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This morning I watched a Darren Daily, as I do each morning as part of my motivational morning routine (Thanks, Darren!), and the video hit home for me in so many ways and I’m stoked to share it with you.

In his video, he talks about why you only need to be brave for about twenty seconds at a time, not all day long. You need to muster up some courage only for those moments leading up to that “big thing.” For us, the anticipation of a fearful event is much more fearful than the event itself, so really we only need to be courageous for those moments before we jump.

a FEARless youth

During the time of my life when I joined the Army, back when I was a wee 21-year-old, I had many people ask it I was scared. I wasn’t, not even a little bit, I had a mantra back then to “close your eyes and jump,” and boy did I. My fearless young-self had no problem being all “in,” I had this way of turning any “fear” into excitement and it worked to get me going in any circumstance.

Fear or Excitement? Must choose one.

I later learned your brain reacts the same to fear has it does to excitement – both create adrenaline, so you can choose whichever one you want. Either way, adrenaline will be pumping. I opted 99% of the time for excitement.

I also knew the fear feeling was fleeting and most passed after you made that initial jump, thus “close your eyes and jump” came to be. I used this for big life changes, like joining the Army and little everyday situations like telling the truth. What a smart lass I was.

Safe Mama-bear Syndrom (if this isn’t a thing it should be!)

For some reason around the time I had kiddos, I began to talk myself out of things, and play it safer. I opted for staying home or taking the easier route. I stopped “jumping” as much, and fulfilled my mama-bear role. I let my youthful wisdom be overtaken by mama safety, and it had spilled far into my life beyond protecting my cubs.

I have become quite aware of this safe-side playing in the last year, and have been working toward breaking out of it. I try to be more “in” when I can. I am here to live my life not play it safe and quiet. This video was exactly what I have been telling myself this past year, and I am sure it is what many of us need to hear more often. Jump more, harness that fear, bump up that courage only for those 20 seconds.

Tell the Truth and Tell is Quickly

Another way I find myself bringing this mantra back into my life is with my kids, back to the everyday situation of truth telling. “Tell the truth, and tell it quickly” is what I tell my two all the time, and maybe not enough.

Too often they start to think or overthink, what they are going to say and the truth gets buried or blurred. I try to teach them to not think about what they “think” may happen, but instead just spit the truth out. Obviously, don’t be mean, sometimes it’s best to say nothing at all, but when talking to me “tell the truth and tell it quickly.” It is the same as “close your eyes and jump” or to muster up those twenty seconds of courage.

These are all words of advice we need to tell ourselves more. These are words I know I need to say more, in business, life, and in relationships.

Be all in.

Be brave and gutsy.

Be brazen like your 21-year-old self.


How can you bring a little courage into your everyday life? Darren says, do three things today that require you to be brave for twenty seconds. What can you do today that you can run straight at and be “all in?” 

How would your life look different if you made this one of your mantras to live by?

And, if you’re not subscribed to Darren Daily, I highly suggest you check it out and add it to your daily routine. Good stuff in five minutes a day, five days a week!

Here’s to creating the business + life you LOVE!


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