More Leads. Better Customers. Higher Profits.

Hi, I’m Torie. I help entrepreneurs, like you, build strategy into your business and marketing; freeing up your time, giving you the financial freedom you desire and the lifestyle you dream of.

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I Teach Entrepreneurs How To:


Generate All The Leads Your Business Can Handle


Separate Your Business From Your Competition… And Dominate Your Market


Make Your Business The Obvious Choice When It Comes To Buying What You Sell


Dominate Your Competition Right From The Start


Generate Immediate Cash Flow


Out-Think, Out-Market And Out-Sell Your Competition

Let’s Build Your Business to Six Figures and Beyond.

I’d Like to Learn More About:

More Leads.

The most expensive and difficult function of any business is acquiring new customers. However, the reason it’s difficult has nothing to do with you, your business, or your marketing.

Better Customers.

How would you like to pick and choose the precise awesome client YOU want to work with? We have strategies that will do just that, and this my friend, is a game changer.

Higher Profits.

Would it shock you to know that there are a multitude of strategies that could easily increase your business’ profits? It’s not about throwing more money at advertising, but leveraging your time, skills and relationships.

Better Productivity.

Wasted time is the biggest detroment to you gaining the freedom in your business you so desire. My motto is to work smarter, not harder and we love to find better and quicker ways.

Digital Tools.

Technology today has made business easier than ever, as long as you don’t get lost in the rabbit hole of products out there. I show you what works for us and our clients.

Marketing Strategy.

Strategy is the why behind everything you do in your business, without it you are shooting in the dark; wasting money and time, and loosing potential customers.

Are you tired of competing on price?

If you feel like you’re always competing on price, it’s because price is the only relevant variable that you’ve given your prospects to consider. From the prospect’s perspective, all things appear equal, so they default to the business offering the lowest price.

I teach entrepreneurs how to fix that once and for all.

Work with me

Who is Torie Mathis?

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur, business owner, strategic marketing expert, speaker, author, Army veteran, mom, coach, consultant and teacher.



For over a decade I have grow my own businesses including a thriving coaching practice and a Marketing Agency with my business partner and husband, Sean.



I have spoke at events like the National League of  Junior Cotillions to the International Executive Coaches Retreat.



I am the co-author of Carolina Trendsetters and the author of Integrative Marketing: More Leads, More Sales and More Profits.