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Don’t Worry About Details That Don’t Matter Now

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Let’s talk about figuring out what details matter now.

One of my favorite stories to tell is about the founders and creators of Basecamp, 37 signals.

When developing their new product they put it out for sale before they had any idea how they would collect money from their customers, and they were not worried about it, at all. It was a detail that could wait.

They knew that once that first person signed up for the service, they had 30 days to figure it out.

“One finds limits by pushing them..”

-Herbert Simon

There is no reason to hold back a project or product for details that you can work out later. Once launched you can work on details as they come up rather than stall out on details that may never matter.

Drowning in details and coming up with solutions to every “what if” is a waste of time.

Let real-world experience decide what details need to be worked on, rather than over planning for every scenario.

You could hold off on launching your million dollar idea because you haven’t figured out how to make it in 50 colors. It could turn out no one cares if it only comes in black.

Work out the details as needed and get your product, your service or you out there.

And when they ask if it comes in red you can say “Actually, you will be excited to know it will – in 30 days”.


What project have you been stalling on because you were trying to figure out every little detail?

Take action in next three days to just “get it out there” and figure out the details when you really need to.

Here’s to creating the life you LOVE!


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