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What Happens When You Drink More Water

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If you’re trying to lose weight or want to eat healthier, drinking a little more water could make a big difference.

A recent study found that adults who increased their consumption of water by even as little as a glass ate fewer calories, and less sugar, salt, fat, and cholesterol.

According to the researcher at the University of Illinois, drinking 1 to 3 more glasses of water a day helped participants to cut out 68 to 205 calories, along with the other positive changes.

To put that in perspective, you’d have to jog for about 25 minutes or walk for about 45 minutes to burn 200 calories.

For such significant results with so little effort, you may want to try this for yourself!

Use these tips to help you drink more water and make other quick and powerful changes.

Drink More Water

Individual needs vary, so the old rule about drinking 8 glasses of water a day is just a suggestion that may or may not work for you, but a few more glasses of water for most people will be very beneficial. Talk to your doctor if you have any questions about how much water would work best.

Use these guidelines to add more water to your diet

Carry a bottle.

Bring a bottle of water along with you wherever you go. That way you can take sips throughout the day. Get one that is reusable and either glass, metal or BPA free. Disposable water bottles are not only a waste and fill up landfills but also are not created for long-term or re-use. They can start to break down and leak out chemicals into your water especially if left in a hot car.

Add flavor.

Plain water can taste great, but maybe you want a little more excitement. Add cucumber slices, ginger, or limes. You could also brew a cup of green tea or drink sparkling water. Just be sure not to add artificial sweeteners, sugar or colors – go natural and add “real” food – nothing from a package.

Buy a filter.

If your tap water has an unpleasant aftertaste, invest in a filter. They’re relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

Eat your water.

Many foods have a high water volume. Good choices include celery, cabbage, spinach, broccoli, watermelon, oranges, and strawberries.

Limit alcohol and caffeine

On the other hand, alcohol and caffeine are dehydrating. By nixing or cutting way back on both your body will be less dehydrated and more healthy.

Measure your intake.

If you have a hard time keeping track of how many glasses you’ve had, you can use the latest technology or old-fashioned methods. Browse online for free apps that will measure your total or use a water bottle with markings on the side indicating the number of ounces. You can even make a game of it, and see how long of a streak to you go on. This is even better if you can add a friend and do this together.

Other Ways to Make Your Diet Healthier.

Staying hydrated isn’t the only easy way to easily transform your diet. There are lots of minor daily changes that add up to a major impact.

Try these simple strategies

 Read labels.

Processed foods are the most common source of excess sugar and salt. Check the label first and aim for less in a box or bag and more natural foods.

Order black coffee or tea

If you cut back on sugar gradually, you may not notice what you’re missing. Try putting half as much sweetener in your coffee or tea each day until you’re down to nothing.

Eat more fiber.

Fiber fills you up with fewer calories. Indulge in plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

Enjoy nutritious treats.

Speaking of indulgences, you can still satisfy your sweet tooth. Bake an apple with cinnamon and nutmeg. Stir fresh fruit into your yogurt.

Control portions.

Diets that are too restrictive can leave you feeling deprived and vulnerable to binging on junk foods when you have a lapse. Stay in control by enjoying smaller servings of the foods you love (try using smaller plates which are known to trick your brain into eating less).

Cook more.

Preparing your own food lets you decide on the ingredients. There are videos online that will walk you through cooking new recipes. I use to learn how to cook new meals and it makes it even easier when you can see a video on each step!

Smart lifestyle choices will help keep your mind and body strong and fit. Drinking more water is one easy habit to work into your plan for healthy living and creating a life you love.

Here’s to creating the life you LOVE!


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