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Lead Magnet

Get the Step-by-Step Process to Create An Effective Lead Magnet Through Lead Generation Training

Get the right people to sign up for your list and start to market your business while you sleep.

Forming a connection built on respect and trust with a mutual exchange of value starts with your lead generator.

With this lead generation online course, you can generate consumer interest and turn that interest into a sale.

Imagine having a direct line of communication to each of your followers, allowing you to:

Build Relationships

Nurture relationships that convert leads to paying customers

Help More People

Help your customers get the best results from their purchases and receive the most value

Showcase Your Expertise

Share information that demonstrates the value you offer to convert those visitors into leads

Have Loyal Customers

Grow a loyal base of followers who buy from you again and again

Build Trust

Recommend relevant products and services to people who trust you and convey interest in your offerings

Continual Growth On Autopilot

Simple to set up an asset that continues to collect quality leads 24/7/365 and turn those leads into potential customers.

But first, you have to attract the right people to sign up?

torie mathis

Through this lead generation mastery course, you will learn lead generation to attract strangers, convert visitors into leads, and make that lead a customer.

“If you’re ready to get serious about creating a lead magnet that converts then you’re in the right place. I’ve built enormous email lists for clients big and small and truly believe in the value of an email list for ANY BUSINESS. That is why I am here to break down the steps and give you the tools you need in the best lead generation course to make it easy and effective. Let’s get smart!”

Torie Mathis
Your List Building Mentor

The Fastest Way to create a high-impact lead magnet

Get the step-by-step process of creating your ideal opt-in download, including setting up the basics of their list-building funnel through this lead generation course online.



Step-by-step Video training


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video modules in this online lead generation course will show you the steps to build and perfect your lead generation process

Set your own timeline and take it at your own pace. Make it a 30, 60, or 90-day program.

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This Lead Generation Course Allows You To:

SET YOUR Lead magnet and Sales Lead GOALS

Identify the goal for your lead generation so that you can generate targeted leads who are hungry for your products and services into paying customers.


Define the target market for your lead generation so you can create products and services that truly resonate with them and gain their interest.

Choose the best topic for your lead magnet

Identify a topic for your lead magnet based on your customers’ pain points so you can help them solve their problem.

Pick the best Topic for your lead magnet

Decide on the best format for your lead magnet based on your customer’s preferences so that you can maximize its effectiveness.

Make sure your lead magnet is relevant, has perceived value, and serves your business purpose. Our lead generation training courses can help you do just that and achieve all your business goals.

Get the support you need every step of the way with our lead generation courses online

PLUS get the downloadable workbook to guide you through the entire lead generation process.

Create your lead magnet

Create your ideal lead magnet by drafting an action plan so you can ensure it meets all the key criteria and is finished on time. Create an offer and format that will serve both your company’s objectives and the demands of your target market.

Create High-Converting Opt-In Page

Set up your opt-in page so that it encourages your audience to sign up to get your offer and get it delivered right away.

Create Your Follow-Up Emails

Outline your follow-up emails so you can start to build relationships and market your paid products and services in the future. Create CTAs with attention-grabbing designs and persuasive language to capture attention.

Promote Your Lead Magnet

Select ways to promote your lead magnet so you can reach your target audience and get them to sign up.

Evaluate Results and pivot

Evaluate the results of your lead generation processes and assess the effectiveness of your lead magnet so you can gather feedback and make changes if needed.

Lead generation course landing page on iPad | Torie Mathis

Don’t let the tech stop you from creating your lead generation – you can do this!

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Closeup of MacBook | Torie Mathis
Lead generation course landing page on iPad | Torie Mathis

You can create the perfect Lead Magnet!

You’ll learn exactly what you need to do to create an effective lead generation process no fancy design or tech skills needed. You’ll create one of the most critical elements for running a successful business – an opt-in gift that will build your lead generation list and attract new customers on auto-pilot. And by the time you’ve finished the course, you’ll have an asset in place to grow your email list and achieve the results you want.


Not all digital marketing courses are created equally.


Sure you can learn from a book, but learning from video is a richer, more engaging experience.


We teach from our experience in getting results for our business and from our client successes.


Along with the why, we give you the HOW to actually get results with examples, templates and resources.


Have questions? Get stuck? Need some direction? We’ve got your back with the support you need.

You could have your lead magnet created in 30 days or less.

With our step-by-step instructions, examples, resources, and done-for-you templates included in this lead generation mastery course, you’ll hit the ground running on your lead generation journey.

Trying to figure out all these tech tools, marketing strategies, and then making them all actually work is a pain, I know.

I’ve spent years figuring it all out myself, spending thousands on courses, conferences, training, and books. I’ve wasted time, money, and resources. BUT you don’t have to.

That is why we’ve made it easy to have everything ready to go in the quickest way possible and give you the step-by-step, start-to-finish instructions you need. So you take less of your time and get more of the results you want with the best lead generation course.

Stop trying to figure it out.

Torie Mathis | Torie Mathis
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Our promise to you

All our courses are fully guaranteed for your peace of mind and are regularly updated.

  • FREE lifetime updates
  • Step-by-step training
  • Create for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs
  • A SMART choice for your business

Get your Lead Magnet Up and Running with our Lead Generation Courses

Two simple ways to get this course. You can purchase the lead generation course for full price, or you can get the online lead generation course as part of a course bundle to maximize your results. Choose your package below:

“Torie Mathis is my personal FB advertising ninja. A pleasure to work with (breath of fresh air after a long list) and passionate as they come. 

My company has thousands upon thousands of subscribers directly through my successful FB advertising…. and its 100% thanks to her, her expertise and her commitment. Did I mention what a pleasure she is to deal with?! “

Karl Bryan

“Torie Mathis has a work ethic that is rarely seen and design skills that would impress anyone. She’s an expert at seeing the big picture and knows how to design advertisements and marketing plans that get key messages across. More importantly, she knows how to reach and connect with varied audiences. She’s not just a designer or graphic artist but a true entrepreneur who has a track record of success. More companies would accomplish their business objectives if they worked with people like Torie Mathis.”
Thomas Parmalee

“Torie understands what small businesses must do to move forward.”
Eric Merz

“If you are looking to remove the stress and frustration in growing your business with the social media madness… you would be well served to reach out to Torie, she gets this playing field and wins.“
Phil Gilkes

Torie is a great asset to our company due to her creativity, technological knowledge, and support with social media. 
Sondra McMindes

Torie is always able to take my ideas and make them into marketing art for my business.  She is an absolute pro and her service is of the highest quality and timely beyond my expectations.
Julie Jenkins

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You can always reach out to me via the helpdesk for technical or small issues and I am happy to help!  If you would like more assistance with any of the course work I have group programs and coaching  available for those that need it! 🙂 


Absolutely, when new information or better tactics are available I go in and sprinkle all the new success tools in the course for you! No extra charge, you get all updates forever.


There is no ongoing commitment, contracts, or other ties. Once you purchase the course or course bundle, the content is yours forever.

So what’s the big deal with email marketing?

I’m glad you asked. Maybe you’re doubting the power of email in today’s social media-driven world…or maybe you’ve tried email marketing and had too many unsubscribes or little response. I hear you, and I’ve been there. I tried and failed big time. And I can tell you from experience that the “HOW YOU BUILT IT” is the most important and sometimes overlooked part. Watch below: