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Are you wondering if Kartra is the right choice for your small business?

I have used Karta for several years for my business and for many of my clients, and have some pros and cons I want to share with you before you decide if Kartra is the best choice for your business for your:

  • Email marketing
  • – Lead Generation
  • – Landing page builder
  • – Checkout pages
  • – Sales Funnel
  • – Helpdesk
  • – Appointment Scheduling
  • – Membership Site Builder
  • – Contact management
  • – Affiliate Management
  • – And More…

This is my Kartra review. If you have any questions please reach out or leave a comment!

🤔 What is Kartra?

Karta is an all-in-one marketing platform for businesses of all sizes – solopreneurs, it’s for you too! All in one account…

No more duct tape!

Your online business requires a bunch of different solutions that often must be duct-taped together, often leading to frustrating results.

You know the pain: your checkout page won’t add your customers to your mailing list, or your helpdesk portal won’t connect with your contacts database, or your membership site won’t revoke access when a user refunds payment, etc. Utterly frustrating, and a huge waste of time… until now!

All the individual sections of Kartra are woven together so they seamlessly “talk” to each other, without having to configure any integration whatsoever. As a result, the tracking is global!

For example: if someone lands on your Kartra page, Kartra Analytics tracks it. If a user fills in a Kartra form, Kartra Mail subscribes him/her to your newsletter. If a customer pays through a Kartra checkout, Kartra Memberships automatically sends out the login credentials.

All of it interconnected by default. That’s the power of one: everything under one synchronized umbrella.

You can get a Kartra Trial for 30 days for only $1

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(transcription is auto-generated)

Are you looking to simplify your online marketing?

If you’re like me, you have 32 different softwares doing 52 different things and spending probably way too much.

I have a software for you is going to stop all of that. I’m going to save you time, save money, and you’ll be able to get rid of all those other softwares that you don’t need anymore.

I’m Torie Mathis, long-time entrepreneur marketing agency, CEO, and host of Smart AF. And I am always looking for software. It can save us a little bit of time, save us some money and make us look more professional.

And I definitely found a great one for you today.

In fact, I have been using this one for quite a while and it has saved me thousands upon thousands of dollars. I am talking about Kartra.

So what is Kartra?

Kartra is an online software that you can run all parts of your business and it does a lot.

Kartra can build entire websites.

It can build pages, like landing pages and thank you pages, and sales page.

It can also do check outs.

It can do lead magnets and email marketing.

You can build out campaigns; you can build out sales funnels; you can build out automated email sequences. You can send email broadcasts.

You can also host all of your videos.

It also has built-in help desk calendars for appointments and even a membership site.

And I have used almost every single piece of Kartra.

I think I’ve pretty much used it to its fullest advantage. It can replace so much software that you are using and trying to bandaid together, duct tape together.

And it can literally save you thousands of dollars a month. I think I got rid of like eight or nine different softwares that I was trying to use to do all these different things and put it all in Kartra.

Kartra Alternatives

So there are a lot of alternatives out there to Kartra, click funnels, Infusionsoft, Kajabi. There’s quite a few, but I will say that if you want something straightforward and simple, because like infusion soft, super powerful, super amazing. Super confusing. Like I think I was in there about 45 days and I think I’m pretty technical, but it was so hard to use.

Kartra is Easy to Use!

Kartra is not like that, anybody can use it. This is the tool that small business owners need to get because, yes, they want to email market. Yes. You want to do all of these things, but it is hard to figure out all of these different softwares.

This is one that you can start small, but still have access to everything and it can grow with you.

And it is going to get you out of your uncomfortableness out of that bubble that you’re in and get you to use the software and to use it for what it’s meant to do. Like, you know, you need to email market, you know, you need to have landing pages, you know, you need to do lead generation, and this is the one place that you can do at all.

How Long Have I Used Kartra?

I have been using Kartra for over three years now. I have moved all of my marketing into Kartra.

Sean uses Kartra also to run all of his stuff for the museum Miles Through Time. And Sean is not really like a marketing technical kind of guy when it comes. But Sean can go in there and build funnels and build lead pages that look really nice.

He is not a designer. And I think that if he can do something like that like anybody can go in there and do this. There are really great templates in there, and it just makes it really easy. So we moved all of my stuff in there and I even moved several of my clients in there and I love to sign up new clients in there.

It really is a great a program to get small businesses started with online marketing.

Kartra Pros and Cons

Let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of Kartra.

Pros Of Kartra

Now, one thing with a lot of these softwares is that they really start to nickel and dime you in value, and I found that Kartra does not do this, even in their lowest plan, you get everything that they offer. You just get it at a smaller rate. And I think you get a less subscriber count and you get to send less emails, but it is a significant amount if you are a new business. And so this is one way that really shines. So another pro is that everything is really straightforward.

It’s organized pretty well. You do not have to be technical and they have some really great training videos built, right? So, if you ever have a question, it’s really easy to figure out what’s going on, but it’s not so simple that a marketer like somebody who’s come from some of these other more complicated software thinks that it’s like dumbed down.

It’s definitely not dumbed down at all. It is a sophisticated marketing program that shouldn’t be taken. So another really great pro is that it replaces so many other softwares. I think I was using click funnels and lead pages and calendar or whatever the calendar one is called, and I was using Teachable.

Oh my gosh, there’s so many. And I was able to get rid of all of them and put them into one software that just worked together seamlessly. Without having to worry if like this piece was no longer going to connect no more duct taping everything together. Cause that’s really was doing, and you may be doing this too.

This is one program that really can do it all.

Kartra Templates

There are also really great templates built-in, and there are templates that you can get from other users, which makes it really easy to be able to share with clients and build everything out in my system. And then, I can share it with a client or maybe even with you so that you can get professionally designed templates to put right into your account. Even their email. They have some that are built in that are really easy to use that you can just customize to make it look like your business. Now, these templates go for sales pages and thank you pages. There’s some templates for a basic membership site.

There are templates for emails, with all kinds of things in there to get you started.

Free Kartra Training Makes It Easy

I did mention a little bit about the free training that is in Kartra, and there is actually a lot of training there. Like if you are just getting started with online marketing and you really aren’t sure what to do.

There are some things that are going to be explained to you right in the software so that you feel comfortable using it.

Let’s talk about some of the cons of Kartra, and there are actually a couple.

Cons Of Kartra

First off, it is not a designer’s dream.

If you are a designer and you want to really be able to go in there with code and make things exactly how you want, this is not the program for you.

It is a little bit difficult to work within the boundaries of the software to make it do exactly what you want, but you know what? Nobody is going to notice this.

And this is ONLY if you are a designer. If you’re a designer, it might piss you off here and there.

But if you’re not, you would never even notice.

Next, it’s a little glitchy. Nothing has really been major, but just every once in a while, it acts a little bit weird, but you know what it’s technology, and it seems like technology is always doing some weird things. I have needed to contact their customer support a few times, but they are pretty helpful. The worst that has happened is I lost a couple of emails. I’m much better at saving them now.

And I think that they actually just recently rolled out an autosave feature, which is a game changer really in there.

And so they’re definitely adding some things to make it a little bit better. But it does have a few glitches now.

Let’s talk about the cost.

Kartra Pricing

It starts at $99 a month.

And I think that you can get it even cheaper. If you pay for the annual plan, it might be $79.

And I’m going to tell you that it is totally worth it.

Kartra Plans:

Kartra Silver

Kartra Gold

Kartra Platinum

Kartra Vs. Mail Chimp

If you think of even how MailChimp has changed its prices, which is MailChimp used to be like the email marketing platform for beginners. If you wanted to start for free and just get started, it was perfect. But they have raised their prices so much, and they nickel and dime so much that Kartra’s $99 or $79 is a fantastic starter price.

Mail Chimp has also messed up their lists and tagging where it’s difficult to manage contacts well. For example, you can only send an email to 1 list. And if a contact is on two separate lists, they are counted as two separate contacts, and when the number of contacts determines how much you pay, this is an issue. Kartra does none of that. It is much more straightforward.

When it comes to email templates, however, MailChimp does beat out Kartra. They are pretty and a little more intuitive.

Kartra vs. ClickFunnels

It does so much more than ClickFunnels with the same starting price that if you were going to pick between one or the other, I would actually say to go for Kartra because you’re going to get a lot more bang for that 99.

ClickFunnels does great at building landing pages and funnels, but that is it. ClickFunnels does a poor job at email marketing, and their membership sites are very basic and lack functionality. Both feel like add-ons just to appease customers that want “something.” Many Click Funnels customers use third-party options for anything beyond the landing pages.

When it comes to their landing page builder, ClickFunnels beats out Kartra. They are easy to use, have lots of customizable options and are made for designers to make this super pretty (which I do love).

How Much Does it Cost To Use Kartra?

Right now, on one of our accounts, we pay 199 a month.

And for another one, we pay 699. And that is just based on subscriber counts. We did have an account that went over a thousand dollars because we were over a hundred thousand subscribers, but we cleaned out our list and got it back down to that 699 price. So, you know, you can do some things like that to keep your cost down when you need to.

But you know, when you have a hundred thousand subscribers, paying a thousand dollars a month for software is not that much.

But for a starter $79, you really can’t beat it.

And the best part is you can get an extended trial for a dollar: you can get 30 days to try it out!

Definitely, give it a try, give her a run, and see what you think of it.

Kartra Website and Sales Funnel Templates 

In fact, it is so powerful that we have actually, here at our agency built a full marketplace, a done for you, funnels sales funnels for different businesses, for different situations that you can, you know, get popped into your account like in just a couple of seconds, it’s really amazing.

And then you can just customize them however you want. Like, it really is a program that I believe in, and I will put a link to our smart funnels down below as well.

Is Kartra a Smart Choice?

So is Kartra a smart choice I am going to say absolutely? Even anything, a little bit more than email, which you should be doing for your business.

So if you have a couple of landing pages, a couple of thank you pages, maybe an email sequence, it is definitely going to give you the bang for your buck that you want. You don’t have to have different software to do all of these different things and you can make really great pages right there in the software.

I 💕 Kartra

As I said, I loved the program so much that I built an entire marketplace for it, smart funnels, and that you can go and take a look through some of the funnels that we built. Some of the things that are possible. We have complete websites that we moved built in there, complete memberships, and we have demo sites in there, and you can kind of run through some of the things that we have done inside of Kartra and just see how powerful it really is.

Be sure to check out some of my videos I have done some software reviews because I am always looking for software that is going to make your life easier. Make your business run a little bit better and save you a whole lot of time. And money and Kartra is just another one of those. So check those out.

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You don’t need crazy tech skills, buckets of cash, or dedicated staff to market your business. You don’t even need a lot of time.

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