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Finding the perfect font for your next project is a big decision.

The right font can drive the message home.

The wrong font can derail the entire project.

Luckily, there are some exceptional sites that you can get free fonts in seconds right to your computer.

There are hundreds of sites claiming to offer free font downloads, but downloading from some can be confusing, complicated and sometimes can make you crazy nervous. Downloading free fonts doesn’t have to be scary!

I have put together a list of my favorite safe font resources for finding free fonts online.

FREE FONTS font squirrelFont Squirrel

Looking for hand-picked, high-quality, commercial-use fonts – well look no further. Over 36 specific categories for you to find just the right font for your needs, but some links will take you off site to download.





dafontDa Font

With over 21,000 fonts, Da Font has a huge selection. Their fonts are divided up in over 70 categories and new fonts are added often. It is not the prettiest site, but it is one of the most extensive.





1001freefonts1001 Fonts

Boasting well over 1001 fonts, this site does a great job showcasing fonts and the ability to easily view each font in your own sample text. This site is not only well organized, but is one of the more eye pleasing experiences.





FREE FONTS urban fontsUrban Fonts

Another favorite site for free fonts, Urban Fonts is the only one that shows the entire alphabet and numbers in the font at hover.  It also allows to type in your own sample text to view each font without having to click on the individual font pages. You can see multiple fonts in your text all on the same page. This makes it so much easier to find just that right font.



Go to one of these sites and download a font, use it in a project and post it here. We want to see your creativity.
What was the coolest font you found? Did you find any you would never use?


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