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6 Ways You Block Your Success

Success is something that we all desire in one way or another. We dream of success and luck falling into our laps in some magical way.

However, success requires work and effort for everyone; we rarely see all the time and effort that was put into it; we only see the fruits of someone’s labor.

On your journey to success, there are a few ways that you can sabotage yourself in achieving the goals you set. Here are some ways you can block your success and how to avoid them.

Being too Rigid

If you are overly rigid in your thinking, then you are setting yourself up for failure.

While success requires planning, you need to continually review the plans and change them as your goals and priorities change. Successful people understand how necessary change is in their life. They accept change and go with it instead of fighting it or ignoring it. By being more flexible, they lessen the stressful parts of change. They also come up with more creative ways of thinking as they develop ways to adapt plans.

If you fear change and refuse to review and adapt your goals and plans or be flexible in your thoughts or actions, then you’re setting yourself up for failure and for being unsuccessful.

Being Fearful

Fear is a negative emotion and is usually based on assumptions and not on actual circumstances. Successful people understand that and develop a positive can-do attitude and move beyond fear when it pops up. They also have self-mastery; a knowledge of themselves. This helps them know where they are strong, where they are weak and how to strategize when doubt arises.

A personal vision can guide you and keep you on track. It enables you to change your outlook on life and create new ways to go about things. If you understand that fear is harmful and can only hold you back from reaching your goals, then you can begin to replace the fear with positive thoughts and attitudes.

Lacking Self-Confidence

Another key to success is decisive action and belief. If you believe you can and act as if you can then you will find you can do it. Success habits require action because action leads to change which leads to your success.

If you want to be unsuccessful, let yourself believe your negative self-talk. This allows fear to move in and ensures you will not reach your goals.

If you want to be successful, then adopt a positive mindset and attitude. Be willing to take action, to plan and to believe in yourself and your success. You can use visualization or positive affirmations to help you create more confidence, on who knows anything is possible.

A Total Lack of Planning

When you forgo planning, you’re setting yourself up for failure. You won’t achieve your goals if you don’t plan as you won’t even know what you want, how you’ll get it or why it is important to you in the first place.

Successful people plan for success. They plan to create the habits that will help them achieve the goals they are striving for. They understand themselves and both their strengths and weaknesses. They evaluate themselves, where they are and where they want to go. Their self-knowledge allows them to create the plan that works for them.

Negative Self-Talk and False Beliefs

If you want to be unsuccessful, then take on false beliefs and negative self-talk. An example is to allow yourself to think that you won’t be successful or that you cannot earn six-figures a year. These are two examples of false beliefs that may be blocking your success.

Successful people are generally positive thinkers. They don’t allow false beliefs or negative self-talk to stop them. Instead, they figure out these behaviors then replace them with positive actions. This is when self-mastery and self-knowledge are key.

Not Taking Personal Responsibility

If you’re looking to be unsuccessful, then don’t take responsibility or ownership of your actions and their outcome. Blame others when things don’t go as planned.

Successful people will take responsibility for their actions and for the consequences. They accept failure as part of the growth process and see it as a learning tool. During the planning process, they try and identify potential pitfalls and roadblocks so that they can plan on how to deal with them and overcome them.

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”

– Michael Jordan

No longer block your success

If you are ready to move toward success now is the time to make some changes. Avoid these six actions, so you no longer block your success and sabotage your progress toward your goals. You can do it, I believe in you.

Here’s to creating the life you LOVE!

About Digital Marketing Expert Torie Mathis

Torie Mathis helps entrepreneurs, like you, use digital marketing to grow your business without wasting time, money, or your sanity.  She is a best-selling author, Army veteran, speaker + trainer, and your digital marketing coach. You don't need crazy tech skills, buckets of cash, or dedicated staff to market your business. In fact, you don't even need a lot of time. What you need is to be SMART.

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You don’t need crazy tech skills, buckets of cash, or dedicated staff to market your business. You don’t even need a lot of time.

What you need is to be SMART.

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You don’t need crazy tech skills, buckets of cash, or dedicated staff to market your business. You don’t even need a lot of time.

What you need is to be SMART.


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