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Ep. 77 No More “I Hate Mondays” – It’s Time To Make Change

by | Smart AF Show

make a change

No More “I Hate Mondays” – It’s Time To Make Change

If you hate Mondays, or long for the weekend week after week, you’ve got to make some changes. No more I hate Mondays.

Torie Mathis and her cohost Sean talk about how to get yourself out of the Monday funk, whether you’re at a job or if you’re a business owner because no one should hate Mondays.

Don’t allow yourself to be swept up in the fake hate of Mondays. You can change your life. You can change your thinking. You can change your mindset. You can have a life you love. It’s time to make a change. No excuses.

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(transcription is auto-generated)

SAF 77

Torie: [00:00:00] Don’t just accept that you hate Mondays because Mondays are supposed to suck and the weekend is the only part that is great of your life because you’re going to make your kids like that. And you’re gonna make everybody else like that.

Hey guys, what’s up. It’s Torie Mathis. Welcome to the show. I’m here with the one and only Sean Mathis, founder of Miles Through Time Automotive Museum. 

Sean: [00:00:30] What’s going on? 

Torie: [00:00:31] And if it’s one thing that drives me more crazy than anything drives me crazy. It’s when I see people say that they hate Mondays.

I really hate this. It bothers me so much. 

Sean: [00:00:47] Luckily, you don’t have to hear it too often. It’s just seeing something where somebody is projecting that negativity. 

Torie: [00:00:54] Via the whole the societal advertising push of the hate of Mondays drives me insane. 

Sean: [00:01:05] It’s racist

Torie: [00:01:06] Great. Seriously it probably is. This is white supremacy at its best. It is let’s run with Monday. There is nothing wrong with Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday if you hate Mondays or whatever day that you have to go to work. Like we need to make some changes and these are changes you can make. And I don’t want to hear your bullshit excuses. Because they’re bullshit excuses. 

Sean: [00:01:38] I’m going through where I didn’t like the fact that I had to go to work on the Monday. And so I fixed it. 

Torie: [00:01:47] How did you fix it, Sean Mathis. 

Sean: [00:01:49] I stopped going to that job and people complain for so long about their jobs. That it’s Monday after Monday. Like why would you keep doing that?

Torie: [00:02:01] Do you, you got to figure something out and there’s a couple of different ways that you could do this. You could do what Sean did, and eventually, you get a different job. If you don’t like where you’re at, change it, if you don’t like where you’re living, figure it out. Like it might take a while, but maybe that journey of figuring it out is what brings you joy.

And then you don’t hate where you’re at anymore. And if you get there and you decide you don’t like that either you can change again. You can always change, always have options, no excuses. Like I don’t even want to hear any of them. So there’s, that’s the one thing the other thing is that you completely change your mindset.

I was talking to Riley the other day. He is because of COVID. He is on a split schedule. And so he goes to half of his classes on one day, A day and half of his classes on the other day. B day one of these days. I don’t know which one. Let’s say A day he hates because he has a teacher that is not his favorite.

And he has a couple of kids that are again not his favorite in a few of the classes. And so every time it’s A days or today is A day, man. Are you going to continue to make a day miserable for yourself? Or are you going to figure out some way of getting yourself out of this eight day funk? Find some other kid that’s in another class and make that like the best part of it.

There’s something that you can do. Plus A day is just that little part of your day. You have before school, you have afterschool there’s other stuff going on, except for Neo just A day that don’t let that ruin. Your whole damn day. 

Sean: [00:03:34] It’s one day closer to the next day or one day closer to the next weekend or something fun that you want to like just count it as another day. Not a this again, it’s. 

Torie: [00:03:45] If a day sucks, then parent was something that’s you really want to do. What is that other thing that you can look forward to that you can do every time on that day to make balance out that day? And I tell him you’re not always going to be super excited about every class.

You’re going to be super excited about every person in your class. There are going to be people around you that aren’t going to be your favorite. They’re not going to be your people, but you can’t let those external things ruin your whole day. And whether you’re a kid in sixth grade or an adult going to a job or worse, you’re an adult going to your own business. Like you can’t hate Mondays. 

Sean: [00:04:26] And a lot of that, like you get in, say, you’re yourself employed, and you’ve got that negative mentality about Mondays. There’s something wrong, 

Torie: [00:04:35] there’s something going on and you can fix it. The only time that I have had those is when we had some difficult clients 

Sean: [00:04:41] I was just gonna say some crappy clients or we’ll do it.

Torie: [00:04:45] We get some clients that either we outgrow. And for some reason, we hold onto them a little too tight, a little too long, or we just get some people that man, they just, we’re probably not a good match, to begin with. And so the fact of working with them or having to interact with them does put you in a little bit of a funk.

And that’s been, so it really has been rare for us. Like luckily we haven’t been in that situation too often. But we’ve learned that letting those clients go makes room for new clients for new projects, for new stuff. So sometimes if it’s, if you’re a business owner and that’s something that you dread figure out what that thing is, and you can figure out how to change it, how to fix it, how to do something different.

If it’s a client that you don’t like, and you can let them go. Great. If it’s a client that you don’t like, and you can have somebody else on your team, work with them. Great. Maybe they’re more of a match for, Sean than they are for me or vice versa. There are other things that you can do other than just holding onto that. I hate Monday. Fuck. I hate that. 

Sean: [00:05:46] And some of it, like for us specifically, some of those clients that, that did that and put us into that funk, it was bound by money. There’s a stress level there that you don’t necessarily want them to go away because chances are, they’re your highest paying client or something, and you think of the financial loss of them going away.

So you day after day, you put up with shit. And coming from personal experience. So those, we only had, I can only think of two off the top of my head. It ended up being not only better as a whole but better even financially to let them go away. 

Torie: [00:06:23] You have to make room. For new stuff to come in. Like you can only fit so much stuff in mentally, only so much stuff, physically, only so much stuff in your time. Only so many clients, only so many people, so many social media experiences. So you gotta be choosy about them. And if some of them are making you really unhappy, then you’ve got to figure it out because you cannot live your life.

Hating Mondays. Or living up for Friday. And the only reason I can think that people put up with this shit is that advertising pushes us in front of you. Oh, you had such a hard day. You deserve to do this on Friday. Go drink with your friends and like some Miller, light commercial or something, or, ads for Vegas.

Like your life sucks. Why don’t you escape to somewhere else? Don’t buy into that because it’s bullshit and it’s not how real people should live. It’s not how anybody needs to live. It’s not a requirement. It’s not how happy people live. I can tell you that I,

Sean: [00:07:25] The people that are behind all these different advertising schemes to get you to feel and think a certain way.

They got it down to a science like their goal is to sell you some sort of product. So if it’s can’t wait until Friday night hit the bars. That’s what they’re going to sell you. But you don’t have to listen to that kind of stuff. You can do whatever it is you want to do.

Any day of the week. There, there is no, there’s no such thing as Monday. There’s no such thing as Friday. There’s no such thing as the weekend for us. Really. The only reason I know it’s the weekend is during the school part of the year that the kids are at home. Otherwise, it’s just another day that I look forward to doing.

Something like being productive in some way, whether it’s business-related or just as a family and doing something like we’re doing something you should wake up, being excited about. What’s going to get done that day. And if there’s even nothing that exciting about that day, Chances are there is the day after that.

So like you gotta get you you’re going through, another great day because the next day is going to be that much better. Like the mentality shift is massive. If you just eliminate. The negative stuff, the stuff that you can’t do, or you can’t have or whatever the case may be like, get rid of it.

There’s no need to have any of this negative thought processing going on. And if you’re getting it from your newsfeed, your friends, your family, like goodbye. See what happened. 

Torie: [00:08:59] Readjust who you’re spending time with. And, funny memes and TV shows that are like that. They might be good in small doses, but you get that same thing over and over again.

And you’re programming yourself with it. Bullshit that isn’t true. Like you’ve got to protect your mind. You got to protect your energy. You have to take care of yourself so that you’re not poisoned by TV, by commercials, by negative people. Like when we’ve had negative people in our life. Can you just scoot him out a bit because we don’t want to be that way?

We don’t want to hate Mondays or only live for the weekends or, have that kind of that funk. Like I’m not Riley to be like that with school. Like I need it. I really would like to work with him. We can figure this out so that when he is an adult, hopefully, he doesn’t get, just go into that stupid I have to grind and I have to hate my job and the weekends rule. Because blah, blah, blah. Like it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Sean: [00:10:00] And then the natural, like kid negative negativity is like the only negativity we deal with right now. And that is just a learning process that we tell them to stop the negative I would say a natural thing that it’s because it’s easy, right? It’s easy to be negative about whatever it is. And so when the kids are, I guess I. I can’t play video games or I got at school. Cause I can’t go do this. Like it’s, it comes naturally to him. But it’s not the right way to be. So we work on our kids being, don’t be negative.

We can’t get rid of them, so we gotta fix them. And then it’s not necessarily fixing it’s more. So training is, they’re not, it’s not ingrained and embedded into them yet that they’re going to be negative people. But if we don’t work on it, they’ll wind up being, an adult that’s negative.

And we can’t have that. But in saying that you’ve got, if you’ve got people in your life, it’s time for a cleanse, see what happens if you don’t have to get rid of everything right off the bat, but maybe give a, give it a little, try and eliminate some stuff from your life and see if it makes you happier. Cause we’re not Oh, what’s the word? Shit.

Torie: [00:11:29] I don’t know which direction you’re trying to go. 

Sean: [00:11:31] Yeah. We’re not special in the sense that we’re not fucking, Hey, I’m trying to say that we. We can remind them, it’s possible for us to be negative as well. 

Torie: [00:11:41] It, it happens. So we were talking the other day and I said, I think that people don’t realize that the first thought that pops in your head, you don’t have to agree with. You can be like, no, I don’t agree with that. Just because you think it. That doesn’t mean, it’s true. And like you said, with the kids, it’s very easy to be negative. It’s the easy way. But if you wake up and you have that negative thought, it’s easy to be like, it’s easy to just go with it rather than saying no, I’m not going to think that way.

I’m going to think this way instead and change your thinking. Like you can do that. And I’m trying to tell Riley that as well. Like I have negative thoughts too. I have, I don’t want to go to the gym some days, but you know what I do, I go to the fucking gym every once in a while. I really don’t want to go because I’m tired or my arm hurts or I’m sore or whatever it is.

I still go on the days that I have said that I’m going to go. Riley is on this thing that he’s got a cramp in his leg. And so now the cramp in his leg got a little cramp in his calf that keeps coming back. And now that’s the excuse that, Oh, I have a cramp in my leg. I can’t go to karate. Yeah, you can punch, your arms have nothing to do with a little cramp.

Which is a little teeny cramp in your calf but it’s easy to take that negative thought and run with it instead of changing your whole perspective, because we forced him to go to karate. Not only did he have a fantastic time, but he also got a Stripe I’m like, see that’s little teeny cramp. Didn’t change a thing.

You were fine to push through and change your thinking and get around people. Because that’s one of the things I really like about the karate classes. He’s Oh, they’re all so nice. And they all want to do this and everybody’s working together and. Yes. That’s important for our kids to put them in those situations, but we’ve got to put ourselves in those situations too.

You put yourself around a bunch of shitty people. Eventually, you’re going to be shitty too. We don’t want that. And so you put yourself around these, I hate Monday people. You’re going to be that way. We’re not immune to that. We just really don’t want to be that way. And because we don’t want to be that way. We have both talked about it and agreed like whatever we can do, let’s not be like that. 

Sean: [00:14:01] Immune is the word I was trying to think of. 

Torie: [00:14:03] We’re not immune to it. Yeah. We’re not special. We’re not immune. We’re not anything. We just try to be intentional. And because we both are on the same page with this, it’s easier that we can get each other out of those folks or know that we need to motivate ourselves to both go in the same direction.

Or if somebody’s negative, it doesn’t matter who they are. Like it’s okay to just see them less. And we’re okay with that. And you should be okay with that too. 

Sean: [00:14:27] That’s where it’s some people may not even realize that they’re the negative ones, or their buddy, their spouse or family, marriage, like somebody in their life.

They don’t even know it in and they’re miserable. You do a little cleanse for a short time just to see, and then it makes you aware shit, it’s, know, it’s this thing that’s making me so damn negatives get rid of that thing. And then see what, how it goes.

You’re not always going to be this bundle of positive joy forever, but there’s no reason to stew on any of the negative stuff, especially when it’s shit that’s either out of your control or you can control it. If it’s out of your control, why are you even worrying about it? And if you can’t control it, then fix it.

Like why would you be like, Oh shit, I wish I wasn’t right-handed I can switch to your left. You know it, you have the power, you can do it. 

Torie: [00:15:21] Yeah. Some of those things, like if you can’t change it, like Sean said obviously we can’t get rid of our kids are negative. Like we never would want to, but there are ways that we can react differently to the situation.

There’s always something that you can do. You don’t have to accept your thoughts. You don’t have to accept your situation. You don’t have to accept any of those types of things.   I think that people don’t realize the power that they have, yeah. If you’re miserable, you might be making yourself miserable and you don’t have to.

You don’t, I tell Riley this all the time that like his feelings are his responsibility, not everybody else’s responsibility. So if he feels a certain way about something like he said, one of his teachers was being mean and he’s I can’t believe it. She’s. So mean, I’m like, what did she do? That was mean, and he said it and it really didn’t sound mean I’m like for whatever reason you perceived what she did as being mean.

And so your feelings are hurt because you feel like she’s being mean everybody else in the classroom. They probably feel a different way. So it’s not that she’s being mean she’s being her, she’s a teacher, she’s doing what she has to do. It’s her job. And you are perceiving what she’s doing as being mean.

So sometimes it’s. Good to realize that your feelings are in your own hands and not in somebody else’s hands. Don’t let the teacher make you all flustered because she’s doing her job. That’s her job. She’s got to teach you. She’s got to keep you in line. That’s what she’s supposed to do. If you’re going to get upset about every time she tells the class to be quiet, which I don’t think that’s what it was, but it would be like that’s your problem, not her problem.

She’s not making you upset. You’re getting upset about what she’s doing. It’s all perception. It’s all how you are perceiving these things. And you can change that just like Riley can change that. 

Sean: [00:17:19] Okay. It’s it’s Sunday morning and you don’t want to get out of bed because you’re comfortable and you’re still tired.

So you stay there and you lay in bed. Yeah, you’re just laying in bed and it’s been hours now. Now it’s 12 one o’clock in the afternoon. You haven’t gotten out of bed. You feel shitty. So maybe you just stay in bed longer. You did nothing. You just, you put yourself into a funk. Because you were maybe tired at the beginning and you didn’t really have to get up, but what you did is you put yourself in a funk and wasted an entire day of doing nothing, where if you just would have made the decision to get out of bed.

Even though you were a little tired, maybe didn’t have to right then, but you did. And you, you wound up had a cup of coffee or went for a walk and you’re going to change your whole body mentality. That you’ll feel good. This morning I woke up, I was still tired. I was still a little stiff.

Didn’t really want to get up. Did it went down, had a cup of coffee, went into the normal I’m fine. But if I would’ve stayed in bed and been like, I don’t feel that great right now, like the whole day, 

Torie: [00:18:29] At first it’s like we would never sleep until one o’clock. And so it seems ridiculous, but yes, you like, everything is the same way.

If you’re unhappy or uncomfortable in the smallest situation and you sit there and stay in bed and you milk that situation and you keep it going, you’re keeping yourself into that. Sometimes just changing your state, getting around somebody different, moving around, like how many times we’ve been to events and things like that, that they make you get up and jump around and stuff just because changing yourself and getting yourself moving, putting on a song that you like.

And that can be enough. In one of those situations daily, that can change everything. And there are other things that you can do. But I think everybody can understand that, that, Riley is the same way he’s at that age that he’s like, Oh, I don’t feel good. I don’t want to go to school.

But yeah, you don’t feel because you’ve just woke up and you’re probably tired. Like sometimes I’m tired when I wake up to get up, get moving, get doing something, be around and get go find one of your friends and joke around with them in the beginning of the day. So that like you get going and get doing something else. Like you don’t have to stay in that same funk just because you started it. 

Sean: [00:19:38] Chances are you’ve, maybe didn’t feel great and we’re able to step outside, let the sun hit you for a little bit. And it completely changed how you felt. And it’s because you made that decision to go out there and get in the sun.

Like you have to make these decisions. Shit’s not just going to happen. You can’t just stay inside and be like, man, I wish I felt better if I wish that sun would hit me in the face, but your blinds are closed and there’s no sun coming in. Like it’s not going to happen. You have to make the decision to get up and go outside.

Torie: [00:20:08] And that’s part of knowing yourself. And I try to get these kids to understand that. But I think as adults we need to know this too. If that’s what it is for you as the sun hitting your face, know that if you don’t know what your thing is, fucking figure it out. There’s all these different things that could be your thing, that if you’re in a funk or if you’re feeling I hate Monday, what is that thing that you can do that?

You know what, whenever I hear that song, I feel good. Or I take a drive and clear my mind, or I take a walk and I get the sun on my face. I go take a hot shower and sing to the top of my whatever that thing is. You gotta figure it out. Don’t just accept that you hate Mondays because Mondays are supposed to SOC and the weekend is the only part that is great of your life.

Because you’re going to make your kids like that and you’re gonna make everybody else like that. And then people like us are not going to hang out with you and you might be cool. And maybe we should hang out, 

Sean: [00:21:01] Even if you’re not self-employed and say, you’re just working for a place that, you’re whether it’s Monday through Friday or your weekend is Tuesday and Wednesday it doesn’t matter.

Find the joy in the day to do it. There are so many different aspects in, in, however many hours you spend awake in the day that you can find something enjoyable about it. And even if it’s a small, tiny interment in instrumental. Incremental portion of the day, like focus on that. You don’t focus on the negative shit. It doesn’t do you or anybody around you, any good 

Torie: [00:21:38] Your work, it’s not everything that, whatever time you spend with your mother-in-law is not your, everything that, or, your boss or whoever somebody is that maybe is, making you not feel good. That’s not your whole life. I tell Riley like school is only a small part of your day.

Yeah, you got to go there, but yeah, all these other things, let’s go do something cool after school, 

Sean: [00:21:59] Just get the school done, 

Torie: [00:22:00] Get school done. 

Sean: [00:22:01] Don’t stew on how negative you think it is. Just do it. 

Torie: [00:22:04] Don’t be hard on the teachers they’re doing their job. 

Sean: [00:22:06] Do something that’s more fun.

Torie: [00:22:08] Cause it’s up to you. To make these decisions to have a better life, to be in a better mood, to change your entire outlook, to not keep yourself in a funk, you don’t have to hate Mondays ever. 

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