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What is Branding?

Your branding defines who you are and what you do, while also setting you apart from others like you. It emphasizes the unique value that you offer your customers. It’s the reason they buy from you and not from someone else. Your brand is communicated through everything your company does, from its design motifs and logo to the products, services and promotions it offers.

A strong brand can build trust, credibility, and loyalty among your customers and target audience.

When done right, branding can be a powerful tool for building brand awareness, driving sales, and creating a strong connection with your customers. It can also help you establish your company as an authority in your industry and create a sense of community around your business.

The Keys to Successful Branding

The keys to marketing a brand are consistency and making an emotional connection. Your brand needs to be consistent so that it delivers the same message and customers feel you’re a company they can trust. The emotional connection includes the associations your brand makes in a customer’s mind.

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Why Should You Care about Content marketing?

So, why should you care about branding? Is it even relevant to your business as a marketing strategy? Well, it isn’t just making things pretty; branding works.

Why Branding Works 

Branding works so well because it creates a unique and recognizable identity for your business. It helps customers identify with your company and creates a sense of loyalty. A strong brand can also drive long-term growth for your business and create a sense of community around your company.

Branding is all in their mind

Always remember that brand is in your customers’ mind, not in the real world. It’s not necessarily something about your company, but what your market perceives it to be. Aim to make associations in people’s minds with your company.

This is why people pay so much money for Swiss watches, even today when we all have cell phones that tell time for us. There is still something about a Swiss watch in the buyer’s mind that conveys much more than a timepiece. It communicates luxury, craftsmanship, and even the culture and history behind the Swiss watch. This is its brand.

Not convinced? Check out these amazing branding stats:

81% of consumers need to a trust a brand to consider buying

Color increases brand recognition by up to 80%

Consumers are 81% more likely to recall a brand’s color than its name

55% of brand first impressions are visual 

Brand consistency can increase revenue by 33%. Branding Works! 

The benefits of Branding

Your content informs, entertains, engages, helps, and/or answers the questions your customers have. All promotional or sales language is left out of it. The idea is that the customer will use and enjoy your content, which leads to building a relationship with them. Then, when they want what you have to offer, you’ll naturally be their first choice. Here are the benefits of Content Marketing:

Increased awareness

Your branding efforts will make your business more visible to your target audience, leading to higher brand recognition and awareness.

Competitive Advantage

A unique and effective brand will set your business apart from your competitors and give you an edge in the marketplace.

Customer Loyalty

A strong brand will create an emotional connection with your customers, making them more likely to return to your business.

Emotional Connection

A strong brand will create an emotional connection with your customers, building trust and loyalty.

Build Authority

A well-crafted brand will position your company as a thought leader in your industry, building credibility and trust among your target audience.

Longterm Business Growth

A well-crafted brand will drive long-term growth for your business by creating a unique identity, building trust and credibility, and differentiating you from your competitors.

How does Branding fit into your SMART Marketing Strategy?

The SMART Marketing system includes 5 marketing pillars:

  • Sales Process
  • Message
  • Authority
  • Relationship Building
  • Traffic

– and together, they create a scalable system to consistently grow your business and help you rise above your competition.

Branding is part of each part of your Smart Marketing strategy. It attracts people to your sales process, delivers your message, builds authority, relationships, and trust, and differeniates YOU from your competition. 

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Branding Resources

You don’t have to be a designer or brand strategist to create compelling branding. You don’t have to be a marketing whiz to create consistent branding that attracts your ideal customers. You can create branding that creates authority, awareness, loyalty, and sales. It can be easy, fun and effective! Let’s get started.

Smart Branding Articles

Smart Branding Guides

The Personal Branding Blueprint

branding blueprint | Torie Mathis

Take Control of Your Image Online

If you have any sort of online or public presence, it’s already setting these expectations and creating a reputation for you. As soon as you create a social media profile or publish a blog post, you’re already branding yourself unconsciously.

So, why not get ahead of it, get organized, and take charge of what aspects of your personality you show the world so you can best harness it and make it work for you? That’s what you’ll start doing as you work your way through this report, and it takes just a few simple steps.

Grab the guide and learn the 4 Steps to Your Personal Branding 🚀

The Expert Book Guide

Want to Grow Your Brand with an Expert book but Are not sure where to start?

Learn the simple process to write, edit and self-publish your expert book! Let me show you it can be easier than you think!

There’s no better way to elevate your status than to write a book.

With an expert book in hand you will attract your ideal clients (and more of them), charge higher rates, and land more opportunities like speaking, interviews, joint ventures, and much more.

Grab the guide and learn the easy way to write and publish your expert book 🚀

Branding Tools for your Small Business

small business branding | Torie Mathis

The key to successful Branding is consistency. And consistency is best done using tools to help you stay consistent in your look, message, communications, and more.

These tools will help you stay on track (because we could all use a little help with that), and with automation, they will save you time, money, and perhaps a little sanity in the crazy entrepreneurial world.

If you’re ready to dip your toes into branding your business, then you’re going to love these tools!



Canva is a free-to-use online graphic design tool. Use it to create your brand graphics including social media images, blog graphics, flyers and more.

kartra logo | Torie Mathis

Communicating your message consistently is key to your branding. Use Kartra to send emails, promote products, and automate your sales process.

zoho logo

Automate your social media and stay consistent with your brand message using Zoho’s suite of tools.

Grammarly logo

The tools we all dreamt of during school – how to sound like a pro! Corrects your spelling, grammar, tone, and more.

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