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How to free up your time to work on what is important.

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Free up your time so that you can focus on important stuff.

We take on the world. We do it all. And then we crash, or slip– taking on so much leaves us feeling burned out or resentful.

There is one easy thing you can do today to greatly reduce the stress in your life and give you freedom to focus on important tasks and projects.

Lighten your load by taking a few things off your plate. And delegate them to someone else and free up your time. (It’s that easy.)

Though easy, many people will find resistance with this. And that is okay.

Start small, with easy stuff.

There are things you do that take up your valuable time that do not have to be done by you. Find items to delegate, at home and at work.

At home, help with laundry, dishes and simple cleaning are great to have even young kids help with. Have your spouse manage dishes when you cook or have him take dinner off your hands a night a week. Once you let go of a few items a few more will come into view that you can let go of too.

At work, a part time assistant can take on the menial stuff so you can handle bigger items. You can also delegate task like your books to a bookkeeper or some marketing to a VA.

“The inability to delegate is one of the biggest problems I see with managers at all levels.”

-Eli Broad

Find these items that must to get done, but DO NOT HAVE TO BE DONE BY YOU. Delegating these items will give you freedom, and will give you time in your day to take care of the big stuff, the YOU stuff.

I do this for my clients at EPIC all the time. I give them the freedom to delegate their marketing, design, website updates or more to us, so that they can do the important stuff that only they can do. This allows them some breathing room to focus on what they need to. Sometimes, even more importantly, it gives them time to spend time with their family.


Make a list of things you can delegate at home and at work. Start with a couple if you need to, start simple if you need to.

Keep adding to your list, ask yourself is this something that only I have to do? If I delegated it would I feel better, would I gain freedom or more time?

Only you have control of your life. Delegating will give you freedom, if you start. Take action today.

Until next time,

Torie Mathis



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