neighbor is now a client. So we went right back into how it should have been, cause we’re you get around people and like-minded same type of thing. And we just start to mesh with stuff, but being out there on our own little Island with people that are in, retired mode or they’re in a mental state that, we’re not relatable, it there’s nothing there for us. And but being aware of that was huge.

Torie: [00:18:18] But I always think I’m still so happy that we moved there. Like we had a great time. It absolutely did. And it opened up so many new doors, but it’s okay that we got there and didn’t, and it wasn’t right. Like stuff isn’t going to be right. And yes, it wasn’t like, back injuries or breaking your hip or whatever.
It wasn’t like a huge disaster, but it was still enough that it was like, A little back and then we got to push forward and we got pushed to what feels right. And you know what maybe where we are right now, looking back in five years, maybe it will be like, wow, I can’t believe we were there. That wasn’t really right.
Either. Or maybe something bad is going to happen in the next year and not bad, but yeah. Who knows, like maybe something else is going to happen because it probably is. It’s going to have us be that back that we need to push forward again.

Sean: [00:19:01] See, we had a, so when we, before we had moved on the Lake and we were on that little tiny finger, like the only way to really get on the Lake was to have a boat.
So we went down that road. We’re like, all right, we want to live Lake life, like legit Lake life. And we got to boat so now the mental thought is, we’re going to go live on Lake. We’ve got our own dock. We’ve got our own boat like this. Guess what happened? Kids didn’t want to go on the boat.
We wound up selling the damn boat. We used it a handful of times. In fact, the only real time, two times I can think of that we used the boat really was one. I drove it all the way down to marina to get gas and back at the other time. We were out just playing and the damn dog jumped off the dock and just Trent’s catching us died if we wouldn’t have seen him,

Torie: [00:19:48] This dog is not like a water dog either. I don’t know.

Sean: [00:19:49] It was so funny. He was so exhausted by the time we dragged him up onto the boat, like in

Torie: [00:19:55] not in just a little part. He was like out in the middle of the Lake where what the heck is that? I think that’s a dog.

Sean: [00:20:04] He was nowhere near the house, but somehow he caught us in his eye and he went for us.
Those are the only two times I can think of that. We ever actually really used the boat. Cause other than that, it was jumping off the dock.

Torie: [00:20:17] He’s discovered that they could jump off the dock. We put like a rope swing off the dock and they didn’t have to wear life vests. And they’re like if I have to wear a life vest on the boat, I just want to swim off the dock and we got paddle boards and kayaks. And so we still got out and about a little bit, but yeah, it just it wasn’t where we wanted, but you know what? We ended up selling the boat. We got on TV with the boat. We were on boat buyers and we made it all, like it ended up being this whole thing that was like crazy.

Sean: [00:20:42] Now you can look up boat buyers, Lake Norman edition. Ours is the black widow boat. Cool story. It is what it is, whatever right.

Torie: [00:20:51] But, these things are gonna happen. Shit’s always going to happen. It’s not going to work out. Things are gonna happen that confuse you that make you think that it’s like the worst thing.
And sometimes at the time it is, but whatever it is if you can think like, How can I make this a good thing and a positive thing? And I don’t know, I’ll tell you what. I broke my hip and got in the army. And I was young. I liked it at the time. Like I didn’t have a lot of job skills or life skills.
So I think these things get a little bit easier

Sean: [00:21:18] as you have a hundred thousand dollars degree from the Academy of arts in San Francisco like that. How would you have ever done that? Any
other way?

Torie: [00:21:26] I never would have. I never would have been able to it ended up being an amazing opportunity to get a fantastic education that, yeah, I th there’s no way I couldn’t have just planned, he planned this kind of stuff.
But you can always take whatever the situation is and figure out how you can make it work for you. And I think that it’s okay that you push forward without knowing what’s going to happen. And I think you don’t really want to plan too much because every time I plan for bad stuff, what bad could happen and be aware. I think that’s a good thing to do, but when I really like plan for it, but that’s never the stuff that happens. It’s always some weird ass stuff that you never, ever would have been able to plan just like Miles Through Time. We couldn’t have planned that we could have been like, why don’t we move to Georgia and open up the automotive museum?
That was not the plan because we couldn’t have planned for it. We’re just pretty open. At least we try to be for things that happen. And we try to say yes to stuff like, yeah, let’s try. It could suck.

Sean: [00:22:23] In 2019, it came down to do we close the museum or is there another option?

Torie: [00:22:29] Cause it wasn’t working out and I,

Sean: [00:22:31] it wasn’t not working out, but it was only me. And it was, it was this, the circumstances, it wasn’t gonna work out. But the concepts, as far as what we created was still really unique and very cool and enough so that I didn’t want it to die. Even though it was slowly dying.

Torie: [00:22:51] I kept telling Sean don’t kill it. Don’t say you’re, don’t say that. You’re closing. Say that you’re moving, just leave that open. We don’t know where we’re moving to, but we’re going to open in a new location and there was no location guys. There was nothing.

Sean: [00:23:03] No, but don’t say that we’re closing because we’re not, we, he spent all this time two years, two and a half years getting into this and build his brand online and like really honing it in and then you can’t just kill it.

Torie: [00:23:15] So leaving that open and you know what the door opened, another door opened that we never would’ve, you can’t plan for it. So yes, it wasn’t an injury. But it was that stuff wasn’t working out and things had to change and stuff somehow. I don’t know. It’s amazing how things like that. You just put stuff out there and you gotta be willing to listen for it, willing to have the fact that like things will come to you.
I really think it will for everybody. I do. Do you think that.

Sean: [00:23:48] For sure. We’ve had it happen to us so many times now. I can’t even count on my fingers. We’ve lived in so many different houses just the houses alone is crazy. When you start to think about it, we moved last year when all this COVID stuff happened,

Torie: [00:24:04] Didn’t know we were going to move.
I thought we were staying in the house and other years too.

Sean: [00:24:08] And it was just, it got dropped on us that the people that own the house wanted to move back in. And what do you do there? They’re like

Torie: [00:24:16] I know we told you that we were going to sign the lease again, and that we weren’t going to raise your rent, but just kidding.
We’re going to move in. We’re like, can we leave at least a month early so that the kids are moving during milestones, which is like their state testing. They’re like, no, you need to stay till the end. So we knew we were going to have to move, but it was way pushed out. And then another month happened and they’re like, you know what, just kidding.
Can you get out now? Like we need to get in here. We’re like really Woosah. Okay. We’ll figure it out. And we moved within a short period of time. It was pretty short.
We wound up finding a place that. We actually, we just had our one year anniversary in this house. Yeah. So not only did Sean move the museum and then he was supposed to open and then COVID happened.
And then our landlord’s just kidding. We’re moving in, get out all like at the exact,

Sean: [00:25:11] Which then also made it so that we had to the, in the new house. Get approval to move in early, earlier. And he’s yeah, we should be able to make that happen. He should have told us no, because he was not ready

Torie: [00:25:28] Show up with a moving truck and all of our stuff. And all his stuff is still in this house.

Sean: [00:25:33] We’ve moved enough
Times that we’re pretty efficient at it. He was not that was the worst move we’ve had so far.

Torie: [00:25:41] I don’t think it was that bad

Sean: [00:25:43] Compared to all the other ones. You don’t think it was that bad.

Torie: [00:25:45] Like we didn’t have to make a bazillion like trips.
It wasn’t a million miles. Like it could have been worse, it was inconvenient, he was nice and that, it is what it is.

Sean: [00:25:57] We got pool.

Torie: [00:26:04] So you know what, no matter what crazy stuff happens, no matter what disasters happen, because they’re going to happen, stuff is not going to go, things aren’t going to happen, how you plan.

Sean: [00:26:16] And especially when it goes wrong, use it as an excuse to try something different. Because a lot of times, like it was so hard for me to pull away from a steady paycheck. Knowing that I’ve made X amount of dollars every week.

Torie: [00:26:28] And we had health insurance paid.

Sean: [00:26:32] It’s a to say, now, I don’t want that anymore. And to go jump into this world of unknown that maybe I don’t bring any value to Torie’s business. And now I just eliminated a steady paycheck and insurance. It was really hard to pull that trigger and actually do it. But, I’m glad I could, we would probably make more money if I went and got a whole nother job right now, but our lifestyle wouldn’t be the same,

Torie: [00:27:01] Even though like right now, that might be how it is. I think potential wise, cause Mazda time is still building up. You don’t make a bazillion dollars having, $7 per person.
So even though it’s not like a super huge money maker and I think in the last few years it’s taken up so much of Sean’s time just trying to build it up. I think that even though, like Sean said if he did go get a full-time job or something, like it’s possible that like he would make more money than he’s making right now.
However, the potential would not be the same. That’s the greatest thing about being a business owner is that you have unlimited potential and unlimited flexibility. Which I have learned is math thing and the whole world. I just want to be flexible. Like I want to be nimble. I don’t want to be stuck in one place.
I want to be able to take vacations. I want to grab my laptop and go somewhere else. Like we had an amazing opportunity a couple of years ago to go to Australia and kids. Like we planned it out where the kids only missed a couple of days of school. And we went to Australia for 10, 12 days, and we were still able to work and still able to run our life, like how we normally would just without being there.
And, if Sean would have had a corporate job, we wouldn’t have been able to do that,

Sean: [00:28:22] Or I wouldn’t have been able to do it.

Torie: [00:28:23] Sorry, Sean. We go into Australia.

Sean: [00:28:25] That’s brutal.

Torie: [00:28:27] Hope you have vacation time. Like we’re so happy that we don’t have to worry about that. And you know what not having vacation time.
That’s so much better than, for sure insurance, like we’ve figured out the insurance thing and it sucked, but it’s fine. Yeah. Probably sucks for everybody. But really, that was like the one thing that we’re like through bone health insurance worked out just like everything. You might not see it right.
The second that everything will, that’d be good. If you liked this episode, we would appreciate it. If you would subscribe to our channel, if you’re not subscribed yet. And if you know somebody that would enjoy this, you could pass it on that’s how we’re going to grow. And that’s how we’re going to reach more people.
And we would very much appreciate it. And you can always find us on YouTube and you can subscribe to us there. Or we are on all the different podcasts channels. You can listen to us in your car. While you’re working out if you want. So you could ask Alexa, she’ll play us for you. We’ll see you on the next one.
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I help entrepreneurs  learn digital marketing.
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You don’t need crazy tech skills, buckets of cash, or dedicated staff to market your business. You don’t even need a lot of time.

What you need is to be SMART.

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Hi! I'm Torie!

Torie Mathis HeadshotI help entrepreneurs (like you) use digital marketing to get more clients + to make more money. And I make it easy! 

You don’t need crazy tech skills, buckets of cash, or dedicated staff to market your business. You don’t even need a lot of time.

What you need is to be SMART.


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