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How to Never Run Out of Content to Share

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To successfully speak to your customers online, you need a constant stream of great content to serve up.

This means you need articles, photos, information and videos that are useful, valuable, and fun for your audience.

One challenge you probably have is how to keep that content stream flowing. I know this is a problem my clients faced as well until I worked out this strategy for them that made it simple and effective to always have content on hand and ideas for new amazing content creation.  Just what you need, right?

Use these strategies to never run out of awesome content for your social media again:

Creating vs. Curating Content

You don’t create all your own original content on social media (awesome right???). In addition to creating your own content, you also curate content. This means you find articles, videos, and other types of material made by other people and share it with your audience, and add your own original comments or unique spin to it.

You can strike a balance between your content creation and curation. Create a detailed social media schedule that includes both.

Be a Great Follower

Another way to find awesome content to share is to follow other media sources that speak to your audience, you know, stuff they would like too. You can follow these different media sources on social media, visit their blogs or sign up for their newsletters.

Find some media sources that consistently publish great stuff your audience will love. You can also identify the “influencers” for your niche or industry and follow them. These are the people that stand out and are known for leading the industry (think Tony Robbins for self-improvement or Kris Carr for healthy living and cancer prevention). They’re usually the first to cover new ideas in the industry, and everyone else follows suit. Follow some of your industry influencers and include their work in your social content sharing.

Other good media sources are those that current, high-quality material on a consistent basis (like news shows or daily blogs). You can also find out less popular news sources that your audience may not know about, such as websites that appeal to a highly targeted niche. If your business is in health and fitness, you might follow media sources in another country and bring this new information to your followers.

Also try to follow media sources that are not entirely related to your industry, but can be connected. A car blogger, for instance, might report on the economy or renewable energy technology. The key is to demonstrate how this content is relevant to your readers; for example, changes in the European market might mean more German cars sold.

Manage Your Content

A key here is to be organized with your content. Create an “ideas list” that you can quickly add to and access when the time comes to share. Brainstorm ideas for posts you can create. Make it easy to add ideas right when you think of them. Keeping an idealist like this makes it easy to sit down and write new content. You’ll have a ton of ideas ready to go.

Finally, pay attention to how well your content does. This will show you what your audience likes and help you find and create more content they will love.

Try out some of these tips and NEVER run out of amazing content to share with your audience.

Here’s to creating the life you LOVE!


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