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Ep. 38 Update to Our World Record Attempt

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tesla update

Update to Our World Record Attempt​

Since our last update to the Tesla world record, we have had major updates and additions to the event we would love to share with you. Torie Mathis and her cohost Sean go over all the newest updates to their attempt at a World Record with the longest Tesla Parade coming up on December 12th.

Learn how you can test drive a Tesla, be a part of the event, raise money for OUR and register.

Links Mentioned in the show:
Tesla Record:
Miles Through Time Museum:
Tesla Record Video 1:
Tesla Record Video 2:
Tesla Record Video 3:

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(transcription is auto-generated)

SAF 38

[00:00:00] Sean: 145 Teslas doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but when you start putting all the pieces together for what it takes to get that many vehicles together and then being able to document everything, I mean, it’s, it’s a, it’s a handful.

[00:00:30] Torie: Hey, so it’s been a couple of weeks and we wanted to give you an update on where we’re at with our Tesla world record attempt. We’ve had quite a few things going on since the last time that we talked about Sean, what’s been going on. 

[00:00:43] Sean: The t-shirt design is available online now@teslarecord.com and it’s available on all kinds of t-shirts and sweatshirts and various apparel. We’ve sold quite a bit, so it’s pretty neat to see that that’s actually raising some funds as well. That’s all going to go to OUR but the biggest thing that we have actually worked out quite a few of the details. And hopefully streamline this whole check-in process is a, that we are working on having a QR code for everyone so that when you arrive at the check-in point of the parade, all you got to do is show them that QR code and we’ll get you scanned in So we’re going to make sure that everybody that’s registered and has there been a license plate number and all that kind of stuff.

You have to make sure that you have all that registered on Teslarecord.com and we’re going to use that information to then create the QR code. And then that’s how we’re going to get everything. 

[00:01:42] Torie: It’s pretty cool. Some of the technology that we’re using to really organize this event because Guinness has really required us to get a lot of different information and have some requirements that we’re going to be a little bit tricky. So, you know, using the QR code is going to be something that’s really going to streamline the process and make sure that we accurately get everything exactly how Guinness wants. 

[00:02:04] Sean: I was trying to remember where the QR code was coming from, but. So everyone will receive an email for me. Kind of giving you a heads up again, what to expect. But ultimately the QR code is going to come from Eventbrite. Once we get that all put into the system, what made you decide to go with Eventbrite for that? They offer the QR code. To, to automate everything which is going to also be used as a counting measure for Guinness. We’re going to input everybody’s information in which is going to create the QR code so that as we scan those ins or those QR codes in we’ll be able to then document that, Hey, there’s 300 QR codes that have been scanned in. We have all that information. And there’s the data for Guinness. And then that will help verify what get us is requiring otherwise all this, we don’t document it correctly and we’re get us, is going to throw it out no matter how many cars we have. So it’s really important that we, we do everything that Guinness is that.

[00:03:04] Torie: So another thing that we decided that we’re going to do for the check-in process is that so nobody has to get out of their car if they don’t want to. So everybody’s safe and nobody leaves and we keep everything organized. We actually put up a page that we’re going to live stream the instructions on. Exactly what’s going on and kind of keeps everybody up to date. So everybody can just pull up that page and have the live stream right there in their car and make it super easy for everyone. 

[00:03:28] Sean: That’d be pretty cool. Cause a lot of the newer Teslas, all can live stream directly on the car because they have access to youtube so that makes it pretty neat. And then anybody else that isn’t actually a part of the parade, obviously they don’t really care about the beginning part of the live stream, but once we arrive at the Westin speakers, we’ll also be live spree live streamed. So guest speakers like Eliza blue, that’s going, gonna talk about her personal experience with being human traffic and how she overcame and what she’s doing now. And you’ll be able to watch that online. 

[00:04:02] Torie: So since we do have an event happening after the entire record attempt which is at the west end and the room that they’ve given us, it’s kind of an indoor outdoor, the doors open up. So it’s going to be pretty easy breezy, lots of room for people to, you know, socially distance and stay as safe as possible. And then for those that didn’t want to attend we want to make sure that everybody can still listen to these stories. We’re going to have a rep from Tesla out there. Like I want, I wanted really everybody to be able to experience, even if they didn’t want to come in for the event. Everybody has different levels of safety that they, you know, feel. We had some people asking what was going on afterwards. And I think that that’s going to be a really good option for everybody. And it’s kind of cool that way. You know, we’re setting up the technology and setting up the pages and making sure that everything kind of is working out. And we have some people from the Tesla owners club later that is helping with a lot of that, which is really great to have more people come on board and help us.

[00:04:56] Sean: Yeah, it’s taken a lot of different people and organizations to come together and make all this happen. You got a Tyler Young with the Tesla Owners Club of Atlanta commissioner Tim Echols is, I mean, he’s, he’s been huge. I mean, we wouldn’t have the escort if it wasn’t for that guy. There’s just a ton of people even behind the scenes that I’ve never even personally met yet, but because it’s connected to other people that they’re on board to help. So it’s, it’s really exciting that this is coming up only two weeks away. 

[00:05:26] Torie: Tyler has actually put together an instruction packet for everybody. 

[00:05:32] Sean: That is going to be another helpful use of information that is going to go with, I will probably email. As well as you’ll receive it, when you get to QR code from event bright, I think he’s going to be able to connect it that way as well.

So you’re going to have it various ways and then probably make it available on Tesla record.com as well as one of the updates. Just so in case anything happened like it’s the more information you have available to you the better. 

[00:05:57] Torie: Absolutely. So anything else going on with it? Is everybody getting excited? Anything you’re nervous about? 

[00:06:05] Sean: The entire thing is that it’s, it’s this a ton of work. Like, you know, there’s a reason why that record was probably so low like 145 Teslas doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but when you start putting all the pieces together for what it takes to get that many vehicles together and then being able to document everything I’ve been in it’s a, it’s a handful. So I’m glad we’re doing it for a good cause though. I mean, the fact that we’re doing all this and then raising money for Operation Underground Railroad to hopefully make a huge difference in impact and human trafficking that is going around all over the place, all over the world. Isn’t something that’s on a lot of people’s minds, but it’s something that affects a lot of people specifically. 

[00:06:54] Torie: A lot more than I would’ve ever thought. Like it’s crazy. 

[00:06:58] Sean: So even if I mean, even if we can’t raise as much money, as you know, I would hope hopefully the awareness of it has that snowball effect that hopefully even from this one event, it, it compounds into something that, that does help make it, that.

[00:07:14] Torie: So between now and the actual event, which is on December 12th. We do have something coming up next weekend. 

[00:07:21] Sean: Yeah. Tesla is actually coming out two miles to time automotive museum out in Clarksville, Georgia on Saturday, December 5th. So we’re going to have a cruising at the museum. It’s going to be kind of our Christmas holiday type cruise in, or we’ll have hot apple cider and then treats inside the museum. And then a cruise outside and with Tesla being there and they’re going to have their cars. I don’t know how many they’re bringing them bringing at least one, but they’re going to be available for test drives. 

[00:07:47] Torie: I think bringing the Y. 

[00:07:49] Sean: I know they’re going to bring a why for sure. I almost guarantee that. Just what else they bring it to? I’m not sure. 

[00:07:55] Torie: I’ve only seen one drip drive by, so I haven’t seen one up close yet. So I’d be a little curious to go and check one out. 

[00:08:01] Sean: The Y glass roof is pretty cool. There’s no bar in the middle of it. Just solid glasses. Pretty neat. 

[00:08:08] Torie: So you’ve had some things happen at the museum since probably in the last, what month you got a huge collection coming in.

[00:08:16] Sean: Yeah. There is there’s a brand new collection called de Tomasz collection that is over 500 cars, a model cars, Dan, very minute Franklin mint and various other cars. And we’ve got half of it set up so far. We got five display cases to put the cars in and found out that we need four more so those are going to be on order hopefully tomorrow. And I’m hoping we can get something taken care of and completed by Saturday. But worst case scenario is not, you’ll get to see half of it at least. And it’s, it’s impressive. It’s really cool. So hopefully we can get them all done and that’ll be 36 feet worth of display cabinets for one collection, which is awesome.

[00:08:59] Torie: And what makes this kind of car, this kind of model car special? 

[00:09:03] Sean: The majority of the cars, they are almost exact replica. So if you’ve ever wanted to see a specific car, that’s super rare. You can, you can see what it would look like in these cars. And they were like there’s a, there’s a Tucker, there’s a vintage Bugatti there’s the Ford. Quadricycle, there’s the very first Mercedes there’s all kinds of cars there’s. Nomad El Camino type. I mean, there’s, there’s, there’s some, some awesome cars. They’re like, it’s, it’s more difficult to, to try to name a car. That’s not actually in this collection. And then I actually found out that one of the cars is a special edition Bonnie and Clyde card, which is pretty neat. I right now just sitting in the display case, but I have all the paperwork with it, which includes a letter. Clive wrote to Henry Ford, thanking him for the Ford vehicle, with the V8 and how much power it has and make it easy for him to get away from the cops and all that kind of stuff. No, he didn’t like right now, there’s no room in that because we kind of shoved deck cabinets as full as we could with what we had. But once we spread it back out and complete the display, I want to have it so that you can actually read this letter with this car that he was talking about, which is pretty neat. 

[00:10:22] Torie: So, what do you have going on that needs to get done or things that are happening between now and the event? Anything else that’s like coming together?

[00:10:30] Sean: If you know anyone that wants to help film this event that would be huge. We can’t have too many, I don’t think we’re going to have at least two or three, hopefully, more drones in the air for the entire length of the. And again, the requirements for is two miles straight. So we’re going to attempt the record prior to getting onto highway 400 at this point.

And that way we can keep a lower speed and have room against the road next to the road so that we can catch. As much as a parade as possible on film and keep track of all the cars and all that kind of stuff. So if you want to get photos and video and just watch the parade, you can totally set up and watch that without having to have a Tesla and be in the parade.

And then once the parade actually gets on highway 400 and heads towards the west end, it’s just smooth sailing. And we don’t really have to worry about requirements like the two car lengths in between cars and all that kind of stuff. Even though we’ll still have an escort and will be still one solid line all the way down. It’s not going to be as stressful because at that point we will have already done what we need to do. 

[00:11:48] Torie: It’s pretty awesome. So again, if you want to be a part of the event, you can go to Tesla record.com and find out all the information there. We’re also still looking for sponsors and donations. If you, or someone, you know, wants to donate money to, OUR through the Miles Through Time event that we’re doing. And if you want to register also@teslarecord.com and we’ll put the link down below the video here so that you can get it. 

[00:12:14] Sean: We can also use some more raffle items. So if you have anything that you could donate if you’re a business and have something or whatever the case may be, or you want to just buy something and have it available raffle items is something that we could use a few more of which is something that we’re going to sell raffle tickets for at the Westin and throughout the entire event. And then we’re going to, we’re going to give them all the way at the end of the event. And all that money raised is going to OUR. 

[00:12:41] Torie: And there’s links to get ahold of you on Tesla record.com as well.

[00:12:45] Sean: Yep.

[00:12:46] Torie: Awesome. So that’s about it for this episode. So wherever you’re at, please subscribe and like this video or podcast, and we’ll see you on the next show.

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