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Get Motivated – Stop being Lazy

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Have you found your motivation lacking lately?

You know a well balanced, healthy, successful life takes effort. It doesn’t just happen because you wish it to.  A great life takes action, and too many lazy days can wreak havoc on your big dreams.

Mind you, a little relaxation is not being lazy.

We all deserve to kick back and just enjoy life now and again. I am talking about laziness, where you feel bad, not like yourself and inside you know you have crossed the line. You are in a funk.

Not sure how to get out of this lazy funk and back on the path to your goals?

Here are some tips to kick your lazy butt to the curb and light a fire under your step:

1. Exercise more, Sleep more

The two go hand-in-hand; the better one is, the better the other will get. You need to set up a routine for yourself that allows for each. Schedule these in your life and make them nonnegotiable.

If you do not have enough energy to do get small stuff done how are you going to make your dreams a reality?

2. Create exciting Goals

Could it be that you don’t have anything exciting to strive for? Boring goals lend to a boring life. Let yourself daydream. What do you want your life to be like? Think big.

Define some goals that will get you out of your comfort zone and will spice up your vision board.

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“There is no such thing as a lazy person. He is either sick or uninspired.”

Zig Zigler

3. What is the worse thing that could happen?

Think about what could happen if you don’t snap out of this rut?

Is this how you want to live your life?

If you continue being lazy and unproductive would you be proud of yourself in a year? Think about the consequences of being lazy and redirect your intentions.

4. What is the best thing that will happen

Imagine all the things you could get done and how this would positively affect your life. Not only would you get moving forward, but many of your worries would be eliminated as well.

5. Focus on one thing at a time

Stop trying to think of everything you need to do, and think of only the next thing you need to do. Then when that is done, think about the next thing.

Chunk your to-dos into bite-size pieces rather than a huge laundry list. Don’t bite off too much at once and stop trying to multi-task to save time.

6. Reward Yourself

Don’t be afraid to give yourself some extra motivation by rewarding yourself for your hard work. Schedule a massage for a month out, as a bonus for all the hard work you are going to do this month and let that be a “carrot” for getting things done.

7. Find some positive affirmations

Affirmations refocus your mind on positive thoughts. They can also keep your mind from wandering down a negative path. It’s a “two-fer”  and everyone loves getting two for the price of one.

8. Just do it

How is it that the first step is the hardest to take. It is true that by starting you are already halfway there. Stop procrastinating, stop making excuses and jump in before you talk yourself out of anything.

9. Let success motivate you

Find yourself some successful friends to hang out with. They have most likely been in a rut them self and know how to avoid laziness. Seeing how others can stay motivated can be inspiring.

10. Use visualization

Use your imagination to affect your behavior and your future. Visualize yourself motivated, getting done all the tasks on your plate. When you visualize yourself to imagine you are getting things done quickly, easily and enjoying yourself. It can seem silly, but it really works. Some of the most successful people claim visualization to be a huge motivator.

Don’t let a little funk turn into a new personality trait.

I don’t want you being known as the “lazy one.” Kick yourself into gear and start moving forward.

You are not the first one to feel overwhelmed, underwhelmed or unmotivated. Try some of these tips and don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Getting someone to help you be accountable can make your progress quicker and easier.

Find an accountability-buddy or look into a coach to help you get on track to reaching your goals, or coming up with goals worth reaching.

Your life is only as great as you make it. You are in control.

Here’s to creating the life you LOVE!


Torie Mathis helps entrepreneurs get from where they are to where they want to be by working smart.  She is a best-selling author, Army veteran, speaker + trainer, and your mentor to creating the business+ life you love. She has cracked the code for creating a lucrative, independent business + an amazing lifestyle. She can help you with your marketing and business growth, your clarity and purpose and help you reach your vision of success. 🙂

Torie hosts SMART AF, a show for non-techy, non-marketers looking to grow their business, with her husband Sean and is the creator of SMART AF Magazine.


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