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Benefits of YouTube for YOUR Business

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Don’t think your business is right for YouTube? Think again.

If you’ve been debating whether or not to set up a YouTube account for your business, let the stats speak for themselves: it’s a platform with over 1 billion users, that regularly reaches more 18 to 34 and 18 to 49 year-olds than any cable network in the U.S. And that means it’s a pretty big deal.

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine yet many business owners aren’t yet taking advantage of it, which means this is a great time to act. Start using a youtube tag generator. Google owns YouTube and will rank its videos well in search results. This means you have MORE chance of getting seen by potential customers from a YouTube video than a page on your website.

Best off, your YouTube account can be set up and your first video uploaded quicker than you can watch the new Bridget Jones flick.

Video is a hot topic online, and the place to be for your videos is YouTube. YouTube is for businesses, bloggers, instructors and more. You can professionally showcase you and your brand, and monetize your views.

Benefits of YouTube for your Business

1) Free Advertising

2) Establishing  and reaching your target audience

3) Demonstrating your expertise

4) The ability to communicate with customers

5) Being indexed in Google for specific keywords (SEO)

Have you thought of all the benefits of YouTube for your business before? Sometimes simple (and FREE) ways to market your business are ones you don’t think about. YouTube isn’t just for teen bloggers and cat videos, it is for your business.

Here’s to your business success, on YouTube and beyond.

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