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Ep. 12 How to Do ANYTHING in Your Business

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Biggest Mistakes on Facebook

How to Do ANYTHING in Your Business

Are you struggling with technology in your business? Are you confused about social media? Not sure about SEO or your Google business page? Torie Mathis and her cohost Sean give you the secret that allows you to magically do anything in your business or in life. 

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(transcription is auto-generated).

SAF 12

[00:00:00] Torie: If you are having a problem with this, you are probably not the first one.

Hey, welcome to Smart AF I’m your host, Torie Mathis. We have got a great show for you today. So let’s get started. I have clients contact me all the time and ask me daily asking me how to do things. Torie, how do you do this, Torie how do you do that? How do you do this? How do you do that? Do you know what I do? I Google it. I don’t know how to do any of this stuff. At least not at first. I type it into google. 

[00:00:45] Sean: There’s some sort of blog posts, YouTube videos, something out there. That’s going to be able to walk you right through. 

[00:00:52] Torie: Actually, I was just talking to Riley about this the other day. He is trying to make clothes for this video game so he can sell and he’s like, I can’t figure it out. I can’t list it. If you are having a problem with this, you are probably not the first one, which means if you look online, AKA, Google it, somebody has walked you through this to figure out how to do it. And he fought me and fought me and fought me. And I refuse to look it up for him. And finally, the other day he had been fed up with me, asking him, has he figured it out yet?

And he went online. And he Googled it and he figured it out. It was one little teeny thing, which is usually what stuff is that he had to change so that he could figure out how to, you know, do whatever these clothes, things are on his video. Okay. 

[00:01:40] Sean: Yeah. Once you switch over to that mentality of, I can’t do it, I can’t do it instead of going, I’m going to go figure out how to do it because somebody else has already figured it out. And then, you know, of all those people that have figured out how to do it, at least one of them, I’m sure. Has made a video, wrote a blog post, did something to let other people know that. 

[00:02:01] Torie: No matter what it is. Anything, that you can’t figure out, you are probably not the first one to figure it out. So I would say obviously Googling it is always a good idea. Emailing, like some, one person to figure it out probably is not the best, second way to figure anything out is that there’s probably a Facebook group for it. And there are people in there that would love to tell you how they like championed through this and share their opinion on how to do it.

Those are like the two ways that you can figure out how to do anything, anything, anything, anything for your business or your kitchen? You can figure out how to cook anything too. If you wanted to through Googling it and Facebook groups.

[00:02:43] Sean: She didn’t get your online degree through Googling all of it. I’m going to have to do like seriously. If there’s, if there’s questions out there, there’s answers available. 

[00:02:53] Torie: And the answers might not be perfect, but that’s okay because sometimes you got to work through things and some things that worked for someone might not work for you. So there’s some, research there that you have to do, and it might take a little bit longer than emailing Torie and trying to ask her how to do it because all I’m going to do is turn around and Google how to do it.

[00:03:15] Sean: That hitch on our car based off of Googling, installing the hitch on the car, know how to do that. But somebody told me exactly how to do it. And it made it super easy. 

[00:03:26] Torie: The time watching videos on the car, on how to then you’re in there messing with something, you figure it out. 

[00:03:31] Sean: Yeah, it is. And it’s actually part of the fun is that you can actually not have to trial and error quite so much because you can get the answers from somewhere, someone, someone that wants to share them with.

[00:03:50] Torie: So why do you think all these people aren’t Googling it. What is going on in their brain that I feel like I can Google and figure anything out? And other people obviously are not doing this because of the easy questions I get on a daily basis. 

[00:04:06] Sean: Like, do they, do they not know that google this kind of stuff, or is it that you’re, you’re so good that they want to ask you specifically?

Or is it that they want you to then turn around and just do it for them instead of. Instead of them doing it themselves.

[00:04:24] Torie: In the Riley case. I think he wanted me to do it for him. I mean, but that’s my child. You guys aren’t all my kids, so I can’t do it for everybody. And I didn’t do it for him. I think my mom was onto something. I would ask her how to spell stuff and she would make me look it up in a dictionary. Like, how am I supposed to look this up? I don’t even know how to spell it. How can I look it up if I don’t know? And you know what I do. I figured it out. There was no Google. There was no. Hey Alexa, and then you could spell it and well, no, I still can’t spell very well.

I still look it all up, but could you imagine if I kept calling my mom. Hey mom, she wouldn’t like him very much for that. That would be a lot of calling. I don’t know how to spell these things. I don’t know how to do all these things, but I do know that with the power of the internet and Google anything else it’s magic, 

[00:05:20] Sean: especially if it’s like a business’s product or something like even like a, like a Wix website or something like that, like it could still be confusing, but I know for a fact that there’s then instructions and videos to walk you through. There is building the entire. 

[00:05:40] Torie: Yeah, most companies at any type of technical, even if it’s like small bit of technical issue or, you know, things that require a little bit of technical smarts to it. They know that people aren’t technical and so they usually have created an entire section of their website or whatnot, but it has videos that walk you through every single step of the way.

I’m sure those stupid websites, builder ones, have it. I know that every hosting company has it. If you need to figure out how to hook that kind of stuff up because we have to do that for every client that has 9 million different types of hosting. Like it’s all figure outable, you can figure it all out.

[00:06:15] Sean: One of the funniest things is with the museum is when I get called and I get asked for instructions on how to get there, they want directions. I’m not very good at that. Like just, just give the address. 

[00:06:33] Torie: Phone will tell you the whole way there. 

[00:06:36] Sean: You are. Good to go. I mean, I, I really am not the best one to tell you which 

[00:06:42] Torie: well, in saying that, that you would think then that this whole like refusal to Google and figure it out would be a generational thing. But I have seen some young ones. Asking Torie to help them do things that they could have Googled. I’m not going to name any names. We’re going to leave it there. Like it’s not so insane. This, I want to say that it is not, I’m not going to put this on older people on the older generation people over 60 people over 70, because some of them are figuring this out and the young ones aren’t we could say that it’s laziness. I dunno, like don’t be lazy with this stuff. Like really having faith in yourself and enough personal responsibility that you can figure stuff out. Like, I dunno how to do this stuff. 

[00:07:35] Sean: I can almost guarantee you can find out how to do just about everything by searching. 

[00:07:43] Torie: You want to know how to do anything. Google. 

[00:07:47] Sean: You may not be the best at it after that.

You may not, but I mean, at least you got a basic set of knowledge from it that you can then start teaching people what, you know, yourself, 

[00:07:59] Torie: the amount of videos that are uploaded to YouTube, like per hour, it’s like mind-boggling. And so many of these are people showing other people how to do stuff. It’s amazing. Anything, I know how to cook anything or know how to fix anything in your house. Anything technical, it could be like random, like my DVD player won’t play, and you can find out how to fix it. Like somebody made a video because someone else.

You want to make an origami Fox? 

[00:08:28] Sean: Our daughter has a channel.

[00:08:29] Torie: That can do that for you can learn how to make an origami Fox because she’s showed you because people want to share their information.

Rather than emailing Torie on how to do everything, though. I do appreciate that you think that I know things, Google it.

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