Is Your Marketing Smart Marketing?

Take the quiz below and find out.

Is your marketing failing to get the results you want? Is it missing something?
Do you feel like you’re wasting time, money, and effort?

Many small business owners try to “market” their business but never quite get traction. Most throw away time and money on marketing tactics that just don’t work.

The problem is you don’t need another marketing tactic.

Marketing isn’t a single thing; it’s a system of strategies that all work together to create momentum in your business growth, your lead generation, and your sales.

That’s when your marketing is smart!

But how do you know if your marketing is smart?

Is Your Marketing Smart? sq

What is the Smart Marketing System?

I created the SMART Marketing system, so small businesses, solopreneurs, and service professionals – like you – can have an easy-to-follow blueprint for reaching their business marketing goals without wasting time and money.

What is SMART Marketing?

SMART stands for the 5 marketing pillars:

  • Sales Process
  • Message
  • Authority
  • Relationship Building
  • Traffic

– and together they create a scalable system to consistently grow your business and help you rise above your competition.

Smart AF Method by Torie Mathis
Not Smart marketing

Not Smart Marketing

Many small business owners only scratch the surface of 1 or 2 of these areas and this is why they never gain traction.

This is why they think digital marketing doesn’t work.

It would be like making cookies by throwing some flour in a bowl and saying the recipe doesn’t work.

  • You can’t just go to networking events.
  • You can’t just run an ad in a local magazine.
  • You can’t just post to Facebook a few times a week.
  • You can’t just throw up a website.

You have to be a SMART Marketer.

So how does your business stack up?
Take the quiz below to find out.

Smart Marketing Key #1


Before you can sell anything online or in person you need to define your sales process.

This starts with the first time a prospect discovers your business and continues through to purchasing your services and products.

But it doesn’t stop there.

It costs less to keep a current customer than it does to acquire a new one; so the plan is to keep your current customers happy and continue to purchase from you time and time again and refer you, while still attracting new customers.

Have you defined your sales process and created the assets it takes to turn browsers into buyers and buyers into repeat buyers and brand advocates?

1. How does your SALES PROCESS stack up?

Give yourself 1 point for each you have: …

Documented Sales Process …
On-boarding sequence for new clients …
Upsell, downsell, and cross sell for all products
Packaged products (service or product bundle)
Automation (where applicable) …
Follow up process for sales …
Customer retention program …
Call to Action on all assets (web + social + print)
Automated scheduling process …
Automated appointment reminders …
Automated testimonial request …
Email list segmentation based on purchases


Smart Marketing Key #2


How you position yourself in the market will determine how successful you are in getting sales, customers, and more opportunities.

Your message will either set you apart from your competition or bury you in a sea of similar, boring and repetitive.

So how do you stand out and increase sales? By saying the right thing, to the right person, at the right time. This means knowing your target audience; speaking their language, addressing their pain points, and giving them unique solutions to their problems.

Have you crafted a marketing message that attracts your ideal customers, walks them through their buyer’s journey, and keeps them referring, raving about you, and buying more?

2. How does your MESSAGE stack up?

Give yourself 1 point for each you have: …

◯ Market Dominating Position for Business …
◯ Unique Sales Position for each product …
◯ Elevator speech memorized …
◯ Engaging website copy that drives sales …
◯ Social Media messaging is on target …
◯ Calls to Action throughout all marketing assets …
◯ All copy is customer-driven (you vs. I/we) …
◯ Product copy creates extraordinary value …
◯ Messaging is emotionally compelling …
◯ Copy relates to wants not needs …
◯ Business cards offer value not just information …
◯ All marketing educates, entertains, or engages


Smart Marketing Key #3


Customers want to do business with those they know, like and trust.

The best way to begin that process and show prospects that you can help them is to showcase your authority.

Every business owner should strive to exhibit their expertise and authority across all of their advertising channels and among each touch with prospects.

This can be done in a way that is both welcomed and educational to the prospects and when done properly will elevate your status among your competition leaving them irrelevant.

Are you consistently demonstrating your authority and showcasing your expertise throughout your website, digital marketing, and other marketing materials?

3. How does your AUTHORITY stack up?

Give yourself 1 point for each you have: …

◯ Website copy creates trust and authority …
◯ Social media creates trust and authority …
◯ Branding is professional and trustworthy …
◯ All information is consistent and accurate …
◯ Brochures, ebooks, & materials build authority
◯ Testimonials are used to build trust …
◯ Business is featured in articles, news, interviews
◯ Book, magazine or podcast showcase expertise …
◯ Certifications, awards, & licenses are showcased
◯ Identity and branding is consistent …
◯ Digital assets & social media are updated …
◯ Videos are used to showcase expertise


Smart Marketing Key #4


When a customer first finds your business, whether it be online, in person, or by referral, they are likely not to be ready to commit. This is where the Smart Marketing principle of Relationship Building comes into play.

By offering prospects a way to connect with you, in a commitment-free, easy way you can open the door to them getting to know, like, and trust you. As you nurture this relationship, they are more likely to do business with you.

Relationship Building is also beneficial for current customers as it makes them more likely to not only buy from you again but to refer you to friends, family, and colleagues, as well.

Are you building relationships with current customers and prospects?

4. How does your RELATIONSHIP stack up?

Give yourself 1 point for each you have: …

◯ Email list for clients and potential clients …
◯ Lead magnets in exchange for email …
◯ Lead magnet on all marketing materials …
◯ Email to list at least once a month …
◯ Social media updates daily for know/like/trust 
◯ Video and audio are used to build know/like/trust
◯ Educational materials provided for prospects …
◯ Articles on your website answer common questions 
◯ Reviews and comments are all timely answered 
◯ Relationship building is automated (where possible) …
◯ Pictures of office, staff, and owners are used often
◯ An origin story, bios, and personal tidbits are used to show you are real people


Smart Marketing Principle #5


Unfortunately, Traffic is the principle of Smart Marketing that most business owners start with or spend time and money on exclusively.

However, without having a system set up to manage your traffic, you may be flushing your money down the drain.

Traffic is the last part of the Smart Marketing process, and when you have the other key elements in place it is what allows you to scale your business and grow beyond your wildest dreams.

Traffic can be paid, organic and joint venture/partner/affiliate based and actually works best as a bit of all three. Traffic is where the rubber meets the road and your business begins to feel good.

Do you have several traffic streams, both organic and paid, that consistently bring in new leads, customers, and sales?

5. How does your TRAFFIC stack up?

Give yourself 1 point for each you have: …

◯ Analytics are present on website and reviewed
◯ Social media analytics are reviewed
◯ SEO is set up on your website properly
◯ Ongoing SEO efforts are at least monthly …
◯ Google, social, and industry pages set up + updated …
◯ Facebook pixel is installed on all assets
◯ Content Marketing used to drive traffic
◯ Social Media posts direct users to website/landing pages
◯ Email list has steady growth
◯ Paid advertisements point to specific offers (not general)
◯ Networking events equal new clients or joint ventures
◯ Joint ventures make up many new clients …
◯ Referral and/or affiliate programs set up and used


The moment of truth…how did you do?
Are we high-fiving or crying a bit?

Let’s Get Your SMART Marketing Score

The final smart marketing tally

Add up all your points and see how you stacked up.

Are you starting to see how marketing isn’t just a few tactics are thrown together but a system of strategies that works together to make massive results in your business growth + sales.

And when paired with the superpowers of technology and automation it can not only bring in more clients but can also free up more of your most precious asset: TIME.

How would you like that? More sales and more time?

How does your MARKETING stack up?

Add up all your points

How SMART is Your marketing?




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Improve Your Sales Process

How to Improve Your Sales Process

Did your score show you needed to improve Smart Marketing Principle #1 – Sales Process?

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Improve Your Marketing Message

How to Improve Your Messaging

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Ideal Customer Profile Course
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Improve Your Authority

How to Improve Your Authority

Did your score show you needed to improve Smart Marketing Principle #3 – Authority?

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Here are marketing courses to improve your Authority.

magnetic content course
Blogging 101
Supercharged Content Upgrades Course

Improve Your Relationship Building

How to Improve Your Relationships

Did your score show you needed to improve Smart Marketing Principle #4 – Relationship?

If you want to get your audience to know, like, and trust you even before they even buy, and make the relationship with customers stronger these are for you.

Here are marketing courses to improve Relationships.

AutoReponder Emails Course | Torie Mathis
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Learn Email Marketing: EMAIL LIST from scratch

Improve Your Traffic

How to Improve Your Traffic

Did your score show you needed to improve Smart Marketing Principle #5 – Traffic?

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