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Are you wondering if Freshbooks is the right accounting software for your small business?

I have used Freshbooks for several years for my business and have some pros and cons I want to share with you before you decide if Freshbooks is the best choice for your business for your:

  • – Invoicing Software
  • – Accounting Software
  • – Mileage Tracking
  • – Payment Processing
  • – Proposals
  • – Expense Tracking
  • – Projects
  • – Estimates
  • – And More…

This is my Freshbooks review. If you have any questions please reach out or leave a comment!

🤔 What is Freshbooks?

Freshbooks is Invoice Software That Saves You Time
FreshBooks makes small business invoicing and billing so simple, you’ll be amazed at the time you have to focus on doing what you love and how much faster you get paid. Who would have thought invoice generator software could do that?

Easier Invoicing and Faster Payments
Accurate billing and lots of payment options get you paid faster and lets clients pay how they like. Recurring invoices, Automated Payment Reminders, and Online Payments make it easy.

Stay on Top of Work, Keep Clients Happy
FreshBooks makes it easy to track everything client-related. Know where every account stands to keep clients in the loop. Estimates, Proposals, Time Tracking, and Client Account Statements make it easy.

Don’t Sacrifice Client Time During Tax Time
Automatically track invoices, payments, mileage, and expenses year-round, so you’re always ready for tax time…you can’t do that in spreadsheets. FreshBooks makes tax time just another month of the year.

You can get a Freshbooks FREE 30 Day Trial: HERE

I use Freshbooks in conjunction with Quickbooks
Get a FREE trial of Quickbooks: 

🤔 Wondering about Freshbooks vs Quickbooks?

>> See my Quickbooks Review


(transcription is auto-generated)

Freshbook Review

[00:00:00] Torie: Are you a freelancer looking for invoicing software for your business? We’ll look no further than Freshbooks what’s up it’s Torie Mathis, long time entrepreneur marketing agency CEO, and the host of Smart AF and I am looking for software that is going to save me and my client’s time, make my life a little bit easier and just make my business run a lot smoother.

And so I’d love to share with you one of my favorites and that is FreshBooks.

So Freshbooks is an online cloud-based accounting software. That is fantastic for invoicing, especially if you are a very small business or a freelancer, it can also be used for time-tracking accounting and so much more. So let’s talk about a little bit more at FreshBooks. So Freshbooks invoicing and I talked about that a lot.

This means that you can get professional looking invoices that clearly showed the work that you’ve done and what it costs, and then just click send. It really is that easy. You can also track all of your expenses in Freshbooks. How would you like to never miss anything? Using spreadsheets to track expenses, leaves room for errors and Freshbooks.

Let you snap receipt photos and import expenses from your bank account, then organize and assign them to clients, tracking every dollar. And you’re always ready for tax time. And that is super important. So if you want to track time for your individual projects, FreshBooks can do that. You and your team can work on multiple projects at once and it can be costly if billable time is missed.

That is why time-tracking and Freshbooks is so important. It makes it so easy for team members to log time and automatically add it to the invoices so that all of your billable time is accounted for. You can also manage all of your projects right in Freshbooks you can keep everyone on the same page with a business to run and projects to manage.

It’s tough to keep everyone sinked up and on schedule projects and Freshbooks, make it easy for you and your clients and your whole team, your contractors, everyone to collaborate and share files and updates. All in one place. We talked about payments for Freshbooks, and I think this is for me, the biggest right here. It is fast. It is easy for you and for your clients. With automated online payments. FreshBooks gives your clients so many different ways to pay so they can pay their preferred way. When it’s this easy to pay invoices, you get paid twice as fast. And I truly believe this is twice as fast, Freshbooks also has reports so that you can know your business better, fresh book tracks, every dollar in and out of your business.

So you can run reports and easily see how your businesses. When it’s tax time, do it yourself, or just give your accountant access and they’ll quickly find exactly what they need Freshbooks for. So in a full accounting program, you can keep tabs on your business’s health with our simple or complex finances tell the tale of how you’re. FreshBooks is easy to use. Double entry, accounting tools, and reports that show your profitability, how healthy your cash flow is, and details all of your spending all in one place and best off Freshbooks is mobile, which means you can take it everywhere with you. You’re not always sitting at your computer, but you may still need to be connected to your clients.

You can send invoices, track expenses, and check on projects all on the, go with the Freshbooks app. And if you drive a lot for work, you can even check out their mileage track. So don’t, I only use Freshbooks for a few of their very powerful tools. You can see that it really is a full blown accounting software that can help your freelance or small business be very successful. So there are a lot of alternatives to Freshbooks like QuickBooks and Zero, but there are certain things that I found that FreshBooks does that others just do not. So I have been using Freshbooks for like 10 years now and I love it. I actually use another software for all of my accounting. I actually use QuickBooks, but for invoicing FreshBooks is definitely the best one. It has so many great features that the others just cannot touch. 

So let’s talk about some of the pros of fresh books first off. When you collect money through an invoice with Freshbooks, the money goes into your account so much faster than there’s any of the other payment processors that I’ve used, which makes cash flow fantastic.

Another great thing is that you can see how many times and when somebody has opened up. So, you know how you send invoices to clients and they say they didn’t get it. Well, this one shows you exactly what time and when they opened the invoice so that you can tell kind of what’s going on and what the status of your invoices.

So if you go in there and see that an invoice hasn’t even been opened, that is a key for you to resend it. And resending is really easy. It also has built in automatic. He’s a call them like nudges. It is going to give your customers if they haven’t paid it by a certain time, it is going to send them an automatic reminder.

And if you want to set up late fees on any of your invoicing, you can do that. You can automatically do it for everybody, or you can do it on a case-by-case basis and just do it for specific clients so like I said, you can collect payments online and FreshBooks makes it super, super easy. It sends the client a PDF invoice, which they can click the link.

So FreshBooks makes it really easy for your clients to pay you online. The invoice goes out to them with a clickable link that they can go and manage the entire invoicing process themselves. They can even put in their credit card to save for future invoices that will automatically bill them. So this makes it so easy for reoccurring payments and just making it really easy so that your clients feel like they’re in control of their invoicing and of their billing from your business.

So there are a couple of cons for FreshBooks, and one of them it’s a little bit spending, like, because I don’t use it for accounting. And I only use it for invoicing. It is a little bit expensive, but they recently overhauled their entire software double they’re about double their price. But I think the updates did make it worth it.

So, like I mentioned, it is a full accounting software. However, it just doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles, all of the recording, and things that I need for my business. I am a long time QuickBooks user I’ve used it for my business. Sean uses it for his business, all the businesses that I’ve ever worked for have used it and I’ve used it with my accountant. It is what my accountant prefers. So I don’t use it for full-blown accounting. And so, I mean, you definitely could, especially if you’re not already a QuickBooks user, so I guess that could be a pro and a con. So like I said, the reporting isn’t really there.

So if you’re looking for like the usual QuickBooks reports, you are not going to find every single one of them here. However, they do have the basic reportings that you might want just fairly simple so that you do know what’s going on with your business. If you do want to use it for a full accounting program, So, like I said about the cost, it has gone up a little bit in the past, but they do have a starter plan that you can get for about $13 a month.

I personally pay about $70, but that is based on the amount of clients that I have because it is based on your clients. And the fact that I have that repeatable billing, which is so incredibly worth it. So I have put a link below that you can get a 30 day free trial to try it out. See if you love the software as much as I do.

And if you are a freelancer, if you are a really small business, this may be a game changer for you to get your clients to pay you quicker. And just to be happier with the overall billing process you can’t beat that.

So is Freshbooks a smart choice? I’m going to say absolutely. If you want to get paid quicker if you want to really take advantage of online billing and you want your clients to be happy with the. Or If you have reoccurring billing that you want to automatically go out every single month and allow your clients a little bit of access, to be able to manage that themselves, then FreshBooks is a sure win for your business.

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