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What Makes the Top 1% Different?

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The top 1% aren’t working harder than the bottom 99%.

You can’t just grunt your way to the top. High levels of success do require hard work, but the work must be smart, too. The bottom 99% are generally focused on the wrong things, they prioritize short-term comfort over long-term success, and they fail to take enough action.

The top 1% aren’t actually smarter or any more capable, however, they make smart use of their time and manage themselves effectively.

So what are the differences between how the 99% think that the top 1% think? Here are ten differences between the top 1% and everyone else:

1.    Being the only one is better than being number one.

One famous quote says, “Competition is for losers.” While the average person that wants to work toward great accomplishments and is concerned with being the best, the ultra-successful look for ways to steer clear of competition. They create a new market or find a unique way to differential themselves and their business. Find ways to be the only one rather than take the competition head-on. Take a look at the book Blue Ocean, it illustrates this principle in amazing ways.

2.    They begin the day early.

They get a jump start on their day. While the other 99% are whipping the crusties out of their eyes, the top 1% are already busy. They have great enthusiasm in the morning and make the most of the early hours.

3.    Action beats knowledge.

The top 1% are knowledgeable, but they also know a secret. A decent plan that is followed aggressively and persistently will always beat a great plan that is implemented half-heartedly.

Figure out what you need to know and then get busy making it happen. An unquenchable thirst for knowledge can often be fear in disguise.

4.    Their goals are achieved by systemization instead of sweat and tears.

A system of eating well and exercising results in health and wellness. A system of saving and smart investing will lead to wealth. The top 1% look for and develop effective systems to implement in all aspects of their life both personal and professional. With the correct systems in place, your goals are attained automatically.

5.    They know their priorities.

Having too many priorities results in having no priorities at all. You can’t be everything; a world-class artist, horse trainer, fitness expert, and top chef. Be strong and whittle down your priorities to the ones that really matter the most to you. Having too many priorities is a path to mediocrity.

6.    The top 1% know networking is a priority.

You can never make too many friends. Smart networking skills can be learned by anyone, and they are favored by the top professionals. Having long-term acquaintances is powerful. You have a continual amount of assistance and opportunities right at your fingertips. Knowing the right people is an important factor of becoming part of the top 1%.

7.    They prioritize money.

They’re not just good at saving; they’re also good at investing their money wisely. They pay bills on time, avoid unnecessary debt, and get professional financial help when necessary. Be smart about your money and join them.

8.    They know their weaknesses.

The top 1% are aware of what they can and can’t do. They avoid their weaknesses or find a way to deal with them. They delegate what you aren’t good at and continually find ways to play to your strengths.

9.    They focus long-term.

Delaying gratification is essential to becoming highly successful. Let the average people satisfy their short-term cravings, join the top 1% keeps your eye on the prize.

10.    They focus on finding solutions to challenges.

The key to making money and achieving challenging goals is finding solutions to challenges. Search for solutions and avoid getting stuck on the issue itself. You can’t give up before you find a possible solution and move past your challenge.

Anyone can be in the top 1%, but it takes a change in thinking and focus. You must set your priorities and stick to them long-term. You need to manage your money wisely, and network like your life depends on it. You need to focus on developing the systems to achieve your goals and emphasize the action.

Only action will bring you into the top 1%.

Here’s to creating the life you LOVE!


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