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Tired of wasting time and money on marketing that falls flat? Just wish getting customers and making sales was a little easier? I’ve got you covered!

You don’t need crazy tech skills, buckets of cash, or dedicated staff to market your business. In fact, you don’t even need a lot of time.

What you need is to be SMART.

Torie Mathis, Digital Marketing Coach

Hi, I’m Torie! I’m here to help you get SMART!

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Marketing Sucks. there, I said it.

You started a business to do what you love and then you got stuck with marketing.

You end up wasting time, wasting money, and it takes you away from what you really want to do.

It’s constantly changing. It’s confusing and a pain for every single small business owner.
But if you don’t figure it out or pay big bucks to an agency, it may be bye-bye business, hello jobby-job. 

It’s time to get SMART. (And I’m not talking book smarts…)

4 Steps to Get SMART

1. Where you at?

Let's take a serious look at where you are and where you want to go. Only then do you know what you need to work on.

2. Fill the Gap

It's time to fill in the gaps in order to get results. What skills do you need?  What systems do you need to create?

3. Cheat the System

Use tools, templates, and done-for-you resources to work smarter. No need to reinvent anything - it's already been done.

4.The Dream team

Entrepreneurship is lonely. Get the support you need. Coaching and community are essential to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Why Is SMART Marketing is different?

Many small business owners try to “market” their business but never quite get traction. Most throw away time + money on marketing tactics that just don’t work. The problem is you don’t need another tactic.

You need to be SMART…

Marketing isn’t one thing; it’s a system of strategies that all work together to create momentum in your sales, profits, and freedom. Yes, marketing equals freedom.

That’s why I created the SMART Marketing method, so small businesses, solopreneurs, + service professionals – like you – can have an easy-to-follow blueprint to growing your business; a blueprint I wish I had when I started out.


SAF135 From Army to Art School To Entrepreneur

Army to Advertising to Business Disaster

After the Army and my Advertising degree, I began working with small business owners. Then in 2007, due to the real estate crash, I very quickly became a small business owner myself.

I had an Advertising degree, yet I had NO IDEA how to market my business. I wasted time, money, and made more mistakes than I am proud of, but I finally figured it out.

And SMART Marketing was born.

A SMART Marketing Miracle

SMART marketing worked for my business. And it was actually fun and got results. I used it for my marketing agency clients and it worked for them too.

Then my husband started Miles Through Time Automotive Museum from scratch with one car and it worked for him. And we started Automotive Museum Guide and Vintage Garage Antiques and it worked there too.

SMART Marketing will work for you too

You could call me a digital marketing expert or someone just crazy enough to not give up. I don’t want YOU to give up. Let me show you how learning digital marketing can be an easy and fun process. And it works to grow your business.

I’d love to work with you on getting SMART.

torie and sean mathis

👆 Sean & I both use the SMART Marketing method with our businesses and it works!

Digital Marketing Guides to Help You Navigate Marketing Online

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Today is an amazing time to be a small business owner.

There are so many opportunities with digital marketing to grow your business and get in front of more people than ever before – for FREE. With a smart digital marketing strategy and an experienced digital marketing coach, you can fully take advantage of this amazing time. 

Torie Mathis - Digital Marketing Expert | Torie Mathis
Headshot of Torie Mathis

I’ve helped thousands of solopreneurs, service professionals and creatives use and learn digital marketing to get more clients and make more money without a big budget, a lot of time, or losing their sanity. And I make it easy!


I understand that running a small business isn’t a breeze. It is difficult to find the time and energy to focus on every aspect of your business and keep it afloat. 

That is why I am here to help you learn digital marketing online so you can see your business grow!

Marketing is essential to your business’s long-term success, but it is a full-time job, and you already have one — running your own business. As an online marketing expert, I want to ease your stress and help you learn online marketing so you can succeed. 

Social media is a major component of a marketing strategy. Social media marketing builds engagement, creates brand awareness, and helps sell your products or services. 

But we all know how complex and competitive social media is. With my expert online marketing knowledge, you will be able to cut through that noise and get ahead of your competition. 

torie mathis - digital marketing expert with computer

So if you want to learn internet marketing and create your dream company, I am here for you.

Learn Digital Marketing From a Digital Marketing Expert

torie and sean mathis

Is Your Marketing Taking You Away From The Things You Love?

What if you could get amazing results from your marketing without spending more time, more money, AND it was easy and predictable? Sean and I have suffered through it too, and we found the answer...

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Hi! I'm Torie!

Torie Mathis HeadshotI help entrepreneurs (like you) use digital marketing to get more clients + make more money. And I make it easy!

You don’t need crazy tech skills, buckets of cash, or dedicated staff to market your business. You don’t even need a lot of time.

What you need is to be SMART.

Get Smart AF

from your Digital Marketing Coach Torie Mathis!

Let's get SMART!

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