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Plan your week to focus on moving toward big goals

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Plan your week to focus on moving toward big goals.

Sitting down to work without a plan by just reacting to your day is no way to grow your business or stay sane.

Without a plan, without goals, you are treading water and that stagnant momentum will burn you out and drive you crazy. It is like getting in a cab and telling the cabbie to start driving and hoping he gets you where you want to go. You cannot run your life or your business on hope.

There is a better way.

“It’s not the plan that’s important, it’s the planning.”

-Dr. Gramme Edwards

A simple way to ensure forward progression is to plan your week.

First, take your big goal and break it down into manageable pieces.

Assign yourself one of these pieces each week breaking it down further into daily pieces. These will be your weekly and daily milestones.

If you find at the end of your week you are not completing your weekly goal, you may need to break it down further into smaller more manageable pieces.

Each week you can celebrate your success and see a measurable progression to completing your goals.

Take one day a week and schedule your weekly review and planning time. Give yourself an hour to review and plan.

Some people prefer Sunday so they hit the ground running Monday morning with a fire under them, others prefer to schedule this time for Friday as a close to the week, leaving the weekend free from thoughts of work and planning.

Figure out what time works for you by testing it out (not by thinking about it). Start this week.

Here is what you need to do at a minimum to review and plan your week:

  1. Take a look at the week past. Write down what went well. Write down want did not go well.
  2. Review your milestones – did you accomplish them?  Do you need to make any adjustments for the next week?
  3. Schedule your new weekly and daily milestones for the week ahead.
  4. Schedule yourself 1 to 3 must do items each day.
  5. Schedule your next review and plan the day.

Want to read more about a weekly review. Read this at on his weekly review.

Try it out this week and let me know how it goes. 

Until next time,

Torie Mathis

Here’s to creating the life you LOVE!


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