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Ep. 51 2020 Recap – Small Business, Goals and Big Plans

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2020 Recap – Small Business, Goals and Big Plans

After so many saying FU to 2020, we decided to take a look back at the longest year ever. Torie Mathis and her cohost Sean review 2020 and go over strategies for you to reach more goals in any year.

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for fewer problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for fewer challenges, wish for more wisdom.” Jim Rohn

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SAF 51

[00:00:00] Torie: Like some of the stuff you guys, you can’t plan. Like we couldn’t have planned it to be this way.

Hey, Hey. Welcome to smart AF on your host Torie Mathis. We have got a great show for you today, so let’s get started. Hey guys, what’s up. It’s Torie Mathis your host and I’m here with the one, the only Sean Mathis Founder of Miles Through Time. 

[00:00:31] Sean: Hello 

[00:00:33] Torie: I thought we could do a little 20 20 recap just about the end of the year, getting close here, very close. And your 20 20, it’s been a crazy year for everybody. And yeah, I know it’s a crazy year for us too. And so I thought we. Recap what’s going on. 

[00:00:52] Sean: First time we ever banked her timeshare points. 

[00:00:55] Torie: If this is true, we ha we’re travelers. Like we have, we have a timeshare and we are really good at using every single point and borrowing from other years. And man damn COVID you know where we went this year, nowhere. 

[00:01:13] Sean: Nowhere at all completely boring. 

[00:01:17] Torie: No travel, no, no anything. And, you know, normally we travel in the beginning of the year and for whatever reason this year, I don’t know if it was the weather or whatnot. So we didn’t even get a trip in January and February.

Like before this happened, our last trip was before Christmas. Last year we went to Edisto island with family to the beach there, we have a timeshare there we stayed for several days, hung out at the beach and yeah, that was timeshare trip. And this last trip we did. 

[00:01:43] Sean: Cause once you get back from Christmas break, the kids don’t really have a whole lot of time off in between that gap. At least of when all this COVID crap happened. 

[00:01:54] Torie: So first year ever. Which means that like, we have a trip that we’ve done, like every like five years now, six years a conference that we go to that was overseas and no conference this year thoughdebt.No traveling meant, we paid off almost all of our debt. Like we made major strides at some of our student loans. So that was awesome. You know, so sometimes these different years you got to give and take and you make it work. And the kids keep saying like when are we going on a cruise? Like, they’re ready. But you know, luckily, luckily we’re good at being home bodies too. And we stuck, we that close. 

[00:02:37] Sean: We have nothing to do, right. There’s no shortage. Stuff that needs to get done. 

[00:02:43] Torie: So what happened this year? So we actually ended up having to move this year. We moved right as COVID was starting to happen. So it was jacked up, but it moved us into a house with a pool. We didn’t have a pool in the last one.

And so that worked out. So during a lot of this quarantine time, we were moving, we were setting up the new house. Setting up our new office because, you know, moving our business with us because we work from our laptops. And so, you know, even though we’ve moved only five minutes away from where we lived before, it was still kind of a really big deal to you don’t have to pick up out of nowhere and have to move because we were not planning on moving.

[00:03:24] Sean: And the shut down and all the neighborhood pool and all that kind of stuff. So we got to actually still utilize all that for our, our personal. That was nice. That was really nice. 

[00:03:35] Torie: Like if you’re going to quarantine, at least we got to quarantine in a house with a pool. That was pretty awesome. And we have lived on the lake quite a few times, but we have not lived in a house with a pool. No. So that was awesome. It was a good, it made it a little bit worth it. That wasn’t too. Let’s see. So Miles Through Time actually moved the end of 2019. So 2020 was the first year that it opened up at the brand new location.

So like, that was huge. It was a humongous project. Not only moving everything that was going to come over from the other location, but also getting a brand new location. Ready. You guys had a lot of stuff you had to do to actually get it ready for people to go in. 

[00:04:13] Sean: I think we had seven pallets worth of stuff that came over from the old museum. And I think let’s see my Cadillac five, six, like six of the cars from the first location in the museum. So plus mine 7 no. And then we got three more. So let’s say 10 cars total came over from the muse, from the old location. So we had to damn near start over from scratch with not only building all new exhibits, but acquiring enough cars to fill the museum again.

Which worked out pretty well. 

[00:04:50] Torie: It is and you’ve got some really neat new things and what’s cool about it is like, you can’t plan this stuff. Like you can say, I want this car, this car, you know, these things like you can’t plan it. It’s like so neat that it’s like this organic. 

[00:05:04] Sean: Yeah. I think if I had a huge budget and I was just like, and I did, I thought of stuff, I’m like, I’m going to go pay to have that and pay for this, but it’s not it’s, you know, it’s co-op style. So it does depend on what somebody else is willing to do for the museum. And then so many people talk without actually following through. I really don’t know until they actually make that final leap to, actually do it. You know, I’ve got, I’ve got a 34 Ford right now. That’s, you know, maybe coming in and it’s it’s been a maybe for, I think, two months.

I still don’t like, I know, I know that I wouldn’t know until January. So hopefully towards the beginning in January, I’ll know for a fact on whether or not this car comes into the museum, but I literally cannot plan that it’s going to be in there until I get the phone call saying, okay, it’s coming. Which makes it really difficult, but at the same time exciting.

[00:05:59] Torie: Yeah. I think it makes it exciting. You know, one of the big things with Miles Through Time is that it’s always changing and you never know, like what’s going to be in there. And I think that though, you could look at that as like a negative, like really you’ve changed that. And like, it’s not only a positive, but it’s, it’s one of the things that differentiates you from any other museum that like we know about.

Like, it really does change. New things come in, new displays are being built. And it’s kind of exciting that you don’t know what’s going to come in. I mean, some of these, like, would you have thought that like the badges go ahead and like, like, go ahead, you got to explain to them what the bad. 

[00:06:36] Sean: There’s a desert owner in the museum. Well, he’s not an owner cause it doesn’t have any, he doesn’t have any cars in there, but he’s a guy that visited the museum. And true it, one of the executive directors and curator that’s at the museum, he happened to be there when this guy came in. And the guy starts talking to him about these model car die-cast collection that he has.

And however, the conversation went, Truett ended up going to this guy’s house after. And I saw what the guy was talking about that he had. And so then he, he calls me and tells me I wind up going out there, I think within a few days. And so within, I think within two weeks of this, this guy for the first time coming into the museum, some of that we never knew we were boxing up his.

NASCAR die-cast collection and bringing it to the museum, including for display cabinets, full-size display cabinets, and then a bunch of other ones. And put that into the museum and this guy’s got other cool stuff as well. And I mean, I think it was a few, it was a few months after we had taken his die-cast collection that he wanted to put his first responder badge collection in the museum, which again is really neat. It has nothing to do with cars per se. But I mean, if you wanna break it down firetrucks and I am, but none of that’s really relevant because there’s history by and he’s got a lot of passion in this collection. But who sees it in his house? Nobody but him. Right? So he, he like, again is embracing the concept of what Miles Through Time is and we had an event and he made a point. To bring this collection to showcase at this event. And it was a temporary display, but the feedback on it was so good that within two weeks after that he brought a permanent display. And now all these badges rotate on a rotisserie. Inside of a glass lit up display case and they are over a hundred years old ranging from fire EMS and police including a Hawaiian Hawaii Five-O one badge, which is the only fake badge in the collection, but it’s apparently one of the most popular ones he says, but it’s like, it’s really neat that that’s in there.

And yet, if you were to ask me if we were doing. Collection of badges in there towards the beginning of the year that said, why would we have that? 

[00:09:01] Torie: But it totally works and totally makes sense. And I think it’s exciting that to see like, organically, like what happens with the museum. And it’s been a really big big year for them.

[00:09:10] Sean: Not only is the location new this year, but the museum became a non-profit this year officially became a 5 0 1 C3. My all kinds of neat neat things that have happened. 

[00:09:23] Torie: Yeah. This year. Also, if you’ve seen some of our other videos as well we decided to take on doing a Guinness World Record. Sean found a record for the longest parade of Teslas. And we decided like we can do that and so we set out to break a Guinness world record. 

[00:09:46] Sean: Yep. The current record was 145 Teslas and we were able to gather 340 and then raise. Over $10,000 for operation underground railroad, which is a non-profit foundation to help site human trafficking. 

[00:10:03] Torie: And though I think that the I’m proud of the everything that we did for the world record. It is always been like on my bucket list, kind of a dream goals. I won’t even say bucket list, just a goal that I have that we could donate money to charities. That meant a lot to us. And I have an old vision board of Sean and I photo-shopped at the us holding up this really big check. And we were able to do that this year.

[00:10:27] Sean: We got a real picture of our son holding up that big check to present to OER. 

[00:10:32] Torie: Yeah. So I think that was, that was huge. And I hope that we can do more stuff that we’re able to give money back. And I think that that’s awesome. That was huge for this year. 

[00:10:44] Sean: The best part of the whole thing was re raising that money for something that means some so much. And it definitely seemed to resignate with a lot of people that, you know, either didn’t realize, you know, the concern there was about human trafficking or and they really wanted to be a part of that because of that. So it was neat to have all these people. 

[00:11:08] Torie: And I was super excited that we were able to get it to five digits. Like, like when we first, when we wrote the check, the big check, it was, I think like $8,100. But since the event we were, we were able to get another $2,000. And so we’re over $10,000 now. And I think that that’s awesome. 

[00:11:26] Sean: And that was the goal was $10,000 just to go. You know, five digit number to, to write down on there and we beat it. So that’s always a plus. 

[00:11:37] Torie: And another huge thing that happened this year for us was Sean. Finally got a Tesla. He’s been talking about this damn test. 

[00:11:47] Sean: Which led to the whole Guinness record attempt. So not only did we get the Tesla, but we decided to go for this Tesla record attempt within a month of owning a Tesla.

[00:11:58] Torie: Okay. You know, and I, I said this before, I thought the Tesla was all hype and Sean was talking about this Tesla I am not a sedan fan. Like I don’t want some grandma car, Sean likes cars. I really don’t like, I like, I like an SUV or I like, like a hatchback that’s fast. Like it really did not do it for me.

[00:12:19] Sean: And we got the model S not the bottle X or three or Y or any of those. We got a model S right. 

[00:12:26] Torie: So when I first looked at it, I thought, great. Like, we have a grandma’s. Okay. Like I’m not into a Sedan at all. 

[00:12:32] Sean: So crazy. Cause that is a sexy car. It looks good. 

[00:12:36] Torie: It does. It looks nice, but I really thought that it was all hype until I drove this thing. Like, I love that car so much. I want a model X now that is more of my style of cars, but they’re going to be a little ways from that one. 

[00:12:53] Sean: It makes, it makes the other car. Boring, just boring to drive. 

[00:13:01] Torie: Like these cars really are like, everybody’s like so excited about them that has them. And there definitely is a reason and I totally get it now.

And I love. 

[00:13:11] Sean: Just to be clear, I wanted a Tesla because I knew it was going to be fun. That’s it? Like I, I, before that I, so we bought two cars in 2020 the first one I, yeah, man, I bought a lot of cars here recently, but some of them are rolling over Based on other stuff, like I had BMW wagon and a Silverado pickup truck that you were rolling one into another.

Yeah, I did all kinds of stuff there and then wound up getting the Lexus NX 200. And that was just to, you know, to be in a SUV type vehicle that was going to be safe and comfortable and all that to drive an hour to the Museum then that’s pretty much all I ever needed this car for. It was the most boring one hour drive one way ever.

I mean, the car looked good. 

[00:14:01] Torie: It didn’t drive. I didn’t like it awful.

[00:14:04] Sean: I mean, it wasn’t gutless. It was for Lexus. It felt really cheap. I understand that. And so I traded it in for a Tesla, which is like driving a, a crotch rocket motorcycle with air I mean, it’s just instant. So that one hour drive that I get there, it can be nice and quiet and peaceful where I can play the entire time.

And that, I mean, that’s, that’s really all I wanted. And now it’s turned into our family daily driver. Every time we leave it’s in that. Which wasn’t the original intention, but what’s more fun is more fun. It is. 

[00:14:41] Torie: It is a cool car. I do. I’m a big fan. So what else for 2020? Let’s see. Yeah, so COVID happened and the economy shut down and luckily we live in Georgia and things didn’t shut down as bad as they did in a lot of other places. However, our marketing agency has clients all over the world and we did lose some clients. And we had to, we had some clients cut back. We had some clients leave for a couple months and come back. And so that was definitely a challenge, but you know, like anything else we made it work.

And I I’m pretty happy about how everything happened. We tried to keep in contact with our clients that did leave and tried to support everybody the best that we could. I don’t know. 

[00:15:26] Sean: I think most of our clients, if they did completely go away, they have to come back. So all we have left are some clients that we degraded their services a little bit to make it better for them without actually losing everything we’ve been working for. Cause we’re in the industry that like everything takes time and it’s constantly building upon itself where if you just drop. 

[00:15:51] Torie: Yeah, so it, yeah, it’s hard. And we have some clients now that like their area just shut down again. So yeah, trying to work through that with clients, with ourselves. So we started our podcast. Like we started our Smart AF podcast, we did 50 episodes. And so, you know, I think that that’s something that we’ve like, I’ve been wanting to do this kind of thing forever, and I’ve just never. I made the time. I’ve always gotten really busy with clients with client work.

So I think a little bit less clients and, you know, people stepping back just a little bit. I, I made it a priority and I didn’t try to do it myself. And I think that that is really what was able to make it so for our success, I force you to sit next to me and talk about. 

[00:16:36] Sean: Yeah, it’s all good. 

[00:16:38] Torie: You know, I have been trying to make videos. 

I’ve made like, you know, half a dozen videos and didn’t show them to anybody and didn’t do anything with them because it’s hard to like, just sit there by yourself. But I feel like we have so much to say, and I want to help so many people. And so for me, like this has been huge and 50 episodes. Done and podcast videos, blog posts like the whole, the whole thing.

[00:17:05] Sean: And we had a reality show or the camera crew just followed us around and just caught the moments that we talk about stuff. But, you know, we don’t have that. So sitting here and creating all this production for everything to get out and get all this kind of stuff out. It’s, there’s a lot of work. We just, a lot of work. It takes a little bit of effort to, to do this, especially consistently. Yeah. 

[00:17:27] Torie: And, you know, we know this is not the greatest. But I think that every time it gets a little bit better, we’ve had a lot of issues. Like things have been messed up. I’ve kicked cameras. I ha we had audio issues. And so, you know, I’m trying not to be a perfectionist with this. I am trying to just get content out and do the best that I can right now. And hope that every time it’s a little bit better by like, like our last ones. I don’t think we’re better, but that’s okay. Like they still went out. So if you see them and you think you suck, they suck, like this is not the easiest thing ever.

We don’t have like all these people around us helping us, like, it’s us doing this. And I’m really proud that we’ve stepped out. Because Sean and I like, we’d love to work. We’d love to help people, but we don’t want to be like out there. 

[00:18:12] Sean: Like we are introvert. 

[00:18:14] Torie: Like I like to be the man behind the man, like behind the screen. So we can’t both hide. So it’s, I it’s, it’s really pushed us out of our comfort zones. And like, I’m super proud that we’re doing this and we’re going to keep going. And then keep doing our best. I think that that’s awesome. And in all of this stuff, like I had a YouTube channel forever. I have done nothing with it at all.

But in seeing us do this, both of our kids started a YouTube channel. One of them quit. The other one didn’t. But she is still making YouTube videos. And on top of that, she is recording all of her own videos, doing all of her own editing. She uploads them herself to YouTube. She does the keywords. She does like she does all of it.

[00:19:01] Sean: Nine. 

[00:19:02] Torie: Nine years old, like, and so she’s getting it and she, she keeps going and, and she’s got to look today, she’s got two scheduled out because she said, she’s doing them on Saturdays. And she’s got two Saturdays ahead of time already. Yeah. And so she’s learned, you know, different editing software and she’s figured out how she can do it on her iPad.

So she doesn’t have to switch over to the, like she’s figuring this stuff out. And it’s like, awesome. Just to see like this next level that she keeps getting to adding music watching YouTube videos to figure out other ways to do it. Like it’s been really, really cool to see her get that Superman, you gotta start somewhere.

[00:19:38] Sean: And she realizes that. Yeah. And so, you know. 

[00:19:42] Torie: The other kid, like he made a few videos, at least he knows how to edit videos. He learned Photoshop. He made some like shirts and stuff like that. So, I mean, even though. It hasn’t been like his deal and like what he’s really like grabbed a hold of, at least he did learn the skills of doing it.

And you know, he’s a 12 year old boy, like he’s like two-week guy, so maybe he’ll grow out of that, but he’s, he’s try in other things. So at least he did learn the skills. He did make some shirts and that he went and got, you know, we got printed. And so I know he’s really proud of that kind of stuff.

So yeah, I think that’s pretty cool. What else do I have? I’ve made a list. I have a list of things. So we bought our first stock this year, too. Super proud of that. Like we’ve been talking about buying stock for a long time. And instead of doing that, we have, we know we have investments, but we’ve always worked through a financial advisor.

And in the last few years, a lot of the reading that I’ve done, you know, about making money and like just, you know, being a better steward of your money is that like these financial investors are taking your money and taking cuts of it, like way too much that you’re not getting what you should. So we are taking back control of that and so managing our own funds now.

And so we’ve started to add individual stocks in there which has been kind of. I guess not, it’s not, you know, you got to start somewhere. It’s not millions of dollars yet, but you know, it’s been cool. So you got a few books and kind of learning kind of how this is sean been doing some research. And so it’s kind of like, I loved like those new things that you start and it like starts to open this little door and then all of a sudden, like, it’s this whole new world that you really didn’t know existed before. I love that. I think. 

[00:21:25] Sean: Yeah. If you don’t have any reason to, to look into something, you know, it never takes you down that rabbit hole of all kinds of things that you didn’t know that could be extremely beneficial for you. 

[00:21:42] Torie: You know, and finding other people that I found out, like people that I work out with, like they’re really into stocks. And so it gave us something to talk about and kind of just learn some other things about, so yeah, that’s been something cool and I’m really excited to see where that goes in the next few years, because we’re going to just sit on stuff. I think that’s kinda neat. What else do I have? Ah, you were on Good Day Lanta again.

And I think that’s super awesome. Well, this time reading behind again, I want to be the man behind the curtain like Oz, except I’m legit.

[00:22:21] Sean: Atlanta comes to the museum. You can actually, some of this is on the Miles Through Time YouTube page, you can see Torie runaway from the camera that she didn’t want to beat the guy on the camera pans around. And you can see her just look at me hilarious. So this time, same scenario but she just stands there and takes it like, yeah, I’m here filming you from behind.

[00:22:45] Torie: Well, and that’s the thing is that I was trying to get our own shots of it. And last time I was two. So I didn’t want me as a goober, all like filming you, filming me, filming you. You know what I mean? So yeah, so last time I like, it was like, oh I don’t want to be in the shot this time. I was like, whenever, Hey, when we did best of Georgia, we were best of Georgia best museum. Right? And so that wasn’t this year, that was last year. I am actually in there. I did a whole thing. So I was on camera. I was on TV. I’m like you. 

[00:23:20] Sean: That’s a good day. Atlanta though, from this year, somebody watched that video and not video she watched it live on good day, Atlanta. And because she saw that she then contacted me at the museum and over the course of a few months of meeting me and talking to me in person and seeing the museum in person and all that kind of stuff, we wound up as of a month, a day a month. Now we took her late husband’s collection valued at $24,000 of Franklin mint and Dan very mint model. Plus she donated all new display cabinets to showcase this collection and which I mean nine display cabinets to fit. I think there’s 800 cars, 600 cars. I’m like that total amount.

[00:24:13] Torie: Beautiful collection total. 

[00:24:15] Sean: Now the museum’s got over 1300 model cars on display. But this lady’s late husband who passed away five years ago. So she’s, she’s had these cars sitting in his office still just collecting dust because she didn’t want to get rid of them or just sell them off to somebody who didn’t care. Like they, they, they meant something to him and they meant something to her. And so when she was able to, to learn what Miles Through Time is and everything that we do there. It was, I mean, it’s exactly what I wanted for Miles Through Time is to provide that outlet so that, you know, if you go to Miles Through Time, you’ll see this it’s called the Tom Ash.

And she lives 30 minutes away from the museum and she’s able to go there whenever she wants and see that collection that her husband collected for years. And and know that it’s being appreciated by people from all over the world that come and visit the museum. And that’s just something that, you know, she wouldn’t have been able to do any other way than other than donated to the museum. Came to the museum, which is awesome. 

[00:25:20] Torie: It’s been a great opportunity for them to come out. You know, you talked about legacy there and you know, his being able to keep his legacy. One of the things that, you know, I’ve always wanted to do. The, you know, to write the big check and to be able to do that to be able to help people and to leave a legacy and who would have known that not only can we leave our legacy and like we’re creating this, but we’re also allowing other people to have their legacy live on as well.

And like, you never would have thought that, like, this would have happened in this. Like some of the stuff you guys, you can’t plan. We couldn’t have planned it to be this way. We couldn’t have like, wrote up this whole thing and said like, you know, this is how we’re going to do it. Like it just happened because we’re willing to step up and, and push ourselves out of this comfort zone and go out there and try things that we don’t know is going to work and take these opportunities and try to run with them the best that we can.

And I’m super proud of us. I think it’s awesome.

So the last thing that I have that I thought was something that we did for 2020 that I thought was pretty cool. And I’ve talked about it in other videos is I did 75 hard and it’s a 75 day program. And you know, that was pretty cool, super proud that went through the whole entire thing. First time, a lot of people, you know, don’t make it the first time.

Cause it’s 75 days in a row. You can check out our video on that. But the thing that I thought was cool with that is that at the end of just about the end of 75 hard was the end of October for me. And in October we did in the class that I go work out with, we did squat Tober. So it was all working on our squats, like the whole entire month.

And I improved so much, like I am blown away at the improvements that I’ve had in my strength this year. And I think being the fact that, you know, with COVID and it shutting down and we did not get to work out for three months, three months, like we didn’t go to the gym. Like we did like moved, like that was a lot of working out and we tried to do some stuff at home.

[00:27:28] Sean: It’s just not the same now.

[00:27:30] Torie: It’s not. And so I was really happy that we were able to get back in there and you’ve really improved as well. Right. Some of the things at the gym and, you know, keeping track. Where we’re at and, and how well we do you, it’s not something that like we’re know super anal about, or, you know, like write down every workout or anything like that.

But I think because we’ve tracked how well we’ve done and because the class that I work out with does do these fun things like SWAT Tobar right now is December. And so we’re doing December and so it’s all on deadlifts. And actually the end of this week, I’ll be seeing how much I improve there. And I already know like some of the stuff I did last week.

It’s crazy how much stronger I’ve gotten. And I wouldn’t know if I wasn’t making some type of mark, you know what I mean? You wouldn’t know how much, how much you’ve improved unless you kind of were tallying that thing. And I think that that just shows. When you’re going towards these goals, whatever it is, like as long as you’re able to every once in a while, step back and go, okay, this is where I’m at right now.

And just as long as, you know, you’re moving forward, you don’t have to know exactly where you’re going, but being able to, you know, even with the growing, we have the spot that we mark them on this because we moved, we can’t do it on the pantry wall. We can’t mark it on like a pantry wall because we’ve, we’ve moved so many times.

So we have the shelf that we do it because it’s always the same. And so we know where they’re at, but it’s easy when they’re around us all the time that we don’t realize how much bigger they’ve gotten. And so it’s the same way with anything. Like you have to have that little mark and say, okay, this is where I’m at right now.

So being able to step back and be like, this is where I’m at. Okay. Then you can look in six months and go, holy shit. Like this is where I’m at now. And I think we’ve been able to do that with, with working out and with other things. And it’s, it’s cool to be able to see that progress of where we’ve gone and the kids are giant.

Oh my gosh. We, because the kids, because we were locked down, the kids didn’t go to school. I didn’t have to buy new shoes. My kids are barefoot hippie kids. Right. We have hippie kids. And so these kids ran around there. This is true. No pants, no shoes. And so once school’s like, they had to actually go and put something more than a flip-flop on our daughter grew to shoe sizes in like five months, like insane, how, how big they’ve gotten.

We’re going to be taller well, Belle is going to be taller than me in no time. I gave her another year. Riley is two inches taller than I am. 

[00:30:05] Sean: Like he went from like, I think at the beginning of this year, almost your height to way taller than you. 

[00:30:12] Torie: Yes. I became little mama.

[00:30:15] Sean: I dunno, just like overall, it’s easy to say that 2021 was a shit year full of COVID. But I think we’re pretty good at instead of going towards the negative aspect of that, of how this was a crappy. Focus on all the things that were good I came out of everything and you know, for us, at least when, when we think that way I’d say it was pretty successful year.

It was different for sure. I don’t enjoy going anywhere this year. Like at all, not even just trip, like I don’t like going out because of everything. For the most part, I don’t have to, you know, so other than that, you know, business has been good. Kids are good. They’re in school. We were still able to accomplish a lot of things that we’ve wanted to just do in general, that were normal life circumstances happen. We’ve got to move and like, you still just do it. We moved up again still. So as long as we’re moving up, it’s a, it’s a good thing. So to wrap it up, I’d say it was a unique year. It was also one of our best really. 

[00:31:24] Torie: You know what, next year will be one of our best to no matter what happens, we’ll figure it out.

[00:31:30] Sean: You just weed out the crappy parts of it and focus on the good parts, the crap doesn’t matter. 

[00:31:38] Torie: And then it’s always going to be stuff there’s always going to be some type of issues that come up or problems. And this year it just happened. I can weird, like who would’ve thought. 

[00:31:47] Sean: But the biggest blooming flowers come out of heaping piles of shit.

[00:31:52] Torie: Is that true? 

[00:31:53] Sean: Yes. Fertilizer. That’s my fertilizer right? It makes it that much sweeter. Right? Crappy, crappy. But everything that was good in it was really good. 

[00:32:08] Torie: It was. So we hope you enjoyed our 2020 recap and I, you know, what do this for yourself, do this for your family, do this for your business. Like sit down and write this list. Like, what happened this year?

What was good? What went well? You know, what did we take that was shit and turned into a flower? Like what are those things? 

[00:32:27] Sean: Good stuff. Yeah. Don’t worry about anything. That was good. That happened for you.

[00:32:33] Torie: Yep. You got to have those old notches. You gotta, you got to give, to actually say those things and talk about those things. And the more you do that, the more you’ll notice that there are those good things and how you can pull those things out of whatever happened. 

[00:32:45] Sean: Here’s another reference for you. Okay. So during the actual Tesla record attempt, We had all kinds of technical issues. Like we had so many people go to the website for our live feed that it crashed the website. So our live feed was shit during that for a portion of the time. But even I can go to the dashboard of the website and look at how much traffic occurred on that day. And so it’s, it’s a graph, right? We like graphs. So the spike is massive on that. But what happens the very next day, all the way down, back to normal.

Right? Not quite so low. It still was higher, but it was, I mean, it went down, right. So, but when it goes down, just like stocks that we buy in this, that we bought this year you know, you watch that go up and down as well. But once it’s like, when it’s down. It’s so easy to go back up. So in reference to looking at next year, you can go, well, 2021 was down, right?

So 2020 I say, 2021, 2020 was down. So you could go and like that chart, it should go up. It should be easier to, to look at the positive and go up from there. Really. If 2020 was like a fantastic year with nothing wrong with it, chances are 2021. You could go there. So think of it this way, it’s going to get even better. 2020 should have been pretty decent. If you don’t think about all the negative stuff, 2021 will be even better. 

[00:34:18] Torie: So if you liked this episode, let’s just subscribe to our channel. Let’s you subscribe to our podcast. We’d appreciate it. And we hope to see you the next episode. 

[00:34:26] Sean: Later.

[00:34:30] Torie: You want to get smart tools to build your business go to getsmartaf.com?

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