Stop Living your Life on Accident and Start Living on Purpose

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Is your life full of chaos and drama and you don’t understand why?

Do feel like you’re bouncing around from experience to experience with no end goal. It’s possible that you’re living your life by accidentLIt’s time to put your foot down, take control, make a plan, and choose the direction for your life.

Take responsibility for your life and begin to live on purpose with these strategies:

1. Examine your current situation.

How did you get where you currently are? Are you in the home you’ve always dreamed of? How come? How did you end up where you are? Is it because of long-term planning? Or is it the only place you could find on short notice that would accept your $99 deposit because you were short on cash?

  •  Consider all parts of your life.
  • That includes your career, friends, health, finances, romantic relationship, and so on.
  • Did you choose what you have, or did you just grab at the best option that happened to wander by?

2. Determine what type of life you want to have

What kind of career do you want? How would you like to spend your free time? Where do you want to live? How much money do you want to make per year? What’s your social life like? Take the time to examine the future you’d like to experience thoroughly.

3. Put the first things first.

Money isn’t your primary concern, but it’s an important one. Money works great for solving many of life’s challenges. It’s also a necessary resource for doing many other things. If you’re having financial struggles, it will make sense to begin first on getting your finances in order.

Make a progression for each area of your life you’d like to improve.

If you need to lose 50 pounds, go for a daily walk and eliminate high-calorie drinks as a start. After a couple of weeks of walking, you could add in more exercise and diet changes.

4. Focus on financial and health issues first.

After you’ve gained some momentum, you can begin working on the other parts of your life.

5.  Be brave enough to make difficult decisions.

Why haven’t you been decisive about your life in the past? Is it that you were fearful of making a choice and possibly failing? It’s true that you can’t fail if you never try, but you can’t ever experience success and happiness either.

6. Have enough discipline to choose from.

When you’re confused and uncertain, it feels easier to avoid making decisions altogether. You don’t want to make a poor choice. However, this type of thinking is a trap. It’s better to make a reasonable choice and give it your best effort than it is not to decide at all.

7. Realize luck isn’t on your side over the long-term.

When you don’t put energy into things, it tends to fall apart over time. Whether you’re talking about a fence, a sand castle, or your life, luck isn’t kind. The natural course of the universe is to move from organized to chaos, and this natural disorder will take over and destroy your life. This will happen if you try to fall back on luck. It’s a losing battle.

The only cure is concentrated effort and energy.

A wooden fence only survives if you maintain it regularly. Your life is no different. Without energy and intention applied regularly, your life falls apart just like the fence.

Now is the time for you to live with intention, to take control of your life and be decisive about things that matter most to you.

Choose the course for your life, so it does not fall into disarray and chaos. You have the power to plan your future, move toward your dreams and create a life you love.

Here’s to creating the life you LOVE!


Torie Mathis helps entrepreneurs become more successful by breaking through their two biggest hurdles: your marketing and yourself.  She is a best-selling author, Army veteran, speaker + trainer, and your mentor to creating the business+ life you love. She has cracked the code for creating a lucrative, independent business + an amazing lifestyle. She can help you with your marketing and business growth, your clarity and purpose and help you reach your vision of success. 🙂 

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