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Ep. 15 Update on Our World Record

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tesla world record
Update on Our World Record
Sean just got the requirements back from Guinness on the Longest Parade of Teslas World Record. Torie Mathis and her cohost Sean go over the latest updates on their journey to a world record.

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(transcription is auto-generated)

SAF 15

[00:00:00] Torie: Hold on didn’t you tweet to Elon Musk about a one night stand. What was that about?

Hey. Hey, welcome to Smart AF I’m your host Torie Mathis. We’ve got a great show for you today. So let’s get started. We’re getting closer to the Tesla record. How many cars do you have Sean? 

[00:00:25] Sean: We have over 300 Tesla’s now. So the initial goal was to get 300. Now the goal has changed 500. Why not? 

[00:00:36] Torie: Really? Why not? Wow. 

[00:00:38] Sean: Was it Subaru?

Just did the same longest Subaru parade and their previous record. I don’t remember what it was. It was a couple of hundred or something, I guess, more than the Tesla records here in the United States. Yeah, I think so. Both of them, I didn’t look into it. I just saw that it was done on another article.

[00:00:59] Torie: So the Tesla record is held in China and it’s 145 cars. So we only have to be 145 Teslas to get the world record for the longest Tesla parade. How many Subaru’s did they do on the beating one? 

[00:01:16] Sean: Well, over a thousand something that is a shit ton of Subarus. 

[00:01:24] Torie: Wow. Wow. That is so neat. Do you know how far they went or where they did that?

Okay. So for the Tesla record, how far does it go? Two miles. So it has to be two miles. How far between cars? 

[00:01:37] Sean: Within two car lengths. 

[00:01:39] Torie: Okay. So sean just got the, like the full writeup of exactly what’s required. We’ve been working on this for a little while now, but we didn’t exactly know what the requirements are going to be.

So it has to be two miles and has to be. 

[00:01:53] Sean: But again, so when you, when you apply for a record, there’s an application. And in this case, it was a preexisting record. So there’s nothing other than applying for it. And then I say that takes 12 weeks. 

[00:02:07] Torie: So they tell you, you have to schedule your event for it. Three months later, two weeks later. 

[00:02:12] Sean: Yeah. It’s a little muddy on like, it’s confusing how they want, but after I’ve talked to him, like, that’s pretty much, you need to get all this done because, and, and really, you know, we got, we got the requirements from Guinness a couple of days ago last week.

[00:02:31] Torie: It’s been really recent. 

[00:02:32] Sean: Yeah. If we wouldn’t have had those, we wouldn’t have had, we wouldn’t have had all the information they required, which means. All of this and it wouldn’t have been enough information to actually take the record. Even if we had the 500 Teslas, if we didn’t get what, what Guinness actually wants to verify numbers, and whatever the reason is, they need what they need.

We wouldn’t get it. 

[00:02:55] Torie: So what did they ask for? 

[00:02:55] Sean: Apparently they want to make sure that we are very accurate when it comes to counting the. So everything is going to be filmed. The beginning of the end, as much of the actual parade as possible. We’ll have drone footage, multiple area, aerial photos and videos, and all that kind of stuff.

Tons of people taking photos and videos all over the place. And hopefully we’ve got some more stuff in the works that should make the whole preyed outline pretty. Once that’s verified all announce all that kind of stuff. But like as far as registering attempt, like initially we had pre-registration on Tesla record.com and obviously we want to know what the model of Tesla is and the person’s name and email.

Obviously, I thought that was efficient enough to capture, but no Guinness wants your phone number. I don’t know, they don’t know what they’re going to do if they’re going to call you or whatever the case may be. I doubt it. I think what it is, is it verifies that you are a real person instead of a made-up most likely but that, and then the license plate number. 

[00:04:11] Torie: Easily be like Bob was there.

[00:04:13] Sean: And, and that’s, I guess it’s a lot of information, but it is all on your registration, the license plate number.

The VIN number, which was just right there, the model. And obviously, it’s a Tesla. It’s crazy 

[00:04:29] Torie: that they want the VIN number. Like it made it like if it’s going to be a world record and it’s going to be legit like you got to cross your T’s and dot, 

[00:04:37] Sean: there will be no duplication. Like if they can see John DOE has a phone number.

5, 5, 5, whatever. Right? And then they have a VIN number, license, plate number, and model number like that is for sure. One Tesla, you know? And so you 

[00:04:54] Torie: drive around to the back right around to the back. 

[00:04:57] Sean: Right so you’ve got, you know, definitely one person driving one model of Tesla, and then you’ve got video footage shows. The entire parade from start to finish. So Sean doesn’t drive to the back that they’ll then go, you know, screenshot by screenshot counting each car. So there’s 1, 2, 3, and then they’ll match that up with all the cars that have been registered to be there. And not only the like the actual counting of the Teslas is a whole nother aspect that, that Guinness.

[00:05:30] Torie: People try to cheat these things.

[00:05:33] Sean: Yeah, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t be surprised that, or it’s. Such an ordeal and a hassle that not that many people go for. Like you get 

[00:05:43] Torie: this, they can be like, I’m going to do it. And then they like do all this work for it. And they’re like, 

[00:05:46] Sean: yeah, we jumped into it. We were like, that’s a cool record. Let’s go for it. Didn’t fill out the application before we announced it, but never got anything back. So now that we’ve got something that maybe most people would, would do it apply, wait for this. That’s a lot too. I’m not doing that. And then you’ve never, you never get to, well, we’re beyond that, so we’re doing it. But yeah, it’s so I’m wondering if it’s just that they say do all these things and maybe they have no intention of actually, you know, checking, checking it out, that VIN number checks out and there’s that car, you know, they’ll look at the footage and go, yep.

There was, you know, 500 cars there. But I don’t think they’re going to, you know, check registration and all that kind of stuff. And, and they want the license plate number specifically because we’re on a highway. So because they’re licensed vehicles that you again. I don’t know why they want to do that, but that’s what Guinness wants. So if we’re going to actually go for a record and want to take the title, that’s what we got. 

[00:06:55] Torie: That’s cool. Yeah, we were driving. We don’t normally go like that far down to where like it’s actually going to be. So we had to actually go out of town the other day. So I actually saw the we’re starting at a park and ride. And so I saw that and kind of got a gut, like an idea of where it’s actually going out the west end there

[00:07:16] Sean: From the highway as we’re driving by so I both spots are like right there. So the majority of it is straight down highway 400. 

[00:07:24] Torie: The confirmation that we are getting an escort. 

[00:07:28] Sean: Yeah commissioner Tim Echols. He made some phone calls or emails or worked his magic. However, he did that and, and squared away Georgia state troopers are doing escort with 10 motorcycles, 10 motorcycle unit escorting, potentially 500 Teslas.

That’s can it be a sight to see that is going? If we get 200 Teslas, that’s like three miles worth of Tesla cars. I don’t think that’s ever happened before record or no record. It’s going to be pretty cool. 

[00:08:05] Torie: Dam Subarus. Do you know where they did it? Did they do it down the highway? 

[00:08:10] Sean: You can look up, you can look up the Subaru longest Subaru parade record. It’s it’s a new one. 

[00:08:17] Torie: That’s pretty neat. So any other updates, like what else has been going on in the last couple of weeks? 

[00:08:23] Sean: We’ve got, so we’ve got the escort. We also have confirmation that somebody from O U R will be at the events. So they’ll, we’ll get to hear from their VP of development Nate Lewis, I believe is his name. He he’ll be there again. I’ll get to talk about our and what we’re trying to raise funds for in here. Great straight from the mouth of somebody. That’s a part of the organization, which is because. 

[00:08:55] Torie: We’re doing this, not just to beat the world record, but we thought if we’re going to do it, we might as well try to do something good with this and make this a fundraiser and try to get some money for a really great organization. That’s making some big difference in the world. So that’s awesome that they’re going to be there. And so excited about that. 

[00:09:12] Sean: Another big thing is. Yeah. Initially, when I did this, I throw the Tesla logo on everything. And then immediately I told my various people, I’m like, ah, you should try to remove that. And so that’s where the Tesla owners club of Atlanta is like use our logo. 

[00:09:28] Torie: Which does have the T I mean it is. 

[00:09:32] Sean: And there’s the Tesla owners clubs all over the world.

So we’ve got Tennessee is coming, Atlanta, obviously.

And then if there’s more, they, they need to let me know, but there’s, there’s people coming from Maine, New Orleans, Miami, Chicago, all over the place. That’s pretty cool. And then. I think that was last week. Last week I got told I got a phone call from Tesla and Tesla is officially on board. 

[00:10:01] Torie: You did talk to them.

You talked to them for quite a while and they’re going to have somebody.

[00:10:05] Sean: So Tesla is bringing a new model Y which will participate in the parade. It will then also be available at the west and after the parade for hold on. 

[00:10:15] Torie: Didn’t you tweet to Elon Musk about a one night stand. What was that? 

[00:10:23] Sean: So also Tesla, they don’t normally let you take a test drive home and keep it overnight.

But because we’re doing a raffle after the parade at the Westin and they’re giving four ticket opportunities or whatever you want to call it passes to, to win overnight. And so that wouldn’t be obviously that night, it would be, you know, you schedule it at a future date, but it’s, you know, rather than just. You know, happened to it. Well, now you’re not going to ride with anybody, but before you’d probably ride with somebody, but now you, you would, you would get the car and then go enjoy it for a day. Take it home, show your spouse, all the, you know, stuff that you really, really want to dive into the car, see how it feels, all that kind of stuff, something they don’t normally let people do, but there’s going to be four opportunities to be able to do that.

[00:11:10] Torie: So four people are going to get to take a Tesla home 

[00:11:13] Sean: for the night. So, I mean, if you drive a three and you’re like, I wonder what it’d be like to bring an X that’s driving X.

I’m trying, to get Tesla to bring a model X so that I can, I can drive the Model X in the parade. And then Torie will be driving our model S. At the moment, I don’t know because Tesla changes all their stuff. And so the cars that they did have available for test drives would wind up going for sale and then it’s end of year. And so they’re limited staff, all kinds of circumstances, which was initially going to be a potential factor for Tesla not being able to come. 

[00:11:54] Torie: Originally, they might not have come. 

[00:11:56] Sean: Right. So I really wanting to come, but then may have just not had the resources to do it. And then discussions were had at Tesla and they wanted to actually force her come and be a part of this.

And so they are, 

[00:12:09] Torie: is this the same Tesla that came like. Location or what not. They came to the museum. 

[00:12:15] Sean: It’s the local representative of Tesla. So it’s no, it’s all, it’s all of them. So it’s, it’s representing. Tesla, not the Avalon location. 

[00:12:29] Torie: Okay. Cause we had a Tesla, the Avalon location. That’s what I was wondering.

Is it the Avalon location or is it like Tesla? Okay. So we had the Avalon location come. Maybe it was like two years ago. They came out to Miles Through Time and they brought a model X, which was super cool. And we had so many people come out to see. And we had from the 1910 brush Sears, the 1910 Sears was there and the model X, which, what year was that one that came?

Okay. So we had, well over a hundred years of automotive vehicles there from the one that was ordered out of the Sears catalog to the one that was ordered online, all electric vehicles. 

[00:13:12] Sean: And what was neat is we had a, we invited a bunch of Tesla owners to the museum for that event. So not only did we have a car that you ordered out of a catalog in 1910 to, you know, everything in between that you’re used to buying from a dealership under normal circumstances to top line state to the art, purchased a car off of a website.

But then we also had actual owners of every model at the time. This was before the Y came out. And so people got to come and see these things that, you know, in the automotive world that, that I’m in museum and classic cars. And I’m an automotive enthusiastic just in general, but there’s a lot of people that have a lot of jaded views on Tesla.

And, and for me, it’s always. There are two different things. You know, I like a classic car and you know, the rumble of a V8 or be 10 or 12, or I like exotic cars. I like all of them. Tesla I wouldn’t compare even Tesla to a Lamborghini. Like if I want to drive a Lamborghini, that’s what I want to drive.

If I’m on to drive an old C 10 pickup truck that, is what I want to do. But a Tesla is different. Like if I want to drive a Tesla, I want to go drive a Tesla. I’m not going to compare it to those other cars. It’s just. Super neat. 

[00:14:35] Torie: You know, and I was like, Sean has been wanting a Tesla for a while and like the X came and we weren’t able to actually test drive it there.

So I hadn’t been in a Tesla and Sean went and actually, test drove a couple of Teslas and stuff like that. But I hadn’t even been in one until he actually brought our Tesla home and I was like, whatever like it’s another car and I’m not like a really like a sedan car type of person anyway. And I’m like, whatever, like, it looks like a grandma’s car.

But that car is so awesome. Like, it really is different than anything else. It is amazing to drive. It is a totally different feeling. It just, it really is all that it’s like, it’s grabbed up to me and I really thought it was like all hype, like a type it’s a cassoulet. No, like when all those guys are like, it’s the best car ever. I’ll always buy one. Like I totally get it. 

[00:15:27] Sean: Standpoint, like it, was super neat that, you know, you, you got all these people that were given the opportunity to then talk to owners and talk to people and, and, and show their cars and go, oh, this is kind of cool. 

[00:15:43] Torie: I always love when kids come to the museum, but that day was even more special because however, some of those kids found out that like, and the parents were like, I don’t care that there’s totals here. Like they thought it was cool that like all the old ones, but these little kids that saw these. They were so excited, like it was so neat. It was, it was awesome. It was pretty cool. So all of Tesla and not just the Tesla Avalon is going to have the why they’re in the parade and giving away the four. 

[00:16:13] Sean: It will have the like again, Tesla, the red canopy tent set up at the Western.So when we get to the parade, You’ll see it there. 

[00:16:23] Torie: So we’re not just having the parade, but we’re actually kind of coordinating a whole event that we’re going to have afterward. That’s what we’re going to have some speakers and Tesla’s going to be there. OUR, is going to be there. What else is going to be going on at the event?

We’re still the event is December 12th. So we still have quite a bit of time that we’ll keep adding on more things. The event starts while the parade starts around 10:00 AM. More details@teslarecord.com. Tesla world record Teslarecord.com. So we still have a little bit more time, but what’s going to happen at the event that you have planned so far. Cause I know we have some stuff here totally sure about.

[00:16:56] Sean: But once we get to the Westin will you get to take over the entire front parking lot? So there’s a, there’s a parking lot is a part of his parking garage, but it’s all right there in the front of the Westin. So it’ll turn into a. Big Tesla car show, especially if there’s winds up being 500 cars there.

Now because of the world we live in today, there’s going to be people that are going to not want to participate in anything that is going to get them around a bunch of people. 

[00:17:25] Torie: So it’s not required. The event’s not required, but for everybody that wants to it’s indoor-outdoor, make it as safe as you feel you need to.

[00:17:33] Sean: When you, when you check in at the Windward Parkway, Park and ride at the start of the parade. You don’t get out of your car. We will come to you, give you what you need, check you off, all that kind of stuff. And then you wait in the parking spot until we funnel out. And we go, once we get to the Westin, you go, we’re all going to be aligned.

So stay in line, get parked. If once we’re all there if you don’t want to get out of your car, Go ahead and leave. It’s perfectly fine, but if you want to stay, we also have the Bernstein room at the Westin the director, there was gracious enough to allow us to use that room, which is also facing the of the hotel and it has its own doors in and out of the hotel itself. So we don’t actually even have to walk through any of the hotel itself. I, even though quite a few people are going to be staying there that are coming out of town. 

[00:18:22] Torie: We did get special rates at the Westin. So it’s all on Tesla record.com.

[00:18:26] Sean: So if you’re, if you’re coming from out of town and you need a place to stay, go to Teslarecord.com, that link will send you to the Westin which will get you the. Rates are killer that’s 89 bucks a night. It’s super nice down there. Right. In Sandy Springs, I looked upon the Westin website just to see how much it room would normally be. And I mean, it’s, it’s substantially more it’s from like $89 versus 120 or whatever it was. So that’s awesome. We’ll have raffle items set up that are inside the Bernstein room. So we’ve got the Western has donated some weekend stays that’ll be available. Somebody donated some model three model Y light kits.

There’s some other things that people have said that they’re going to start bringing in. So until I have them, I won’t actually announce them. And then the Tesla overnight tickets, that kind of stuff. So we’ll have people going around selling, selling raffle tickets for that. And it just got as many raffles you want, all the proceeds are going to, OUR 100% of the, that it’s going to our we’ll have heart.

Heart is going to be, there are deer playing an acoustic guitar set just they’re providing background noise and kind of cool ambiance kind of thing, 

[00:19:45] Torie: and drinks and stuff like that right. 

[00:19:47] Sean: Working on that too. Simply because the COVID stuff, it makes everything difficult. So you know, under normal circumstances, nice spread of food would be fantastic. I don’t know what we’ll be able to do just yet. So we’ll, we’ll work on all that kind of stuff as it gets closer. And then we can people 

[00:20:06] Torie: go to Tesla record.com just to sign up for updates if they would just like, they’re not sure, but they just want to know what’s. Yeah, so you don’t have to register, like, if you’re not sure, and you just want to like, know what’s going on and kind of keep, keep an eye on the event, you could do that.

Right. And you’re sending out emails about what’s going on. 

[00:20:23] Sean: Yeah. And then there’s a, there’s a Facebook event for it. That’s through the Miles Through Time, Facebook page, there’s an event for Tesla and longest as the parade record CF speakers salsa. We had speakers. So we’ve got a lady Eliza Blue that was actually human trafficked.

She is now an advocate for human trafficking and she’ll speak and share her story. The VP of our he’ll be there and he’ll say something Tesla will say something. The director of the Westin will say something, Torie might. It’ll it’ll be a cool little casual type deal. 

[00:21:02] Torie: So it’s not like it’s like, you know, some fancy. 

[00:21:06] Sean: That’d be nice. Yeah. I want it to be fun and a little bit educational. And you know, if I was being asked to donate money to something, I’d want to know what it was. So I want to try. Provide that for everyone and go, this, this is why we’re doing this. The record is cool. And I hope we get it, but ultimately we’re also raising funds to help save kids from human trafficking.

[00:21:32] Torie: But you’re not, there’s no charge for registration, right? Like you’re not 

[00:21:35] Sean:  there’s no charge. So how are you raising money? It’s all donations and sponsors. That’s awesome. So, I mean, if all you want to do is participate in the, in the record and say, That’s perfectly okay. 

[00:21:47] Torie: Or if you don’t have a Tesla and you want to donate, then that’s awesome too. Yep. 

[00:21:52] Sean: Yep. Yeah. If you just want to make help make a difference and you’re not participating in the parade. And I had to test the record.com and help. And need of sponsors and donations. At the end of the speakers, we are going to then tally all the numbers from all the different sources that we’re collecting money for OUR and then we’ll write a big number, hopefully on a, on a big check and present it to.

[00:22:17] Torie: I always have wanted to give somebody a really big check. So this is our time. 

[00:22:21] Sean: And then also we’ve also always wanted one of those step and repeat signs. So those are the signs that have you know, logos on them all over the place and the people stop and get their photos in front of them. So that’ll be set up too.

So that’ll, that’ll be neat that, you know, everyone can take their photos with dad. Cause you know, it’s going to be a neat event that you’re going to want to say you were a part of it. What better way to do that photo? And really embrace the whole thing. And then after the entire thing is all said and done everyone that, that checked in to that registered for the parade will wind up sending you certificates.

If Guinness sends anything, you’ll obviously get that as well. But one way or another, you are going to get a certificate from us that says you are a part of this event. Yes, we definitely want. Right qualified for the record or not like that. That is something that you’re going to, you’re going to get something that says you were a part of.

[00:23:13] Torie: So it’ll be a world record attempt or world record hope. It’s going to be awesome. I am so excited about 

[00:23:22] Sean: it’s good stuff. So it’s going to come up sooner than later. 

[00:23:25] Torie: We’ll keep letting everybody know what’s going on with it and give you some more.

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