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Branding: Much More Than Your logo – Your Ticket to Know, Like & Trust

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Let’s get clear about what is considered branding so that you understand how branding affects every aspect of your business.

Each piece of your business should be branded so that everything you do is consistent.

The best way to build lasting trust with your audience is to be consistent and proper branding will help you do that.

Many business owners think that means just use the same logo, but branding is so much more than your logo.

Your Purpose is Your Brand

The grand purpose of your business is an essential component for you to figure out because it will inform your product creation, development, and delivery. It will also detail how you choose to engage with your customers.

It is ultimately the reason your brand even exists.

Think of your purpose as the umbrella over everything you do in your business, including your branding.

Your Products or Service

Your services and products should be consistent with your business’ purpose to become part of your brand. What you sell is something your brand will be known for long after you aren’t there.

They should feel like a great match with the style of your business, both in name and how your customers interact with them.

Your Pricing

Even your pricing is part of your brand. Are you the low price leader, or are you exclusive and high-quality, which costs a higher price? Decide and roll with it. Hint, you can’t be both.

Your Location

This can be difficult for people to get a handle on today because many people are location independent, but online is a location.

Think of where you are active and what you do online.

Are you known as a YouTube influencer, or are you a business influencer? One can get you jobs promoting on YouTube, and the other opens other doors. Choose wisely.

Your Product Packaging

Another important place to be consistent with your branding is with your product’s packaging or product images.

Of course, your logo and colors should be on display here, but so can your values.

For example, if you’re known as being someone who cares about the environment, your packaging can align with your values.

Your Graphics and Images

The style and types of graphics and images you use on all of your content, packaging, social media, website, and everywhere else should be consistent with the branding you’ve created. It should all feel like it belongs and works together.

Your Word Choices

Even your word choices matter when it comes to your branding. You want to be sure you and your staff use certain tag lines, keywords, and a specific tone of voice that fits with your brand as if they are a person.

This is another way to keep things consistent.

How You Treat People

This is another essential component to your branding that isn’t often considered these days, and due to that, it gives you such a simple way to stand out.

How you treat your customers, audience, and others are always being observed by everyone.

Be consistent with how you treat people, and it will naturally become part of your branding.

Your Experiences & Culture

While some may not think of this as part of your brand, the experience of your business will help to grow the all-important know-like-trust principle. You can develop a particular experience and culture for your business and brand based on your ideal clients.

Your Fonts and Colors

When you choose the fonts and colors, you will use in your business that represents the personality, voice, and values of your brand, it helps you create a specific theme and mood for your audience.

It will contribute to a positive memory of your brand.

Your Business Name

Whether you use your own name or give your business a name, the name will be known as your brand as well.

So you want to choose carefully as it will set the stage for getting your audience to know, like, and trust you.

Your Business Tagline

This is yet another place where you can begin to memorably brand your business. The point of using the same fonts, colors, and types of images throughout your business helps people remember you. A tagline can make this process even easier.

Branding is a lot about finding ways for you to be consistent.

The branding process will give you an insight into not only your business but your competition and your audience as well.

Branding helps you create organization and systems that will help your business run smoothly.

Branding is important, and once you take the time to do it, you’ll see it rubs off on all areas of your business and makes a tremendous positive impact. 

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You don’t need crazy tech skills, buckets of cash, or dedicated staff to market your business. You don’t even need a lot of time.

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You don’t need crazy tech skills, buckets of cash, or dedicated staff to market your business. You don’t even need a lot of time.

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