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Are you wondering if Meet Edgar is the right social media scheduling software for your small business?

I have used Meet Edgar for several years for my business and have some pros and cons I want to share with you before you decide if Meet Edgar is the best choice for your business for your:

  • – Facebook Scheduling
  • – Instagram Scheduling’
  • – Linkedin Scheduling
  • – And More…

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This is my Meet Edgar review. If you have any questions please reach out or leave a comment!

🤔 What is Meet Edgar?

Meet Edgar is a unique social media scheduler that does the scheduling for you. Why do the other guys make YOU do all the scheduling? Edgar automatically pulls posts from your content library to keep your social fresh every day, on repeat.

“Okay – what makes Edgar different?”

Edgar builds a bottomless library of evergreen updates. When he runs out of new updates, he’ll re-share older ones, so your social is always on – even when you’re focused on other things.

For entrepreneurs only (sorry, MegaCorp!)

You can always tell when a tool doesn’t really get you. MeetEdgar is a female-founded, bootstrapped business powered by a total obsession with empowering entrepreneurs, and that’s something you can’t fake! Our plans are designed for freelancers, side hustlers, and small businesses like yours — not gazillion-dollar corporations.

What you get:

💪🏽 Automation for up to 25 social accounts:
⭐️ Facebook Pages & Groups
⭐️ Twitter
⭐️ LinkedIn Profile & Company Pages
⭐️ Instagram Feed & Stories
⭐️ Pinterest
📚 Unlimited content library
🚀 Suggested Variations and other content creation tools to help you generate posts 5x faster
⚡️ Unlimited content feeds to automatically import your newest blog posts, YouTube videos, podcast episodes, and more… right as they publish!
🤓 The best support in the biz from our human non-octopus customer happiness team
📊 A/B test variations on your social updates to see what engages your audience
♻️ Automated re-sharing to keep your social accounts topped up with your best evergreen content

✅ You can get a Meet Edgar FREE 7 Day Trial:


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(transcription is auto-generated)

Meet Edgar Review

[00:00:00] Torie: Do you always feel like you just don’t have time to update your social media, but you know, you’re supposed to, I have the perfect tool for you and you are going to love it.

Hey, I am Torie Mathis time, an entrepreneur marketing, agency, CEO, and the host of smart AAF. And I am always looking for tools and software is going to make our businesses just run so much easier and save us time. And I found a great one for you today. It is one of my favorites. Everybody knows they have to be on social media, but finding time to do it all is so difficult.

I understand I am there too, but social media schedulers have come a long way and I have tried so many of them and, you know, meet Edgar is one that I tried before and I actually got rid of it because of one small, little. But the other social media schedulers just did not have the powerful tools that meet Edgar has.

And I am back and I have been back for a long time and I do not think I will ever give up Meet Edgar. So what is Meet Edgar? It is an online social media scheduling tool. Now there are a lot out there. So what makes me a little bit different is that it has a cute built-in meaning that you can make evergreen content and you can have it going out every single day without having to worry about putting in more context, which means that you can batch your content and have your content go out on all of your social media.

Meet Edgar is dealt for all kinds of businesses, small businesses, freelancers, and service pros. We’re really going to find this to be a great tool for you. You can post to Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Instagram feeds, Instagram stories, LinkedIn, LinkedIn company pages, Twitter, and even directly to Pinterest to never run out of stuff to post, want to promote a special offer every other day. Sure. A blog posts once a week, Edgar automatically uses reoccurring tasks so that you can kiss your to-do list. Goodbye. Edgar builds a bottomless library of evergreen updates organized by category, or I like to call them buckets so that you can control what type of content gets shared and when, and if he runs out of new updates, he’ll reshare older ones so that your social media is always.

Even when you’re focused on other things, do you want to craft content like a boss, Edgar offers unlimited scheduled toast so that you can plan and publish your social media campaigns from one tidy dashboard and maintain the professional parents. You have always been dreaming of ever getting social media writer’s block.

Edgar’s got you. Just plugging a link and he’ll scan for a quote for the text and automatically generate social media updates that you can use. You can save your updates in a limitless library of evergreen content. So you always have something to post. And like I said, there are a lot of other social media schedulers, and I have tried a lot of them.

I really love Meet Edgar. So you might’ve heard of some of the alternatives, like. More buffer or sprout social, Soho social. There are so many of them. So I have used Meet Edgar for probably about six years now. And like I said, I actually did leave and get rid of my Meet Edgar account. At one time, our clients were wanting a little bit more detailed reporting.

And so rather than having to go to multiple places, I actually went and switched over to one that was very robust and a little bit less of a scheduler and more of a social media manager. But I just did not find the time saving in any of the other ones. And so I actually came back to meet Edgar. We actually have a lot of different clients that need different tools for different reasons.

And that just they’re different scenarios. And for me personally, like Meet Edgar definitely the one that I liked for some of our other clients that, that need more management and being able to answer comments and, and do things like that. See growth. Like you’re not going to find that on the Meet Edgar it is a scheduler and it does a fantastic job to that.

So let’s talk about some of the pros of Meet Edgar first and foremost is the queue. It is not meant to go in and schedule your new content for the next week. It is meant to grow buckets of content that is evergreen, and that can keep going out every single week to your social media channels. And this means to all.

Which is amazing. This means that you can schedule it once and have it continually going out. So this is going to save you so much time. Once you start to get these buckets set up. So what do I mean by a bucket? Like a bucket is a category. And so maybe you have a category of blog posts, and then you have another category of funny stuff and you have another category of services, another category.

Sales type items. So then all I have to do is schedule each of my buckets. So let’s say on Tuesday mornings at 8:00 AM, I have a quote going out. And so it’ll just pull the next quote. And then the next time I have a quote scheduled, it’ll pull the next one and it’ll keep going through that entire bucket.

And you can mix up the bucket if you want, every once in a while, or you, if you have enough in there, you can just have them keep going out. So you never have to continually schedule every single week. So. Too. It is a lot less than some of the other ones. So another really cool thing beyond the buckets is that you can actually connect an RSS feed.

So I actually don’t even add my individual blog posts into meet Edgar hat’s them itself. I just connect the RSS feed from my blog one time, and then it just automatically feeds, dumps into my blog. So another really great pro and they have actually added to this is you can schedule to all the major platforms, even Instagram and Instagram and let everybody’s schedule to them, but you can even schedule on the Edgar to Instagram and.

So another really cool pro that they have. And I haven’t seen this in a lot of different schedulers is that you can actually, and it’ll automatically do this. You can automatically create different versions of your posts. So let’s say I get a post in there from my RSS feed. I can go in there and okay.

And tell it to add different versions and it’ll actually come up with a couple of different versions, like the texts that you would put in there, and then you can go through and edit them. And so you can put multiple versions so that every time this blog post goes out you can have five. Versions.

Well, if you have like 20, 30 blog posts and five different versions, and that’s going to give you hundreds of posts that that’ll keep on going out and each one will be unique. Another pro for me, Edgar, is that it has had no issues, no issues at all. There hasn’t really been any bugs. It hasn’t not. It is pretty good at running bug free.

So let’s talk about some of the cons. As I mentioned, the reporting here is not great. It is a scheduler and it is not a management tool. So I think if you know what you’re expecting, then this probably won’t be a con for you. If you are looking for like a serious social media management tool, meaning you want to be able to respond to comments or do other things in your profile.

This is not it. There’s not going to be a lot of data that you can get, but all of this data is already like, let’s say, you’re, you’re posting to Facebook. You can go in there and find your analytics and Facebook. So it’s not like you don’t ever have analytics on the ones that, on the things that post from it.

You’re just not going to get it out of the meet Edgar dashboard. So another con, which for me, I don’t think is really a con, is that it’s not really great for seeing. Content. So if you have a business that maybe your winter content is different than your summer content, it’s a little bit more difficult to manage that because like I said, you’re filling up buckets, and then they’re, they’re just automatically going out every single week.

So it’s, you would have to turn buckets on and off in order to manage seasonal content, which isn’t impossible, but it might not be the easiest way to do it. So another con is that if you are. I schedule out content for something like a launch, maybe like, you know, you’re going like two weeks of a product launch.

This is again, not going to be the best software for that. You really have to think of it as evergreen content. That is a little bit more set and forget. That is what it is. And that is what it’s really good for. So let’s talk about the cost of Meet Edgar. Meet Edgar starts at $19. Per month. And I believe that is for three social media channels.

Now, if you want more channels, you can go up to the account that I have. I believe I paid $49 a month and it is well worth it. So I do have a free trial available for me, Edgar. And I’m going to put a link in the description below so that you can get seven days free to try it out and see that it really is one of the most simple, yet powerful social media planning tools that you can use to sell.All of your social media channels set it and forget it.

So is Meet Edgar a smart choice? I am going to say a hundred thousand percent. Yes, it is absolutely a smart choice because it is hard. Sometimes ticketing. Especially when we’re busy, maybe if you get sick or you want to take a vacation to make sure that you’re still active on social media, but if you can have these buckets be the foundation of your social media content, then you go in there and do some networking and some other things, knowing this foundation is taken care of just makes your life so much easier, and it really can save you so much time on top of that.

So easy to do. You do not have to be technical in order to do this. And it’s really easy to continue to grow your queue, to grow your buckets, and add even more content. If you want to get serious about your social media Meet Edgar is definitely a tool for you. And I have an entire series of smart tools for you to make your business life a little bit easier and save you some money to save you some time.

So you can check that out.

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