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Don’t waste time on horrible customers

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Some clients will leave you feeling uplifted, like your purpose in life has been found.

You will live to work with them.

Others will leave you drained at every crossroad.

Pay attention to your gut.

Listen to your intuition when it says “hey, this guy could be a pain the butt!! I have found nine times out of ten he is a bigger pain than you could imagine.

I wake up every day and love my work.

The only time I don’t is when I have to deal with difficult or disrespectful clients. I must remember I invited this difficulty in my life when I agreed to work with them.

You can, and should, say no. Turning away money never feels right at first, but saying no to days or weeks (or how about a two-year contract!!) of difficulty, disrespect or turmoil is a must.

You deserve to love your work, your life.

Don’t invite difficulty in it.

That goes for clients, employees, partners, and friends.

Listen to your gut – it will help surround you with a positive, supportive and loving company.

Have you regretted letting in difficult employees or customers?

Here’s to creating the life you LOVE!


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