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The Secret to Working Smarter

by | Success + Mindset

You’ve probably heard that taking small daily actions toward your goals is the best way to experience success. 

This strategy works for many aspects of your life, including growing your business. If you’re ready to make significant changes in your business and great strides in your profit goals, then you need to develop some smart marketing habits.

To skyrocket your business growth, you need to develop consistent habits, provide fantastic value to your audience, and focus on activities that directly affect your income. Adopting the right practices and doing the right things each day will build to your success. This is the key to working smarter.

Here are 5 tips to get you started Working Smarter:

1. Don’t Overcomplicate Things

Making money does not have to be complicated. Making money is easy enough that most people can do it, yet most people overcomplicate it. Yes, it’s nice to have that new software that does “all the things,” but in reality, you can make money with the basics. You don’t need nine thousand landing pages or fear every algorithm change.

2. Money-Making Activities Come First

Your business will not exist if you don’t make money. To create a list of each activity, you do that directly brings in money. The quickest and most reliable way to make money is to make offers.

3. Keeping Up with Your Data

Another daily habit is tracking your data. Traffic, ad spend, sales conversions, money in, money out – all data you need to keep an eye on. If you can’t measure how well something is doing your working only on assumptions and you can’t consistently grow with assumptions. Knowing your data will help you plan and thrive long into the future.

4. Always Be Marketing

You’ve probably heard you should spend 80% of your time on marketing your business. Thankfully, you don’t have to do all of that marketing yourself, and most you can outsource. Even with outsourcing, there should be marketing your business daily. You need to “Always be Marketing.” That can consist of sales calls, networking, posting to your social media channels and groups, or publishing on your website.

5. Schedule Everything

There are many smart habits you need to develop to grow your business and get smarter about your marketing. It’s a good idea to start scheduling the things that need to get done so that you don’t miss things. It’s easier to start the day with your activities planned so you don’t have to think about what to do next. Consistency will be your key to success.


1. Remember to keep it simple.

Making money in your business doesn’t have to be complicated. Look over some of your marketing processes; are you over complicated any of them? Tidy things up where needed. 

2. Write a list of money-making activities.

What do you do that directly makes you money. Key=directly.

3. If you don’t know how to access your data, find out.

Where is your website site traffic? Do you know your money income and expenses?  What other data points to you need to track down?

4. Remember the 80/20 rule and make your job to market your business 80% of the time.

If you need to outsource some of this, it’s time to find a freelancer, VA or Agency to take on some of the work.

5. Start scheduling out your tasks at least the night before, if not earlier, so you have a clear picture of what you need to get done each morning.

Start with those money-making activities. 

These actions will help you grow your business, your income, and your bottom line. You’ll begin to find; you don’t have to do as much as you think you do to succeed. 

It’s time to start working smarter, not harder. 


About Digital Marketing Expert Torie Mathis

Torie Mathis helps entrepreneurs, like you, use digital marketing to grow your business without wasting time, money, or your sanity.  She is a best-selling author, Army veteran, speaker + trainer, and your digital marketing coach. You don't need crazy tech skills, buckets of cash, or dedicated staff to market your business. In fact, you don't even need a lot of time. What you need is to be SMART.

Torie hosts SMART AF, a show for non-techy entrepreneurs looking to grow their business, with her husband Sean and is the creator of SMART AF Magazine. Learn from Torie at the Smart Arsenal and on her channel.

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You don’t need crazy tech skills, buckets of cash, or dedicated staff to market your business. You don’t even need a lot of time.

What you need is to be SMART.

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Torie Mathis HeadshotI help entrepreneurs (like you) use digital marketing to get more clients + to make more money. And I make it easy! 

You don’t need crazy tech skills, buckets of cash, or dedicated staff to market your business. You don’t even need a lot of time.

What you need is to be SMART.


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