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Ep. 62 Book More Clients – Easy, Automatic & Profitable

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book more clients

Book More Clients – Easy, Automatic & Profitable

Many service-based businesses have an amazing opportunity with technology to automate their customer retention and they just drop the ball.

Torie Mathis and her cohost Sean go over strategies you can easily start to retain more customers, get more reviews and get your calendar full.

We’ll cover:
How to automate your customer retention How to easily double your business
Why you need to focus on current clients
How to Retain more customers
How to use social proof
How to get more reviews

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(transcription is auto-generated)

SAF 62

Torie: [00:00:00] You guys, man, you guys should be. Bazillionaires

Welcome to Smart AF on your host Torie Mathis. We’ve got a great show for you today. So let’s get started. Hey guys. Welcome to the show. I’m your host, Torie Mathis. And I’m here with Sean. You know he’s always here, Sean. You’re the Founder of Miles Through Time Automotive Museum. 

Sean: [00:00:34] That’s true. 

Torie: [00:00:35] He has got a little museum here in Georgia. We’re marketers. We talk about marketing stuff and you know what, man, I was working out and I wrecked my shoulder. Sean said he was tired of hearing me gripe about it. Thanks, Sean. So, man, I use the hyper volt on it. I tried to roll it out. I stretched, man. I think it was just sore. I couldn’t sleep with my arm like this anymore. It was a bummer. Finally broke down. I went and had a massage. And let me tell you this lady, she did a nice job. You know what? My shoulders all better now. However, just like the dog groomer. 

Sean: [00:01:23] It’s so common. 

Torie: [00:01:24] Okay. So I think that there are some businesses that are a little bit difficult to market. Like there’s some stuff that’s, maybe it’s confusing. Maybe there’s a lot of education around it. Maybe people only buy it one time. Maybe it’s super expensive. Like these things are more difficult to market and I totally get. But these repetitive service-type businesses. Ooh, you guys, man, you guys should be bazillionaires. Is that a bazillionaires? So had my massage fantastic.

Told them it was fantastic. Lots of missed opportunities, but they did do one thing, right? If you asked me as a marketer, they gave me a card. So I can actually look and see what their name is. Cause the dog groomer gave me nothing. Right. You guys can look at my videos. I talk about the dog groomer where a lot, they gave me a card, buy 10 massages, get one free.

That’s cool. Well, unless I lose the card, which I probably will, before I get 10 massages, 

Sean: [00:02:32] That’s a lot of massages,

Torie: [00:02:34] A lot of massages and you know, I really think, and we’ve talked about this with the, with the, by however many that’s a lot of commitment you’re asking people to do. And if they’re going to get 10 massages, like you don’t need to give them one free.

They love you. They’re coming back no matter what, they’re not coming back because of that. 

Sean: [00:02:54] Yeah, I can’t see somebody being like, man, I was only going to get one massage, but since he gave me this card, I’m going to get nine more so I can get that tenth one free. Yes. 

Torie: [00:03:03] That did it. That pushed me over the edge. Like that’s not a game-changer. It might’ve worked really well. I don’t know, 10, 15, 20 years ago. There’s so many other cool things that you can do that I think like yay for doing something. But, there’s some other things that really could have happened. In fact, I could have a massage booked right now, but I don’t why didn’t even ask me if you have a business like this book, then watch my video about the dentist.

The dentist is the smartest. They are the best marketers. Why? Because the dentist makes you come back. Even though you don’t want to, they tell you, you have to, they schedule you before you leave. Ms. Mathis. Yes. It looks like six months from now. Would Tuesday or Wednesday work best for you? Like they schedule you, the massage guy totally could have asked me if I wanted to book a new one.

Most of our clients, like a massage, every two weeks, we have an opening on Thursday, February 15th. Would that be good for you? Like just book me in and then if I say no, I’m not sure. Say if you book today, we’ll give you 10% off. We’ll give you a free foot massage. We’ll give you whatever hot stones 

And they need to do it enough to, to make it so that they can try to get some people on some habits.

Sean: [00:04:39] Huh? Make it a habit to go get a massage. 

Torie: [00:04:43] Yeah. And those ones, those massage places that have a subscription model, which tells you it fricking works, like people will continually book them. You can totally, if you have some type of business like this, whether it’s massage or getting your nails done, you know, nail salon, haircuts, a dog groomers, like all of these repetitive services that people think have to come back eventually.

Be like the dentist. Okay. Schedule them again right away. Give them some type of deal. A lot of these, you could actually say, if you bought so many, you get like a book of them, right? Like if you bought book your next three massages, or you buy a pack of three massages that way you’re getting them in there more than one time, then maybe you have some type of package deal.

Did they have that note or do they bite? They didn’t offer it. Like when people are there, especially like a massage and you feel all good, like they’re primed and ready. It is so much cheaper for you to get a client that you already have to use you again than to go out there and find new clients. It’s so many people, that’s all they do.

They just want to go find new clients and new clients. And I need new ones and new ones. 

Sean: [00:05:55] Then I have your email either, right? 

Torie: [00:05:57] No, they don’t have any email. I think that when I signed up. I may have put my phone number in because I might have got a message about it. So we’ll say like so far, it’s been a week. It’s been a week. It was last Friday. I think I went 

Sean: [00:06:12] And see an idea of even they should have gotten your email and you would have, should have received an email saying, Hey, hope your massage massages. Here’s a link to schedule the next one, even if they didn’t get you right then and there afterwards.

Torie: [00:06:26] Absolutely. So, you know, and we talk about it all the time that the followup, the followup, the followup, like you have to build this relationship with people. You got to keep reaching out to them when someone’s already come to you and they like you like keep them. Because they’ll forget where the place was.

They’ll be like, oh, I don’t know if I want to go there or they’ll go start looking for somewhere else. If you’re top of mind. And they liked you already, like, don’t use you again, especially if you give them some type of nice offer to come back. That was going to be my next one. Like we’ve been talking about like, how do you get more reviews?

Cause Miles Through Time is one that like, we want as many reviews as we can. It is a huge driving factor for Google, for TripAdvisor, because people look for like things to do. So they’re going to look at reviews. So when somebody comes in someplace, like there’s ways that you can ask them for a review, you can enter them for contests, for leaving them.

Lots of reviews on different things. We’ve done that for dentists and some of our clients it’s worked very, very well. So if they could have emailed me and said we give away a free massage every month you get one entry for every place that you leave a review. If you liked it, leave us a review. Let us know where you review this app.

I’d have been like, ah, I want a free massage   which was great. I’ll leave. You reviews all over, but they didn’t. Did I have I left them a review yet? 

Sean: [00:07:49] No, it’s not a priority. The only way it would be a priority is if that was the worst massage ever. The first thing you’d want to do is go leave a review. These people, right? 

Torie: [00:08:00] That’s sad. That will be so quick and take the time out to tell somebody that they suck, but we will not take the time out all the time to tell people they were wonderful. And it was a wonderful massage lady was really nice. It was cool. Yeah. So yeah, missed opportunity by not asking for a review.

They could have done it right there. They could have emailed afterwards. They could have, if they had, I think they have my phone number they could have texted me like there’s different ways that you could reach out. And if people had a good time, especially if you catch them soon, I don’t think you want to wait a week and be like, Hey, review us, like catch them right away.

Sean: [00:08:30] No, their sales process should be before you leave, because you’re paid after the massage.  

Yeah. So, I mean, in under those circumstances they like they’re missing the boat majorly, not, not capturing your email and getting you booked right before you even leave. 

Torie: [00:08:50] So getting reviews though is so huge for so many businesses because it’s social proof people want to do what other people do. That’s actually how I picked this massage place, too, because of all the ones local, there are a shit ton of massage places that I could have gone to. Some had bad reviews. Some had not as good reviews. Some didn’t have as many reviews, but this one had lots of good. So if they would do that just a little bit more and I would already drive that much further for somebody for a good review, then it would be great for them to actively get reviews because people will drive further to a place that has more reviews. 

Sean: [00:09:33] It’s cause their, their likelihood of getting what they paid for increases when other people got what they paid for.

Torie: [00:09:40] But if you don’t ask for reviews, good ones, like people will leave them. Like so many people will not, but you ask for them and they will, they want to review you. And if you give them a little incentive, like it can be, it can really build your business. 

Sean: [00:09:55] It can be a win-win for sure. 

Torie: [00:09:58] Email really is like one of the most important things. And I’m surprised. I don’t know if people are like afraid to ask for it. Or what it is.

Sean: [00:10:04] But I don’t think they have a sales process for sales process guys. 

Torie: [00:10:08] Like what happens when they come in? What happens afterwards? Like you can set all this stuff that the business owner, or just an employee. I think it’s difficult.

You guys, this isn’t very difficult. You can get an email, you can stick it in an email service provider. We really like Kartra. You can go to the website, our website, Tori mathis.com, and we have a month for free or month for a dollar that you can try. Kartra. Put the email in there, and then they can start on a sequence that you set up ahead of time.

Isn’t very hard to do. And the emails just go out. You could say, send this email out a day after or an hour after I put the email in, then send the next one a day later. Then send one a week And you can have these set all up ahead of time. It’s not like you’re sitting there like, oh, when did John come in? Oh, send that email. Like it’s all automatic. It happens. 

Sean: [00:10:59] It’s, I think that’s what it is is they don’t have that. Now they’re thinking. That they’re, they’re not thinking that way. They’re just, there’s no way. Cause if they did have that kind of service, I guarantee they, they best for the email because that would change their business. It changed their lives for sure. 

Torie: [00:11:16] It would, it would absolutely like you could easily double, triple 10 X your business with something as simple as asking for an email. Setting up some follow-up if you have this type of repeatable business, right. It almost makes me wish we had that type of business. What can we do?

Ah, so many things that you could do. Like we do not want business owners wasting time and money trying to grow their business. And these lost opportunities that we see on things that I think you guys think might be like harder than it is. Like technology has changed so much that there are so many things that you can just set up and make your business automatic.

It’s almost like you’re cloning yourself. Like it makes it so that things just run themselves and give you a little bit more time that you can, you can spend on your, on your clients on, on things that you want. Like all this marketing stuff isn’t hard to do, but it does take a little bit of forethought.

It does take a little bit of planning and using technology to automate some of this stuff. Like we said, like using Kartra it’s, it’s amazing and it really can change a business. So if you like this episode, we would love it. If you would subscribe to our channel and give us a like, and we’ll see you on the next time.

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