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Ep. 65 Explode Your Online Visibility with 1 Easy Tactic

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Online Visibility

Explode Your Online Visibility with 1 Easy Tactic

It used to be difficult and expensive to get your not the case these days. It’s easier than ever.

Torie Mathis and her cohost Sean go over one super simple tactic you can use to get your business in front of more people every month – for FREE.

And it’s great even if you are lazy, impatient, unskilled, or scared of tech. No excuses.

What we’ll cover:
Why it’s easier than ever to get eyeballs on your business
How to check your traffic / analytics
What to do during dips in traffic
How to use content marketing
How to make it easy
How to get as many views as you want
How Miles Through Time got almost 1M views in a month on Google
A simple strategy to use on Google
How your business can use content marketing

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(transcription is auto-generated)

SAF 65

Torie: [00:00:00] Sean Mathis did this take you weeks and weeks to do? 

Sean: [00:00:02] I don’t have the patience for that. It took minutes. 

Torie: [00:00:05] You don’t have patience. 

Sean: [00:00:06] No I have zero patience. Okay. My effort that I put into this was minimal but it worked.

Torie: [00:00:18] Hey, welcome to Smart AF I am your host Torie Mathis. We’ve got a great show for you today. So let’s get started. Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Torie Mathis. Welcome to the show. I’m your host. I’m here with my guy, Sean Mathis, founder of Miles Through Time Automotive Museum. 

Sean: [00:00:41] Hello  

Torie: [00:00:41] Hey so you know, 

Back 20 years ago, it was difficult to talk to potential clients. When I got into business for myself, where it was that would have been 2007. So obviously there’s like internet there, but it wasn’t like it is now things are even the last five years like crazy things are so much easier. Technology-wise and just people are more willing to go online for more things.

Like pretty much everybody, like grandma’s on Facebook, the kids are on YouTube or Tik Tok, or like any age that you have, like people are online. People are everybody willing to go look for information, answer questions online, right? 

Sean: [00:01:28] Yeah, absolutely. 

Torie: [00:01:29] Absolutely. It used to be difficult.

And so I know though people are going everybody’s going to look at my mom. Like my mom is not on the internet. And last night I thought she’s talking about Pinterest. I’m like, you’re on Pinterest.

Sean: [00:01:41] Like she has a Pinterest account. 

Torie: [00:01:44] No, but she goes on Pinterest to find things and ideas and stuff like that. No, she has not moved forward enough to actually have a Pinterest account. That I know of, but she does go on Pinterest. And like this woman is not techie at all. Like all everybody’s out there. So whoever your customer is, whoever your clients are, your potential clients like. They are utilizing the internet in some way, shape, or form, whether it be my mom looking for art stuff on Pinterest, or, somebody going on there looking for a recipe or looking for a dog groomer when do I need to cut my dog’s nails?

Like anything, they are all going online to look for answers. Now the cool thing is like I said, everything is so much easier than it used to be. So businesses create content. What is content? Content is it could be a PDF, like a little mini-book explaining something. It could be a flyer or a checklist. It could be a video like this.

Like we’re going to turn this into a video on YouTube. We’re also going to put it out as audio, as a podcast, and then we’re going to share it all over the place. I don’t know where you found this video, but we’ve tried to put it out all over the place so that you can find this information and hopefully it helps you.

And then you know us, Hey, we’re Torie and Sean and we help business owners get online and not waste their time and money while try to grow their business. It’s a piece of content. So when businesses figure this out and learn that they can create content in order to reach their customers, to answer their questions so that customers can get to know them, then they want to choose them to work with it is like a magical moment, some businesses and some business owners, like I think catch this really quick.

And it’s easy for them to create content. Other people I don’t know, Sean, are they fighting it? What’s going on? 

Sean: [00:03:38] Probably in a lot of it they’re either fighting it because they don’t think it works for them or they don’t have time or they don’t know what they’re doing or an array of excuses, basically.

Wouldn’t really, all they gotta do is just figure something out and put something out there. Should even Miles Through Time. I look at the analytics of the website daily, basically. I don’t have to, but I find it interesting. And I saw a downhill slope on the graph and I was like, oh, what the hell?

Torie: [00:04:10] And your analytics.

Sean: [00:04:11] My analytics, 

Torie: [00:04:12] So analytics, meaning the traffic of people that are going to the website. We have Google analytics on our website, so we can go on there and it’ll show every single day, how many people came to the website. You can click into that and you can find out exactly where they came from.

They came from Facebook, they came from organic search on Google, meaning like they put in car museum or Ford. T, model T or whatever. 

Sean: [00:04:34] Miles Through Time it gets a lot of daily traffic. And then, so when I saw this downhill slope, they caught my eye and I was like, what the hell is going on?

And so I did a little research and found out that Helen, which is a small town. That’s about 20 minutes away from the museum is the third most visited town in all of Georgia with a population of only a couple of hundred people. It’s a massive tourist. 

Torie: [00:05:03] It is the coolest little town it’s like Alpine, Germany. They’ve got, it’s all like very Bavarian Oktoberfest. It’s okay. 

Sean: [00:05:14] Yes. I just wrote a little, a blog post talking about Helen and then plugged in at my Miles Through Time was only a 20 minute drive from your trip to Helen. And it worked. 

Torie: [00:05:25] Okay. Hold on, Sean Mathis, are you a writer? All, do you have a writing degree? Do you have some type of authority about Helen Georgia that you are allowed to write this article? 

Sean: [00:05:35] No, I actually the information I got it from the chamber and Helen. 

Torie: [00:05:40] Sean Mathis did this take you weeks and weeks to do? 

Sean: [00:05:43] I don’t have the patience for that. It took a minute. 

Torie: [00:05:46] Wait a minute. You don’t have patience for stuff like that.

Sean: [00:05:48] So I have zero patience. Okay. My effort that I put into this was minimal. But it, it worked 

Torie: [00:05:54] Okay You guys have you have excuses? Yeah. 

Sean: [00:05:56] And what I did was I, it was a blog post that I created and then I shared that on social media and then I also put it as a post on the Google.

Torie: [00:06:05] Okay. So when you said you shared it on social media what did you actually do? I like it, it makes sense to me. 

Sean: [00:06:10] I would share the link on Facebook and Twitter. 

Torie: [00:06:17] Wow. That’s it.

 I thought you maybe didn’t even a little bit more so super simple. Like you copied a link and you pasted it into Facebook. 

Sean: [00:06:23] Yeah, I didn’t do Instagram cause it was a blog post, so it didn’t really make sense.

The Google one was pretty cool. Cause if you search, you can, if you Google Miles Through Time, you’ll see all the stuff that’s there. And it shows one of the blog posts. So it shows a picture that I got from Shutterstock as I have the rights for it on his cool little German themed town. And you click on that.

Ah, what’s that, it’s the third, most visited city in Georgia. That’s pretty substantial. And it took you directly to Miles Through Time a website, plus maybe then, oh, there’s a car museum. 

Torie: [00:06:56] What did this do to your sloop of your traffic analytics? 

Sean: [00:07:01] I picked it right back up three times.

Torie: [00:07:04] So you’re saying you created one piece of content that took you very little time and effort and it got a shit ton of traffic multiple times to your website. 

Sean: [00:07:16] Yeah. And then what’s funny is maybe a week after that I saw another little slope. So I just reshared the same post. 

Torie: [00:07:23] You mean you didn’t have to create a new piece of content

Sean: [00:07:26] No because it’s on because I shared it onto the Facebook business page. You can see the analytics for the post specifically on Facebook. And so I reshared that to watch that number grow as well, knowing that if they click on it, it takes them straight back to the website. 

Torie: [00:07:43] So the cool thing is about this piece of content that Sean made is it wasn’t like, Hey guys, go to Miles Through Time.

Sean: [00:07:50] It actually had nothing to do with cars or 

Torie: [00:07:53] Nothing to do, even with the business. Yet the trail lead you. And it is in the same vein of miles your time, because it’s talking about travel, right? So it’s connected without being crazy. One piece of content and you call this. Content marketing and every business can do it.

And that is the best example. And also because it’s not salesy, it’s like such a unbiased, informational post. Like you could probably share that into groups and everybody would welcome it. 

Sean: [00:08:24] Yeah, actually I did. I forgot about that. I didn’t share it into groups. 

Torie: [00:08:27] Okay. And what kind of groups?

And not just car groups. Because it’s to any car groups because the car museum stuff into it. Okay. Like some of those like travel Georgia ones and stuff like that. 

Sean: [00:08:38] Yeah. And then there’s I don’t know. They’re like yard cell ish type groups, but they’re open to anything. So somebody who’s willing to do something around there.

I didn’t care. I just clicked buttons and got it out there as many different ways. 

Torie: [00:08:51] You mean you didn’t have this like super duper, detailed plan guys. You don’t have to have a detailed plan. You don’t have to be a writer. Help you just make stuff. 

Sean: [00:09:04] There was no planning. There was no pre-writing. There was literally, I saw a thing that needed to be adjusted analytics that needed to be adjusted.

And so I got a couple of pictures went to a web, I think one website, the chamber website got some information about the town. Put that into the blog post, shared the pictures, and shared it on social media. That was it. It worked, I have no way of knowing how many people came into the museum, basically. Specifically from that. But I mean it got traffic, so it’s a win. 

Torie: [00:09:39] Win and now all of those people that went to the website at least know what Miles Through Time is. So if they haven’t visited now, maybe they will maybe they’ll tell somebody all by one piece of content, one piece of content that took you no time to make, 

Sean: [00:09:58] Which is pixeled as well.

Torie: [00:09:59] It is. So you also have a Facebook pixel that you can put on, which is just like a piece of tracking code, which they’re really trying to shut down these types of things. So that if anybody actually went to that article, then we could show them ads on Facebook or Instagram. There’s also pixels for Google and for LinkedIn, so that if somebody did see it, like in the next couple of weeks or whatever we could say, Hey, you saw our Helen ad or Helen article.

Why don’t you come visit Helen and Miles Through Time? And so you can, there is like content marketing is the beginning of it, but that just shows you that there’s more that you can do. Cause I know some people think oh, it’s a waste of time, but it’s not like when you create these assets, these are assets that are going to keep on working for you over and over again.

Sean doesn’t have to create this new piece of content. He has a piece of content that worked so he can keep working it because when he shares it or when he posts it, everybody doesn’t see everything. You could take that a little bit further and make a really simple video of it and put it on YouTube.

And then, that could show up there as well. All of these things. Not very hard to do one piece of content that is going to keep working for you over and over again, I thought I get emails from Miles Through Time as well from Google. And I got an email this morning, and if I can remember, I will put a screenshot of it here that the photos on Miles Through Time on the Google business page in the last month got over 65,000 views.

Now you might think you’re putting photos on Google my business, like any business that has claimed their Google listing, which means all of you guys, right? 

Sean: [00:11:43] Hopefully you should all plan that Google business listing. 

Torie: [00:11:47] I love showing Google stuff to people, which means they want to show your Google business listing.

They want to show Youtube because Google owns YouTube. Free easy places that you could do, for our clients that we do SEO for that we do different marketing plans that we do content marketing for. If we’re going to be w we have photos already, utilize them everywhere. We utilize them on yes, their social media, but we also post all of those photos on Google business.

So tell me about these photos that you put on your Miles Through Time that got 65,000 views in one month, 

Sean: [00:12:19] They are nothing special whatsoever. 

Torie: [00:12:22] You mean you didn’t hire a professional photographer? 

Sean: [00:12:25] No, they are taken with the phone. They are the exact same photos that I’ve. Share it on Facebook or Instagram or anything like that. There’s an app even for the Google business page. So you can come in straight from your phone, open up that app as long as you’re logged into it, obviously, and just post them. And then they go into their database of photos, which then also is measured in Google, as far as your quality of photos.

Not necessarily the how good you took a photo, but the fact that there are photos, 

Torie: [00:12:58] Which Google likes like that 

Sean: [00:13:00] will they show you actually we’ll show you a graph of your business with photos versus similar business and their amount of photos. And cause it looks good. So Google is more likely to show your business that is visually appealing, right?

You got a ton of photos that they can then show people that are using their search engine versus a business that has no photos to show. I guarantee it’s in the Google algorithm that, they’re not, we’re going to get shown as often as the business with a ton of photos. So I, you might as well just stick photos in there.

As long as they’re relevant, obviously don’t 

Torie: [00:13:33] But yeah. Okay. So we talk about the dog groomer. If the dog groomer took a couple pictures of the dogs that were coming in and out some of their good work, some of their, people love seeing pictures of animals, like it shows that the business is actually being used by real people.

And it’s showcasing your work. The hairdresser would be the same. I think restaurants, any business, you can take pictures again. They. Don’t have to be high quality. They don’t have, 

Sean: [00:13:57] I want to see the food. I want to see the haircuts. I want to see what the place looks like. That can be applied to any business.

Even the service-based ones where they don’t have a location that I’m going to go into will show me what your truck looks like. What am I to expect? Show me your employees. Who are these people 

Torie: [00:14:14] And people like behind the scenes, they like seeing what’s going on. They don’t have to be like this super polished like professionally, I think people talk themselves out of doing stuff like this posting.

Photos on their Google business or on social or wherever it might be because they think there’s some magical standard or some permission that you have to have, or only that kind of business, or no matter what your business’s content, whether it be photos or writing a simple blog post or making a little video, it doesn’t have to be crazy.

It doesn’t have to be overly polished. In fact, sometimes. Might be better if it’s not because then it looks real. It’s got like a 

Sean: [00:14:54] because if it’s too nice, it almost looks like stock photography. Okay. Or 

Torie: [00:14:58] like the family photo, let’s Polish everybody up. This isn’t what we normally wear our hair. Doesn’t look like this we’re airbrushed. Like it almost has it’s good to have that because there’s a place for that. But this isn’t that place. This isn’t you have to hire somebody. This is like literally taking it. 

Sean: [00:15:12] Technology is so good nowadays, photos that you can take with your phone are really good. We were just talking about it the other day. If we would’ve gotten married later on, when phones and all that had these higher qualities, we’d actually have photos of it. 

Torie: [00:15:27] We have all kinds of photos 

Sean: [00:15:28] And we, them opposable ones that we left on the table that people were supposed to take photos. And then we went to go get them developed.

Torie: [00:15:35] And apparently people took photos of the ground. 

Sean: [00:15:38] Is that it’s a seriously, if. If everyone would have just had the I-phones that we all have today there’d be so many awesome photos that we’d get to go back and reflect on. 

Torie: [00:15:47] And you think you have to think about this with your business. This is an amazing time to have a business. It is. Crazy the opportunity that any business owner has to get in front of as many people as they want. And I’m serious as many people as you want for free, by putting some photos up or some videos, make some content, 

Sean: [00:16:11] You got a really happy customer. Flip out that phone, flip it on video and record them saying how awesome you are. 

Torie: [00:16:21] Put that on your Google business, 

Sean: [00:16:22] Don’t you don’t need to do anything special to it. If it’s above your skill level or you don’t have time, or don’t want to just capture raw the customer saying how great you are. Somebody else that could be a potential customer is going to be like, oh, that’s definitely real. 

Torie: [00:16:38] They didn’t make that out. I don’t want any excuses, content, you guys, every single business can make content. It’s, don’t make it difficult. Don’t make it hard on yourself. Don’t overly judge yourself. Don’t overly judge. If your office assistant wants to do that, don’t overly judge like. Let’s let your employees post some photos, do some things, so get some content out there.

And I think the more you do, the easier it’s going to get some are gonna be a hit. Some are gonna be a miss. And that’s okay because there’s people out there that like different things, maybe people didn’t want to go to Helen. And so that wasn’t their thing. But some other posts that Sean throws together, hodgepodge that maybe that’s the one for them.

And the fact that he made this content, he now has assets that he can go share. Over and over again and get seen by more and more people. And you can do it. 

No excuse. So if you liked this episode, we would appreciate it. If you would subscribe and leave a review that would really help us get this out to more people.

And if you want some really cool resources for free that we have put together so that you can grow your business and not waste time and not waste money but really get your business in front of as many people as you want. Go to Toriemathis.com and we have lots of free resources for you there. And we’ll see you on the next one.

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