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How to clear a busy mind and find focus

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Clear your mind and finding focus.

Find your mind full of so many ideas that focusing on one thing feels near impossible? Do you have “shiny object” problems?

Are you finding yourself drowning in ideas? This happens to me often, my mind goes on overload and overfills with so many ideas, plans and projects that there is no direction or focus at all. These are the days I lay in bed for hours thinking about everything, with no sign of rest in sight. Have you been there?

I have found a great solution to clearing your mind and finding the focus I need.

To find focus and real direction I get everything out of my head.

Here is what you can do. Open a notebook and write down every project you want to work on. Write down every idea that pops in your head, no filter, no editing. New biz ideas, new products, new ways to organize, things you should have said, questions, concerns – write them down – the good, the bad, the silly, just get them out.

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”

-Carl Bard

You will find this simple trick will help bring clarity to your busy mind. Repeat every few months or as necessary. You will find yourself focusing better on tasks at hand; make better choices on what to focus on next and you will find sleep more restful.


The next time you feel overwhelmed, and find yourself laying in bed get out a notebook and try it out. 

Do you have other ways to find focus when you are overwhelmed with ideas? Do you have a way to fend off “shiny object” syndrome? Leave a comment and let us know what works for you!

Until next time,

Torie Mathis


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