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15 Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

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Are you struggling with content ideas for your blog? Are you not sure what would be worth writing about? Are you paralyzed by the idea of needing new content every month?

Fear not! It’s not scary or even difficult to come up with new engaging content ideas for your blog.

I’ve been blogging for myself and for my clients for more than a decade and understand the proven power of blog articles to fuel a successful business, boost SEO, and reach your dreamy clients, but…

One of the challenges of writing blog articles for your business is that you need a steady stream of new content.

Which means you’ll need a constant supply of new topic ideas. And since you don’t want to waste time brainstorming topics every single time you sit down to write, you can create a simple system for coming up with these ideas.

Now, you always want to start with the 3 core blog topics:

  1. Your customers’ FAQs
  2. highlights of your services
  3. and how you help your customers’ biggest needs

But once you’ve covered those, where do you find ideas?

I have 15 amazing sources for your to get ideas for your next year of content ideas.

1 Social Media

Check your social media feeds. Look for conversations to see if there’s a topic you can address. You can also look for questions people are asking that you could answer.

2 Blog Comments

The same goes for blog comments. Sometimes a customer will ask a question or make a suggestion that is perfect for you to use for your future content. Go look at blogs that your customers go to and see what ideas you can find.

3 Competitors’ Blogs

Bookmark a few of your competitors’ blogs to use for ideas. Now, don’t go steal an idea as-is but see if you can take your own angle on articles they have written, or see if there are related topics they’re not covering, and you can fill in the gap.

4 Question and Answer Sites

Q&A websites like Quora are great for seeing what questions people ask that you can answer in a blog post. You can also go to Answer the Public, Also Asked or check out Growth Hack Scale’s Answer the Public alternatives for Q and A sites.

5 Bookstores

Check out the local bookstore or on Amazon, especially the “how-to” section for your market. Flip through books on your industry to get ideas for topics you can cover in your blog articles.

6 YouTube Videos

Search on YouTube using the keywords related to your niche. You can follow popular YouTubers in your market to get ideas for things you can cover on your blog. You can use free tools like VidIQ to see what topics are hot.

Content Marketing Guide | Torie Mathis

7 Keyword Search

Google is a great tool for finding new blog ideas. Search for keywords and phrases related to your industry and find even more related terms. Google Keyword Planner is an even better tool for getting suggestions if you haven’t used the checkout Monster Insights Google Keyword Planner guide.

8 Expand on Your Existing Content

Sometimes, you can write a “part 2” of a post you already wrote that did well with your audience. This is great for your readers because it creates a series they can follow along with. By linking your connected content, you are easily allowing your reader to learn more about how you can help them

9 Repurpose Your Old Content

You can take your old content and repurpose it. This means fixing up an old blog post, taking parts of an information product, or turning a video or audio of yours into a blog post. You can get more mileage out of one of your old content pieces by making it into something brand new.

10 Accept Guests Bloggers

You can create new blog content easily by accepting guest blog posts or by interviewing experts in your industry and turning these interviews into blog posts.

11 Share News

You can subscribe to a news service in your industry and share news stories with your commentary and ideas added to it.

12 Random Title Generators

Try a random title generator online to get even more blog ideas. Give it keywords relevant to your market, and it will give you suggestions for titles you can turn into articles.

13 Industry Magazines & Newsletters

Subscribe to industry publications, magazines, and sites and see what topics they’re covering. How can you add to these topics or relate them to your services?

14 Follow Industry Influencers

Follow some influencers on social media and see what they’re talking about. See what topics create a buzz or where you can fill in something they may have missed.

15 Ask Your Readers

Come right out and ask your readers, customers, or social media followers what blog topics they’d like to see you cover more of on your site.

Be sure to create a file for your ideas you can use each time you sit down to write. You can use a Google Drive file, your notes on your phone, or even just a word doc. Whatever you find works best for you.

You can find some good sources you can tap into whenever you need ideas, and you’ll never run out of amazing content ideas to add to your blog.

Think you have to get fancy or take a long time to craft the perfect blog post? Think again.

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