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Ep. 22 Tacos, SEO and Getting Found Online

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found online

Tacos, SEO and Getting Found Online

Every business wants to get found online but few know what it actually takes. Torie Mathis and her cohost Sean go over the basics of how search engines, SEO and your website works so that every business owner can understand how to get found online.

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SAF 22

[00:00:00] Torie: If it doesn’t say tacos, you’re not coming up for tacos. Nobody wants taco.

I have customers, prospects, clients all the time say that they want to get found online for something. And I go to their website and there is no mention of this thing. Not me. Nobody like you cannot get found online for something that you haven’t mentioned.

It’s crazy like maybe you all don’t realize how SEO works like Google goes to your website and does something called crawling. So it looks at your whole website and looks at all the words on your website. And it has to be words like you can’t have a picture of tacos, but never say the word taco and expect to be found for tacos.

You can’t even have a video of taco and no word that says taco and expect to be found for tacos because Google can’t read a picture. Google can’t read a video. Like you literally have to have the word tacos on your website, and then you have to talk about tacos in order to be found for tacos. You also have to allow Google to index your website.

People come and they’re like, I’m not, not our clients because we don’t set people up like this, but they’re like, why is my website not being, you know, I don’t come up on Google when you go to their website like Google can’t even look at it because you haven’t set it up for that. There’s no. 

[00:02:11] Sean: Well, in some of these bottom of the barrel cheap template website, builder places, that option is not.

[00:02:18] Torie: And would they charge you X? 

[00:02:20] Sean: They charge you extra for it, like your base. You’re not, you don’t have it. Like if you’re on the bottom tier template website. 

[00:02:30] Torie: Yeah, we had a new client recently come to us and they wanted, like, we were going to, you know, change up the website and redesign and all this stuff. And we kind of tried to say like, well, maybe you can stay with what you have. But like once we started going through what they had, like, it was all like charging you extra and you can’t do any search engine optimization. You can’t add keywords, you can’t add descriptions like you, they were wanting to charge you extra for it.

[00:02:51] Sean: Would, that literally means is if you don’t go to their domain name, Blah, blah, blah.com. You don’t go to their website. Like it’s not getting found. That doesn’t do you any good? 

[00:03:07] Torie: Right. And it’s possible, like, if you, that, if you got like one of these website builders or some of these things, like, and you’re not coming up, it’s because like you’ll never come up.

Like these things have to actually be set up. And you have to actually have that content on your website. If it doesn’t say tacos, you’re not coming up for tacos. Everybody wants tacos, right?

So we have clients that maybe they added service to their business. And once we go onto the website and make these changes for them, like they can come up, you know, within a couple of weeks for whatever that is. It does take a little bit of time sometimes for, for things to come up. But not just having that content on your website, the same is like having these things on your Google listing. We talk about Google listings a lot because they’re free. ’cause they work. 

[00:04:01] Sean: So those where people use, why not use Google’s tools? They’re like here, use our tools it’s what we like, why would you use their tools now? I like my garbage over here. Fill the stuff out, fill it up. If you want to be found for certain areas. Put those areas on your Google business sustain. It’s one of the sections that you fill out. 

[00:04:21] Torie: So this was something that we had. One of our customers wanted to broaden their, their business reach and they wanted to be found for like some of their services, but in a different area. 

[00:04:31] Sean: Well, they didn’t have, they didn’t have the services listed and they weren’t listed in those areas. So, you know, pulling up on a, in on the Google map and pulling up based off of their Google bit, never going to happen because it wasn’t, it wasn’t filled out. 

[00:04:47] Torie: Again you don’t have tacos on your Google listing. You’re not going to be found for top. 

[00:04:53] Sean: But yeah, like it’s, it’s, it’s so easy. Like you just fill it in and you go through the list and, and complete it type in. Counties you want to be found in cities, zip codes, whatever the case may be on top of your physical location. If you have a physical location, if you don’t have a physical location, it’s a check box and they won’t show you as a, you know, they’re not going to show your home address or anything like that. Google you used to be able to have a post office box business address. They don’t want you doing that now. So if you wind up doing that kind of stuff, You’re listening it’s going to get flagged and it’s not good. So if you don’t have a location that people can actually go to, it’s fine. You just click a box saying that that’s what it is now google knows, but you service a given area, but you have to tell Google what’s that area. I 

[00:05:42] Torie: have to tell that you have to set it up so that people can find you for what you want to be found for. Like, I don’t know if people think that it’s like this magical thing that it just like the internet just knows that I sell tacos in you know, Atlanta, like, no, you have to actually fill that part in and then you will be found for those things. And sometimes the change is, is pretty quick, which is pretty awesome. 

[00:06:07] Sean: It ties all the Smart AF stuff together. I mean, if you’ve got the SEO on your website, the websites connected to your Google business, your Google business is completely filled out. You, you can make posts and updates on Google’s business itself. You know, you can have your YouTube channel and have information on there that all connects to everything. It’s just, you got to put it out there for people to find it. And if you don’t, they’re not. But why not put it out every single possible place you could.

[00:06:38] Torie: And again, and I always say this, like, it takes a little bit of intention and a tiny bit of plant. So you have to think like, what do I want to be found for? And then you can write all those things down, where do I want to be found for those things? Then you go and fill out all these different assets, your Google listing, Facebook, whatever the, all these free shit that that’s out there for you to use, and you fill it in with all of these things, then you can go through the Smart AF process and talk about like, how are you getting them into your sales process?

How are we building authority? Am I using my messaging? How do I build a relationship? Am I collecting that email then like SEO and all these things that’s the traffic, but once you get this all filled out with a little bit of planning and then you can be found for these things that you want to get found for.

But if you put these things out there, like you don’t can’t get like, it, it’s not magic the internet though it seems very magical. Like there’s a, there’s a process here. That’s going on in the background that I know, like, like you don’t have to know all this stuff, but you do have to know that it has to get done manually. Like it doesn’t just magically. And you have to have some intention for thought in order to get all this stuff filled out because your marketing people, they can’t read your mind. They like, if you, you know, if you’re adding new services and you don’t tell your marketing people, you’re not magically going to be found for them like that kind of stuff needs to be added to your website. It needs to be added to your Google listing and all these. So that you can progress and be found then for those types of, 

[00:08:13] Sean: I’ll put a little effort into the actual content. Like, don’t just say I’m a plumber in Denver. Give me found plumber in Denver. You got to have a little bit more content with it. That is going to say Denver plumber, but it’s got to say additional things as well. Like, provide some benefits, some more, some more information. And Denver plumber’s just a part of that. But at the same time, you don’t say Denver plumber, 50 times on the same page in a 300 word count, like it like that’s I think they, they frowned upon that. 

[00:08:53] Torie: They do so. 10 years ago, 15 years ago, like keyword stuffing. Was it? Hey, 

[00:08:59] Sean: you can still see it on 

[00:09:02] Torie: site. It’s like welcome to the best Denver plumber and Denver plumber. You want to Denver plumber. We’re a Denver plumber. We have Denver plumbing for you. Best Denver. Best Denver plumber call right now for Denver plumber literally says that. And then the footer it’s like best Denver plumber.

Like that’s not how it’s done. So Google. All these little algorithm changes that you’ve probably heard about it, like starts to weed out what they call like these black hat things, which are not good things that people are doing trying to get found for keywords so that they, they use keywords that aren’t actually on the page, like Google smart enough to know that like you can’t, you actually have to have that content on the page.

Google likes pictures. And then you tag the pictures with those Denver plumber on. Yeah. Like videos, especially since Google owns YouTube. Like if you have YouTube videos that have whatever your keywords and services and your name and all those, you know, I sell tacos. Like you got to make the video about the tacos. 

[00:10:02] Sean: Google video you got to fill that stuff out. 

[00:10:05] Torie: So all these different things, like all start to connect together and then it, it showing Google that like legitimately you’re about you are a Denver plumber. Like just throwing those words out there a hundred times. But then you got to think like, everybody else has been trying to be found for Denver plumber as well.

So what are they really searching for? Like shit, my toilet broke. Like, so you think about like, what are people actually like typing in there like, do I need a plumber, a toilet’s clogged? When do I call somebody? Like these are the types of things that, you know, once you’ve moved past the easy stuff, like the service is and the area, then you think about like, what are people actually saying?

Searching for so that you can be found on all of these. They call them long tail. There’s less searches for there’s less searches for them. Like probably not as many searches as for Denver plumber, but people aren’t always trying to be found for them. And so you can catch all these. It’s like a low-hanging fruit, it’s like easy ways to find. More people online by what they’re actually searching 

[00:11:04] Sean: for. You can actually go on Google maps and type in any business and some of the search results as you scroll through there. You’ll see, it’ll actually say the website mentions this, whatever it is you’ve typed in. It’s reading the websites saying that.

So if it’s, you know, what do I do with my is overflowing. And you’ve got a page that explains what to do with your toilet overflowing. And you’ve got your Google business listing filled out that says you service this area that this person is searching in. I mean there you go. You’re, you’re gonna, you’re going to be the choice that in it Denver plumber. I got a fucked up toilet in here who can fix it. You get, you got a YouTube video that is explaining what to do or whatever the case may, and it’s all coming together, but it’s just filling this stuff out. 

[00:12:03] Torie: We have one page that says Denver plumber, but, and if you’re not sure, like, like it’s kind of great that if you start to type into Google, like it’ll, auto-fill like it’s, auto-filling based on what people actually search for. So if you go into Google or you go into YouTube, you can start to kind of see what people are searching for and get some ideas on like, what kind of content should I be creating so that more people can find my. Then when they find your business, think of all those Smart AF things that we keep talking about, you know, your messaging and your authority, like how do you do social proof on that page?

And let people know that, you know what you’re talking about and other people like you too. And how do you put like, work your reviews with that? There’s different ways that you can do, once you get that traffic and you got to prove that you’re the one to choose. It all starts to work together.

So you, you can totally be found online for whatever you want to be found. But there is a way that you have to go about doing it. And it always is going to take a little bit of intention and a little bit of planning. 

[00:13:06] Sean: SEO is not what SEO used to be. SEO is so much more and it’s just filling the stuff out everywhere.

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