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How to Make People WANT to Buy From You

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Let’s state the obvious here: you’re ultimately in business to earn money. 

Yes, I know you want to help others as well, but you also need to make a profit in your business, am I right? 

To make a profit, you need actually to sell your products and services. But it’s not enough to just create products and wait for people to buy them. I like to call that “hope marketing,” and it simply doesn’t work. 

“Hope Marketing” a very passive approach to running your business as opposed to a proactive, more direct approach, which includes finding the people in your target market, building a relationship with them, introducing them to you and your business, and then asking for the sale.

This is how you market smarter, and this is how you make people WANT to buy from you.

Find Your Confidence

It can be discouraging when people say “no” when you ask to meet with them or you ask for the sale, but there’s also a popular notion in sales that you need to hear one hundred “no’s” before you hear one “yes.” 

Your business and services won’t appeal to everyone; or it may appeal to someone who doesn’t have the money right now. That doesn’t mean your services are awful; it just means you haven’t found the right audience yet. 

If you’ve put thought into what you offer your target audience and you’ve created products and services to meet their needs, be confident in telling people what you have to offer and how you can help them.

Here are four ways to get this process going:

1. Create introductory posts on Facebook – on both your personal profile and on your business page – and give a summary of who you are and what you do. 

2. Spell out exactly who you want to work with; think of those sites you’ve seen with that straight up say, “Who Should Work With Me.”

3. Create a series of  Facebook Lives where you answer commonly asked questions related specifically to your business and your services.

4. Find a podcast or interview opportunity where you can share your knowledge with a different/larger audience. Interviews often put people at ease because you’re having a simple conversation rather than it being more like a salesy commercial. 

Ask for the Sale When the Time is Right

When your audience knows, likes, and trusts you, they will buy from you. If you try to come off like a used car salesman, all strong and heavy with sales take you will just chase your customers away. You don’t need to do this, and I know you don’t want to. 

Instead, you can gently nudge these potential customers down the sales journey (aka your sales funnel). If you haven’t heard of a sales funnel or aren’t too sure what it is, it’s simply a visual representation of how you logically guide prospects toward your higher-priced products. 

When you do this, you’ll have lower-priced items available for those who say they’re interested in your services but don’t have the money for your higher-priced items or aren’t ready to pull the trigger on them just yet. You’ll have introductory items for them.

Once they purchase your intro items, they may find the money for the higher-priced items or feel they know and trust you enough to spend more with you.

They can only do this if they know about the other products/services you offer, and that is where the funnel comes in. It guides them from introductory products to higher-priced ones.

So how do you ask for the sale? Here are three strategies:

1. Include a Call-to-Action everywhere.

Put a call-to-action at the end of each of your blog post; in your social media updates; within your eBooks and other products. Invite your audience to take the next logical step with you.

2. In your email marketing

Don’t be afraid to tell readers about your offers. Never assume that someone just knows what you’re up to and what you have for sale; be direct and proud of your accomplishments and offers and shout them loudly from the rooftops.

3. At the end of your consultations

After you meet with a prospect, always ask if they are ready to take the next step (to make a purchase) or if you can follow up with them later if they need time to think. If you find someone is still on the fence about buying, now is when you nurture the relationship, so they think of YOU when they are ready to make a purchase.

At the end of the day, if you listen to what your audience wants and needs, there’s no harm in making an offer and asking for the sale every day in your business. If they say no right now, it’s okay.

You can nurture the relationship with them guiding them through the buying journey while getting them to know, like, and trust you, and continue to ask for the sale with others.

You will find the ones that want to buy from you, and you’ll be precisely what they’ve been looking for.

Here’s to working smarter to create the business and life you LOVE!

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You don’t need crazy tech skills, buckets of cash, or dedicated staff to market your business. You don’t even need a lot of time.

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You don’t need crazy tech skills, buckets of cash, or dedicated staff to market your business. You don’t even need a lot of time.

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