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Ep. 29 Update to Our Tesla World Record Attempt

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Tesla World Record Attempt

Update to Our Tesla World Record Attempt

Since our last update, we have had major updates and additions to the event we would love to share with you. Torie Mathis and her cohost Sean go over all the newest updates to their attempt at a World Record with the longest Tesla Parade coming up on December 12th.  Learn how you can test drive a Tesla, be a part of the event, raise money for OUR, and register… learn more at teslarecord.com

We’ll cover:
New updates for the Tesla World Record
Event Marketing Strategies
Building a Team
Asking for Help 
How to Find Others With Similar Passions
How to Register and Get Involved

Links Mentioned in the show:
Tesla Record: https://teslarecord.com
Miles Through Time Museum: https://milesthroughtime.com
Tim Echols Interview: https://www.wgauradio.com/on-demand/energy-matters-podcast/
Tesla Record Video 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCqjhKUVrCQ
Tesla Record Video 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iANPJ6YglU

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(transcription is auto-generated)

SAF 29

[00:00:00] Sean: We got it. It’s just making sure that we do everything that Guinness requires to make sure that we, we actually go in the books.

[00:00:07] Torie: Hey, welcome to Smart AF I’m your host Torie Mathis. We’ve got a great show for you today. So let’s get started. So we’re less than a month away from the Tesla World Record. And lots of stuff has happened in the last couple of weeks. So I thought it would be cool if we let you all know what some of our updates have been.

[00:00:30] Sean: Yeah. We’ll get to I got to ride in a police car in the front seat, not the backseat. 

[00:00:35] Torie: That’s always a good place to drive. 

[00:00:37] Sean: That was cool. So we got to ride with Corporal Birkat from Georgia state troopers and we got to run through the route to see what it would be like. Good spots to set up cameras and all that kind of stuff is, so that was pretty neat.

[00:00:54] Torie: Because if you saw our last video, Solidified the route. We do have that all together. And we got back from Guinness exactly what they wanted. And so one of the things that they wanted is that we had to go exactly two miles, at least two miles with the whole entire Tesla parade of cars, which the record right now is 142 that we have to beat. And we now have how many records.

[00:01:18] Sean: I haven’t checked in a couple of days the last time was 327. 

[00:01:22] Torie: So we are well beyond that. So now it’s all organization and kind of trying to figure out exactly what we need to make this work. So cameras the thing that has to be on film, so we have to be able to record it properly so that Guinness will count it as a world record.

So you got lucky, you got to ride with the officer and figure that out. So we took the route from the park and ride where we were going to start all the way to the hotel. And that was the first time I had written that whole thing. So it was kind of cool too, to get a vibe and figure out where everybody’s going to park and everybody’s going to go and kind of try to get ahead of any problems that we might have.

[00:01:58] Sean: Yeah. And we had a, we met commissioner, Tim Echols. He was there at the Woodward parking lot with us and without him. A whole lot of this wouldn’t really be possible at all. Cause it was, it was Tim that got the state troopers to come on board and we’ll have 10 to 12 motorcycles escorting the entire Tesla parade, which will be pretty neat. 

[00:02:19] Torie: And down the entire highway for us. So that we have a clear shot in our safe, because we have. All the cars have to be within two car lengths as well together.

[00:02:31] Sean: Which sounds really tight. But then it’s also, I mean, it’s kind of a loose figure cause it’s not like anyone goes out there with a measuring tape and the cars are slightly different. Ultimately a good measurement it’s about 10 yards. And with us being escorted and knowing where you’re just going in a straight line, like it’s, as long as everybody knows. Stay tight. Don’t fall behind or nobody’s going to be cutting through. Nobody can go off the parade. Nobody can join us late or whatever the case may be.

We’re just going to try and get that two miles solid and it encaptures capture that whole thing on film. We’ll have at least two drones, like full-blown professional drones up in the air capturing the entire thing. And then as many volunteers as we can get on the ground with various forms of photography, cameras, video all that kind of stuff, and just get every aspect of this at least two mile portion of the parade specifically for Guinness so that we can make sure that we actually qualify for this record because at this point, I mean it, we, we got it.

It’s just making sure that we do everything that gets us requires to make sure that we actually go in the books for it. So, and that’s where it’s going to be. Everyone needs to be on the same page and know that we’re, we’re going to try our very best to get it all done. And it, it takes a lot of different people to, to come on board and do all this.

It’s definitely not just me or just Torie and I. I mean, there’s a lot of different people and organizations. And one of the more recent organizations that’s come on board is free chapel. So free chapel contacted me and I met over the phone with the pastor there and they actually have a whole lot of experience with raffles.

And running all that kind of thing. And the whole reason they even found out about this was because a few months ago they had done something specifically for, OUR already. And they liked the organization. And the fact that we are raising funds for underground operation, underground railroad they wanted to be a part of it.

And so obviously they don’t all have Teslas, but they do have a lot of resources that we could totally use a so all at, at the beginning of the parade and then after the parade at the Westin it’ll be, it’ll be from free chapel going around and selling raffle tickets and collecting additional funds that will all go towards, OUR. So that’ll be that organization doing that, which is huge. Super appreciate. And we, we have it’s not set in stone yet, but we hopefully will have a surprise for everybody. That’ll be pretty neat. 

[00:05:20] Torie: Great. So we had some other people come on board as well, that offered some help. 

[00:05:25] Sean: Oh, that’s all right. So the executive director from Ms. Miss America, pageants, and Georgia. She contacted me and wanted to be a part of this. And so the, they have four Queens. So teen queen or teen Georgia, Ms. Georgia, Mrs. Georgia was the other one, Mrs. Georgia. So there’s, there’s going to be four Queens out there. That will help this is going to kind of be there kind neat. But what, what they really do is, is help get the word out for everything as well. And, and ultimately what that does is Give us a better opportunity to raise additional funds for our, so ultimately we can make that greater impact, say it gives from human trafficking. 

[00:06:11] Torie: Part of what they do are ambassadors for the community. So this is really just a perfect opportunity for them to come out and, and to interact with people and to help get you know, again, more people involved because if it’s one thing we’ve learned from this whole thing is that, like Sean said, like you can’t do it yourself. No matter how much experience you have, you know, finding these people that, that have the same passions like the church or, or that want to help the community like the Queens, like that’s the way to make one of these things happen.

So it’s been really great to see all these different people come on board and to want to become a part of something that we started that was going to be like, you know, just trying to beat a world record and has really blossomed into so much more. 

[00:06:52] Sean: Even if we like trimmed back all the fat and we like just went to just let’s beat a record and do nothing else.

Just let’s get 146 cars and claim the records. There’s no way we could do it. There’s absolutely no way that. 

[00:07:08] Torie: Sean and I don’t back down and we’re like, let’s just do it. Yeah. 

[00:07:13] Sean: There, there there’s so many elements to this that I, I think there’s a reason why the records only 145. 

[00:07:20] Torie: It really makes you wonder. So Sean was telling me about the Subaru record, and I think we mentioned this before, but wholly, how many cars.

[00:07:27] Sean: I like 1700 or something. I don’t remember exactly, but it’s, it’s so many more than what we’re going on. 

[00:07:34] Torie: I couldn’t imagine putting on that big of something. Especially when you have it going through town like we’re not like just going around a parking lot or anything like that. Like we’re legitimately going from one. Down the highway to another city where there’s traffic and all of these things. So being able to, you know, bring in the highway patrol. 

[00:07:53] Sean: That’s, that’s Subaru doing that like that’s big money going behind everything. And a ton of people and organizations is like, that’s, that’s a whole different animal than what we’re bootstrapping this thing, you know, trying to, trying to raise money for something that I, that extremely important. Absolutely. 

[00:08:15] Torie: So in order to help us raise more money, we do have a t-shirt design that we’re still working on. Getting all the proper authority to be able to put the Tesla logo on that is going to be available for purchase. And we’ll actually put the link down below so that you can check that out.

If you wanted to, you know, donate and grab one of these awesome t-shirts for the world record attempt. 

[00:08:35] Sean: All the proceeds from the shirts go to our, we are not keeping a penny of any of this. 

[00:08:41] Torie: Nope. We’re doing all this for, for them. Absolutely. So are there any other updates that we had in the last week? 

[00:08:47] Sean: There should be an interview coming out with, with Tim Echols on his, his podcast, so that, and he’s got a radio show. So it’ll be out on that as well. 

[00:08:56] Torie: It was really cool to actually, you know, talk to Tim Echols a little bit, because this was the first time that I got to meet. But again, finding those people that are into the exact same things that, you know, have these passions that align with, you know, what we’re trying to do, Tim has his own show, which is called Energy Matters.

And he’s all about electric vehicles and making things like this more available to more people in the community. And so it was really cool to kind of hear what he had going on. And like he said, like he wants to help people, which I think is amazing, but he said, you know, I can’t help people unless people ask and, you know, that’s the same thing with us. Like we want to help people too, when people, you don’t know what people want, unless they ask you. And the same thing. You might not be able to make big things happen unless you ask for help. And this has been a really awesome opportunity that has, has brought in all these other people. And it, if we didn’t ask for help or accept help or anything we wouldn’t have been able to get this far. And I’m sure that there’s going to be more people that are going to be coming on board. Just to take it to that next level. That’s been pretty amazing. 

[00:10:00] Sean: Find out more about Tim and all the stuff that he does. He’s got a website, Tim echols.com. And as soon as that interview comes out, that we recorded in the backseat of our model S. I’ll put that in the updates as well on Tessa record.com. So you’ll be.

[00:10:15] Torie: And so the event is going to be on Saturday, December 12th. We’re starting around 10:00 AM. So if you wanted to get registered, you could go to Tesla record.com or if you wanted to just help out whether it’s as a volunteer to sponsor or to help donate to OUR you can also go, you know, Tesla record.com. We’ve got everything. 

[00:10:35] Sean: And we also built a fundraising page that’s directly on OUR the URL is a lot longer than Tesla records. So we, it’s not as easy to share on there, but if you go to Tesla record.com and click any of the OUR emblems or logos that are on there, it’ll take you straight to that fundraising page, which will allow you to donate directly through the OU our system.

And then also so the record attempt is December 12th but on December. Tesla is actually coming out to Miles Through time Automotive Museum during one of our Cruzans. So that’ll be pretty neat. That’s a holiday at the museum cruising. So we’ll actually have hot apple cider and treats and all that kind of stuff.

And it’ll be just a regular cruise in. And then Tesla is bringing a couple of cars. I believe one that we’ll have on display inside the Old Clarksville Mill. It won’t be in the museum, but it’ll be in the building on the antique part side, and then we’ll have another one out there that they’re going to allow people to take to for test drives, which will be pretty cool.

[00:11:32] Torie: They let people take it for test drives right there during the cruise 

[00:11:35] Sean: line right there. So if you go to the museum for, for the cruise in you sign up driver. I think they’re bringing a model. Why? So the model life you’ve never been in one. The the roof is what it’s all about. It’s just complete glass. It’s awesome. 

[00:11:51] Torie: Pretty cool. 

[00:11:51] Sean: Yep. So Tessa record.com. That’s where all the updates are going to be. Anything you need to know about this event. It’s all going to be listed. Sounds good.

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