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Sales Process

Before you can sell anything online or in-person you need to define your sales process. This starts with the first time a prospect discovers your business and continues through to purchasing your services and products. But it doesn’t stop there.


It costs less to keep a current customer than it does to acquire a new one; so the plan is to keep your current customers happy and continuing to purchase from you time and time again, while still attracting new customers.

We help you define your sales process and create the assets it takes to turn browsers into buyers.

Sales Process includes:

  • Client Aquisition
  • Upsell, Downsell and Cross-Sell Strategies
  • Customer Retention
  • Sales Automation
  • Shopping Cart and Product Set up
  • Scheduling and Follow Up Process

If you would like to learn more about how you can grow your business with Smart Marketing and want to set up your Sales Process you can request a consultation with Torie Mathis, Founder + Creative Director at Lake Shark Media here.




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Automate your Sales with A Funnel

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