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A lot has happened since that first email was sent back in 1971.

And what a moment that was. Computer engineer Ray Tomlinson sent that first magically message stating: something like QWERTYUIOP

first email ever sent | TOrie Mathis

So maybe the intention was more magical than the actual message.

you've got mail

Do you remember your first email? Did you think that little “you got mail” announcement would morph into the consumer powerhouse it is today?

And what a powerhouse it is!

Is email marketing worth it?

Email marketing is always under fire, especially with the popularity and rise of social media. You may be wondering, in this social world, is email marketing worth it?

Should my small business even bother with email marketing?

And I’ll tell you; the data doesn’t lie. Email Marketing is a must for your business, no matter what size or if you are just starting out.

Email Marketing Statistics

Since there are a ton of statistics about email marketing in this article, here’s a table of contents to guide you:

General Email Statistics
Email marketing Results Statistics
Email Open Rates by Industry
Email Deliverability Statistics
Email Marketing Frequency Statistics
Email Automation Statistics
Email Segmentation Statistics
Email Personalization Statistics
Email Subject Line Statistics
Email Content Statistics
Images in Email Marketing Statistics
Video In Email Marketing Statistics
Emojis In Email Marketing Statistics
Testing and Optimization in Email Marketing Statistics
Email Mobile Optimization Statistics

Let’s get to it!

Email Marketing Stats Graphic | Torie Mathis 1

Check out these General Email Statistics

What is a good open rate?

What is a good Click Through Rate?

Why is Email Important? One word: ROI

Email has a seriously good return on investment. In fact, for every $1 spent, you can expect to get (ready for this?) $42 in return!

And that’s just one reason email is so popular with marketers and small businesses.

Email Marketing Stats Graphic | Torie Mathis

Check out these Email Marketing Statistics:

What is the average ROI on email marketing?

Is email marketing actually effective?

Open Rates by Industry

Everyone wants to know where they stack up with open rates and click-through rates. Though every marketing list is a bit different, this list will give you a guide to your industry averages. Check out these Email Open Rates by Industry stats:

What an average open rates by Industry?

Agencies: Open Rates: 27%; CTR 3%.

Arts and Entertainment: Open Rates: 42%; CTR 7%.

Automotive and Entertainment: Open Rates: 6%; CTR 1%.

Communications: Open Rates: 28%; CTR 4%.

Education: Open Rates: 36%; CTR 6%.

Financial Services: Open Rates: 29%; CTR 5%.

Health & Beauty: Open Rates: 46%; CTR 4%.

Health Care: Open Rates: 41%; CTR 5%.

Internet Marketing: Open Rates: 17%; CTR 3%.

Legal Services: Open Rates: 29%; CTR 3%.

Non-Profits: Open Rates: 48%; CTR 6%.

Publishing: Open Rates: 37%; CTR 9%.

Real Estate: Open Rates: 29%; CTR 3%.

Restaurants & Food: Open Rates: 39%; CTR 4%.

Retail: Open Rates: 29%; CTR 4%.

Seasonal Templates: Open Rates: 48%; CTR 4%.

Sports & Activites: Open Rates: 37%; CTR 4%.

Technology & High Tech: Open Rates: 25%; CTR 3%.

Travel: Open Rates: 29%; CTR 3%.

Unknown: Open Rates: 24%; CTR 3%.

Email Marketing Stats Graphic | Torie Mathis

Email Deliverability Statistics

In order to be effective, email has got to actually land in the inbox, and as these stats show, that isn’t always the case.

Check out these email deliverability stats:

Email Marketing Stats Graphic | Torie Mathis

Frequency Email Marketing Statistics

With email marketing, everyone wants to know what is the best time to send email. These email marketing statistics speak loudly about the perfect sending frequency and sending time.

Email Marketing Stats Graphic | Torie Mathis 10

What are the benefits of Email Automation?

If you’re wondering how all these marketers and businesses are sending all these emails and still having time for anything else, it is all due to email automation. And if you’re passed on automation in the past, now is the time to jump aboard the automation train.


Email Marketing Stats Graphic | Torie Mathis

Email Segmentation and Personalization

If you want to improve your email results, personalization and segmentation are the way to go. And email software makes both of these easier than ever.

What are the best email marketing tactics?

Why is Segmentation important in Email marketing?

  • Segmented email campaigns have a 50% higher CTR than untargeted campaigns.
  • Marketers sending segmented campaigns notice a 760% increase in revenue.
  • During a SuperOffice email marketing test, a segmented email campaign earned a 94% open rate and a 38% CTR versus a 42% open rate and 4.5% CTR in a non-segmented email campaign.
  • Segmented email open rates increased by 39%; revenue, deliverability, and sales leads all increased by 24%, and transactions by 18%.

Why is personalization important in email marketing?


Email Marketing Stats Graphic | Torie Mathis

Email Subject Lines

Writing a perfect subject line can make or break your email campaign. Don’t believe me?

Check out these email subject line stats:

  • 47% of people open emails based on the subject line
  • 69% of customers report emails as spam based on the subject line only.
  • In one study, emails without a subject line were intriguing enough that they delivered an 8% higher open rate.
  • Welcome emails bring in 320% more revenue per email than other promotional emails.
  • Open rate subject line word count:
  • 6-10 words (21%),
  • 0-5 words (16%)
  • 11-15 words (14%)
  • 16-20 words (12%)
  • Emails including “fw:” in the subject line are 17% less likely to be opened.
  • Emails with personalization in the subject line are 22% more likely to be opened.
  • The email subject line most often contains:
  • the customer’s name (46.21%)
  • the product name/details (44.01%)
  • the company name (42.88%).

Email Marketing Stats Graphic | Torie Mathis 9

Email Content

How long your email is, what’s included, and how you sign off also have a great deal to do with how many sales, responses, and how happy you make your email recipients.

How do you stack up with these email content stats:

How long is the average email?

  • An average marketing email message consists of 434.48 words, and it takes 3.3 minutes to read.
  • Most (19% of subscribers) respond to messages of 200-250 words, 17% to those under 50 words, and 15% – to 150-200 words long emails.
  • iPhones cut off the subject lines over 32 characters.
  • 52% of managers add signatures to emails.
  • Emails with signatures, including a photo, receive 32% more replies than emails without them.
  • Emails with discount codes have an 8 times higher chance of making a sale than those without any discounts.
  • 7 lines is the perfect length for an email signature (75% of senders include contact info, 60% add a phone number, less include Twitter (7%), Facebook (3%), or LinkedIn (2%) links.
  • 17% of adults use a formal style for email communication, 33% prefer an informal style, and 49% say it depends.

What are Popular sign-offs?

  • Thanks (62%),
  • name or initials (46%)
  • Sincerely (44%)
  • Love (28%)
  • Regards (22%)
  • “Thanks” is said to be the least annoying sign-off as only 3% disliked it, while 21% disliked “Peace.”
  • 40% of people asked would like email messages to be more informative than promotional.

Images in Email Marketing

Sure email content matters, but perhaps the email appearance matters even more. These email marketing image stats say images matter a whole lot.

Email Marketing Stats Graphic | Torie Mathis

Video in Email Marketing

Have you ever thought of using video with your email marketing? What happens when you use video in an email? Video in Email marketing stats says you may want to lean in on this strategy.

  • As of 2020, 83.3% of internet users in the US viewed digital video content.
  • 54% of consumers want more video content from a brand or business
  • 86% of businesses use video in their marketing tool — up from 63% over the last 3 years
  • 72% said they would rather learn about a service or product by video
  • An email with a video receives a CTR increase of 96%.
  • 81% of marketers say they use video as a marketing tool.
  • Attaching a video to an email can lead to a 200-300% increase in its CTR.
  • Using the word “video” increased open rates by 19%, CTR by 65%, and reduced the number of unsubscribes by 26%.
  • 54% of respondents say they prefer emails with videos.
  • 78% of marketers using video say it increases ROI.
  • Emails with videos in them improve the CTR by 300%
  • Sales teams that use videos in emails get a 16% higher open rate and a 26% increase in replies.
  • 90% say that videos help them make purchase decisions.

Emojis in Email Marketing

Emojis in the email are highly debatable, depending on who you ask. Some say emojis are more effective in email, while others gasp at the thought.

Check out these emojis in email stats and decide for yourself:

Emojis in Email marketing

Image via Mail Chimp

  • Women react to using emojis more positively than men.
  • 68% of millennials like seeing emojis, GIFs, and stickers in emails;
  • 37% of respondents over 65 want to see emojis, GIFs, or stickers.
  • Email messages with an emoji in the subject line show a 56% higher open rate.
  • 76% of those surveyed have added emojis in their business emails at least one time (what rebels).
  • Using appropriate emojis in a holiday campaign can reduce the complaint rate to 0%.
  • Nearly half (46%) of young adults (18-29 years old) think emojis are work-appropriate, while only 28% think they’re inappropriate to use.
  • Over 3.3 thousand emojis live across the web, so you have some choices to try this one out.
  • Emojis grab attention, and About 60% of the time, they increase open rates by 25%. But about 40% of the time, they actually decrease open rates by 25%.
  • Emojis boost brand awareness. Even if users don’t open your email, they start recognizing your brand by name and the emoji you use.

Testing and Optimization in Email Marketing

Very few marketers test their campaigns. It may be that though most email software platforms offer basic ways of testing, A/B testing, and other options, the truth is testing requires more time and planning.

Check out these email marketing testing stats:

Email Marketing Stats Graphic | Torie Mathis

Email Mobile Optimization

Many business owners underestimate the importance of mobile optimization for email marketing.

But these email mobile optimization stats say it’s time to listen up:

  • 81% of users check their email on smartphones, 74% on desktops/laptops, 21% on tablets, 2% on a smartwatch.
  • 88% of smartphone users check their email on their phones.
  • Nearly 1 in 5 email campaigns weren’t optimized for mobile.
  • 42.3% of email recipients will delete messages if they are not optimized for mobiles, and 32.2% will read the email later on desktop.
  • 52% of B2C brands’ emails and websites are not mobile-friendly.
  • 57% say they won’t recommend a poorly designed mobile website.
  • In 2018, 46% of emails were opened on smartphones, and only 18% were on a desktop.
  • 88% regularly check emails on their mobile devices.
  • 30% of professionals use their mobile devices to check email.
  • The 2 most popular email clients are Apple iPhone 34% and Gmail 26%.
  • 75% of Gmail users are using their smartphones to check their inboxes.
  • Mobile offers are ten times more likely to be used compared to the same offer in printed form.
  • 20% say that mobile viewing has improved their email experience over the last few years.

So there you have it. 

Over 250 Email Marketing Stats for 2022 to make you fall in love with email all over again.

Have a stat to add that didn’t make the list? Comment below, and let’s get it in there. 

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