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The Secrets to Facebook Success

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Are you looking to build a greater audience for your business?

If you’re ready to build an audience of followers on any social media platform, then consistency must be a part of your overall strategy.

How often you post each day is your choice, and some simple market research will tell you when your audience is likely to be online, but the key to success is to post multiple times every single day. 

The Key to Facebook Success

I’m sure you’ve seen quite a few Facebook Business Pages that seem just to gather dust when the owner got overwhelmed or felt too busy to keep up with posting interesting and engaging posts on their page. Maybe this is what happened with your page?

Even if you are the best and brightest expert in your field, having a social media page that lacks any solid information will lead prospects to wonder why you aren’t more active or if you are still in business altogether.

Planning Your Posts

Instead of staring at your empty Business Page, take out your calendar instead – or you can create a color-coded Google Calendar – and mark down some weekly themes or seasonal times so you have an idea every week what you’ll want to post about. 

What would make your followers want to engage with your posts? What information do they want and need during each week? What will turn them into loyal followers? 

A mixture of inspirational, educational, and entertaining posts will help mix it up for them.  Also, don’t be afraid to talk about your products or services and make offers here are there.

Don’t rely on your subtle hints for making a sale; tell your audience in your loud and proud about what you have to offer. Most people won’t see most of your posts, so don’t feel like you’re posting, or saying the same thing too much. 

Use the Facebook Scheduling Feature

Instead of needing to sit down each day to write every single post, become friends with the scheduling feature that’s on Facebook Business Pages. You can block off some time and bulk schedule a week’s worth of posts by choosing what day and time you want them to be posted.

Schedule Facebook Posts

There’s still some work involved with the writing and finding an image to accompany each post, but by blocking out some time each week and referencing your calendar for themed ideas, your social media posting will become much easier and more enjoyable.

If you want to promote your business across multiple social media platforms, try using third-party scheduling software such as MeetEdgar or HootSuite. You can manage each of your social profiles all in one place as well as schedule each your post ahead of time.

To avoid being labeled as spammy switch up the wording in each post while keeping a similar overall theme. Think about how much more enjoyable your days will be when you can schedule your social media posts in one sitting now and then. 

Free Up More Time by Hiring a Social Media Manager

I know it’s difficult to give up control of some of your business tasks, but if your ready to grow your social following and not have it take up all of your time, it’s a huge benefit to hiring an excellent social media manager. You’ll eliminate stress by delegating your posting to an expert; social media managers have posting strategies for growing your audience even more; you’ll have more time focus on money producing tasks. 

Social media managers will not only strategize with you, but many will take over the actual content creation as well as interact and engage with your followers.

Of course, you still need to interact with your audience each day personally, but your social media manager will help take the burden off you needing to be strapped to your social media channels 24/7. A social media manager will also allow you to take time off without looking like you’ve completely closed up shop. 

If your budget currently doesn’t allow for outsourcing, no need to worry. You can plan your posts, batch schedule them according to your plan, and be available to engage with people who comment or ask questions on your page.

No matter how you decide to manage your social media channels, by yourself, with an assistant or with a dedicated social media manager don’t forget that consistency is the key to growing your following and getting more sales from social media. It will make all the difference to your Facebook success!

If you need help with this let me know.

Here’s to working smarter to create a business and life you LOVE!


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